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Another Monster Bites the Dust

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Another Monster Bites the Dust

A tale penned by Anima



     Thorn pulled on his thick leather gloves, a final touch to his gear, as the van screeched to a

halt before an impressive mansion. Painted across the windowless flank of the van was the title:

'Monster Slayers Inc.' The driver, Mick, turned around in his seat and shrugged at his employer.

     "Dis is the place, home of Senate member George Candali. No wards or guardian creatures

to deal wid. Looks good sir. Tink this'll be as easy as the rest?" Thorn shrugged, loading a large

automatic weapon and slinging it around his body. The gun was only one piece of a small arsenal

the man carried. Mick's eyes glittered with idol worship as he rechecked the famous hunter's gear.

     "Whatever. I don't worry, there's nothing I can't handle." The imposing man threw open the van's

door and sprang out onto the concrete driveway. Dressed in black leather from head to toe,

Thorn's image was nearly impossible to make out as he set off for the house. He moved cat-like

from patch of brush to shadow. A few well-placed throwing knives destroyed the remaining

floodlights illuminating the grounds, freeing the hunter to concentrate on the horrendous sounds

rumbling from within the house. Thorn sprinted around back to find the door least likely to be

watched. A couple squad cars were sitting empty behind the house, keys still in the ignition.

     "Fool cops." He snorted, opting to use a grappling hook to gain access to the second-story

window. Inside, the sounds were louder and more disturbing. Furniture in this room was strewn

about in broken pieces, obvious evidence of a struggle or three. No blood, however.

     "Odd to find no unattached limbs in a scene like this..." He mumbled to himself, checking the

hall outside for his target. A staircase was evident on the right, as well as a balcony overlooking

the main hall below. Thorn dropped to his belly and squirmed his way to the railing for a peek.

What he saw below didn't faze him, just made him a bit more cautious.

     A forty foot long dragon was coiled neatly in the hall beneath him, steam billowing from its

dilated nostrils. Its snores accounted for the horrible sounds the hunter had heard from outside.

They seemed to have stopped now though.

      Again, the man found it odd that no corpses or even blood were present. Smiling grimly at the

ease with which he would dispatch the monster, he shook a grenade out of a hip pouch and

primed it. That's when he heard the moans. Muffled and almost unnoticeable, the piteous cries for

help seemed to come from the hall below. But no one but the dragon was alive down there... Then

the dragon shifted a bit and revealed a soft underside. Its soft, glistening belly heaved with the

beast's breathing. The stomach was horridly distended, swollen nearly twice the size of its owner

with human flesh. Living human flesh, to judge from the constant twitching and bulging of the soft

skin Thorn could see. Over fifty people had been on the guest list for this banquet, mostly corrupt

goverment officials and their mistresses if the report Mick had supplied was accurate. Now, there

was a good chance they were for the most part quite healthy, if not exactly safe. Who knows how

long this thing took to digest its food. This made his job more difficult. His own stomach burbled

sickeningly as he thought of the number of souls squashed together inside the thing's guts...

     "Mick, the employers are still alive. No, not really. I'm going to try. It ate them. I know. Won't be a

problem." Thorn switched off his throat mic, and brought his automatic to bear on the creature a few

dozen yards from where he hid.

     "Oh no, not another one. Well, I suppose I have room for one more..." A sultry hiss broke into his

concentration as Thorn lined up the dragon's lidded eye in his crosshairs. Acting with reflexes

honed by two decades of hunting the most dangerous creatures on earth, Thorn rolled to one side

and fired at the source of the voice. His gun vibrated like an angry insect against his ribs, spitting

lead-jacketed death towards the eerie voice. The bullets ripped through wallpaper and plaster,

but not much more. The image of the dragon in the hall flickered like a candle flame and went out.

For a moment, Thorn glared around him, sweat trickling down his cheek.

     "Mmmm, nice meat on this one. And so playful!" This banter was getting on Thorn's nerves,

wearing down his indifferent mask. Thorn whipped his head around quickly, scanning around him.

     "You will not make ME a part of your meal! Will you continue to hide from me beast, or fight?" He

demanded, casting aside his spent weapon and drawing a magnificent sword from a sheath on

his back. A soft chuckle sounded right by his ear.

      "I haven't hid from you yet little one, and any conflict between you and me could hardly be

called a fight." Warm breath washed over Thorn's cheek, carrying with it the scent of...humans.

Sweat of the terrified, and expensive perfumes. Several million air molecules died a horrible death

as the sword whistled through them, the dragon having moved before the stroke had even begun.

Turning with the blow, Thorn got his first good look at the thing. Brilliant crimson shading into

magenta, a glittering coat of fine scales effectively armored the beast from any of the weapons the

hunter had brought along with him. The van contained a few items that might've been useful, but he

wasn't likely to get a time-out from this monster. Its great body was mostly serpentine in structure,

but possessed six strong legs and a massive head. The skull was horned with blood-red spines

and tapered like a snake's, bobbing at the end of a sinuous neck. Deep green eyes mocked him

from purple rimmed sockets in the dragon's head, shrouded slightly by the constant curtain of

steam the thing produced. It's spine was arched over the mountain of moving flesh the creature's

belly had become, flanks twitching with the struggles within. Off in the distance, at the other end of

the monolithic abdomen, a long flexible tail lay curled serenely on the ripped carpet. It was tipped

with a blue metallic spear. Runes and marks of power were etched into the scales of the tail, each

glowing with a different hue and intensity. Thorn took a involuntary step back, pointing his blade at

the nightmare standing before him. His poker face was slipping, this situation was degrading fast.

      "A dragon-mage? I've never heard of such a thing. You'll look wonderful in my trophy room after

I've removed the ill-gotten banquet from your slimy belly," the human thundered, his stone-gray

eyes glinting dangerously. Chuckling still, the beast said nothing. Raising a taloned foot, it

gestured. Every piece of metal on Thorn's body suddenly burned white-hot, from his sword to the

zipper on his jeans. The man screamed, and shed all the metallic matter he could find while trying

to make an escape. Another gesture, and the mighty Thorn fell flat on his face, pants bunched

around his ankles. All his own marks of power and magical pendants were useless.

      "Mick, if I don't make it out, make sure this house is nuked. Nothing else is going to kill this thing."

Thorn mumbled, then realized the mic was lying with the other items he had removed from his

person. Scowling in defiance, the man addressed the dragon.

      "My name is Thorn, and I'm not beaten, dragon. I've slain hundreds of draconic creatures, and

worse. Much worse. You ever heard of the demon lord Scraw? I banished him to the lake of fire

after reducing his hoard of imps to ashes, his pleas for mercy echoing in my ears. My bloodline is

responsible for the extinction of countless species of monsters the public deemed dangerous.

You're no different, and you'll fall like the rest." Though no emotion tinged his voice, Thorn was

shivering in mortal terror. Nothing had ever gotten the best of him like this. He'd always been too

smart and too well informed.

      "You killed off my brethern? Those magnificent creatures that exist only in legend now on this

insignificant planet... I'm happy to end your bloodline then, or at least merge it with mine... My

power will rise with the influx of yours, as I am even now charging off the bodies of your kind inside

me." The thing smiled, twisting a limb to stroke his distended side lovingly. "I am called Hunger."

Apparently, Hunger didn't waste much time with introductions. Its slick forked tongue twined around

Thorn's ankles, almost pleasantly warm and quite smooth.

     "My belly will be your final resting place, so I'll be sure to make your journey a pleasant one."

Pulled by powerful muscles in the tongue, Thorn was dragged closer to the awesome maw

awaiting him. Once in range, Hunger used his claws to tear the remaining clothing off Thorn's body.

Another wave of warm air caressed his bare body as Hunger cast an appraising eye on his form.

"This is going to be good...these politicians are all so flabby. You're pure brawn..." The dragon

laughed softly, whipping his tongue over his meal. Hot saliva washed over Thorn, making him cry

out in fear. His cry rose abruptly in pitch as that limber tongue stroked across his groin, twining

around his limp cock. Hunger's eyes glowed malevoently as he began jacking Thorn off.

Betraying its owner, Thorn's cock hardened and pulsed in the slick grip of the thick strip of flesh

that had captured it. Hunger sighed in pleasure as Thorn's flavor trickled over its tongue, then a

little louder when the human began thrusting his hips into the tongue. A tinny voice called out from

Thorn's discarded earpiece, requesting an update. Hunger crushed it thoughtlessly with an

extended talon. Despite the lust-enhancing qualities of Hunger's spit, Thorn managed to last ten

minutes before spurting his load onto the tongue. The man quivered, ashamed and spent. Just

what Hunger wanted.

      "No...you'll pay..." He whispered, lying boneless on the carpet. The tongue left Thorn's softening

member and encircled his waist. Too weak to protest, Thorn simply watched as the lasso of

smooth flesh winched him up over Hunger's lower lip and into a sweltering maw. His body

splashed into a deep pool of drool, the thick goo squelching around him.

     "Mmmm, lovely...texture and weight....mmmmm!" Hunger muttered a commentary once Thorn

was safely tucked into his jaws. It rolled the human around inside its mouth, coating it liberally in

saliva and getting his full flavor. Coppery blood flowed too as Hunger's fangs nicked Thorn from

time to time. At last, the dragon's need for meat won out over its desire to make the experience

last, and Thorn was forced to the rear of the mouth. A gaping hole there shrunk to catch firm hold of

his head, then slurped his lithe frame down into slimy darkness. The voices of the damned he had

heard only muffledly before grew louder as he neared their prison. He found his body becoming

aroused again as the slick passage stroked his body, but was far from climax when the trip ended.

Hunger groaned with a huge grin on his reptilian face as he felt his belly stretch a little more to

accomodate the last meat of the evening. The creature then moaned and rolled onto his back as

the paralysis magic wore off Thorn and the man began fighting to get out. Several awesome blows

distended the pulsing surface of Hunger's skin, but did no damage. Slowly rising above that

quivering belly, Hunger's dragonhood shuddered in ecstasy at the movements around its roots.

     "OH YESSS! Pound my belly, thrust yourself against it, ooooOOHHH! More...faster!

YeeeEEAAHHH! This is a lovely one..." Hunger gasped, grasping his member and pumping

away with a massive taloned hand.

     Thorn sobbed in frustration as he beat against the pulpy flesh surrounding him, pressed close

against it by the forty or so other humans that had been engulfed. Many were engaged in sex,

brought on by the fluids of the monster's body. Their slimy bodies squirmed against him, several

coupling with him in passing while he fought to escape. His own cries now mingled with theirs, only

faintly heard outside the hot body of the beast. The hunter could hear Hunger's words, and feel the

rhythmic pumping of the dragon pleasuring itself. Knowing now that his fighting was only enhancing

the creature's joy, Thorn went limp. Hunger growled angrily. Its words shook through the mass of

humanity squirming in its gut.

      "So, that's how it is? So be it. You'll die earlier than you would've." With that, pores opened in the

walls of the dragon's stomach and began pumping thin green ichor into the chamber. Acid.

Hunger cried out as the movement abruptly resumed, and stroked his cock in a frenzy. Before

all the motion had stopped, Hunger arched his heavily-laden back and screamed as a geyser of

scalding seed hit the ceiling and rained back down upon him. Smiling in ultimate satisfaction,

Hunger curled around his bloated gut in a puddle of sticky, simmering cum for a much-needed


      Last to go, Thorn squirmed helplessly in a sea of melting bodies. The stomach squelched and

pulsed, kneading the mush that hours ago had been walking around and talking about the new

election year. His own nerves were gone by now, as well as most of his muscle mass. Absolute

darkness enfolded him, bringing peace, as Hunger's snores began. He imagined his life force

draining away, joining the stream of soul energy the dragon's innards was extracting from its meal.

Thorn had fulfilled Hunger. He had made the world safe for another day.

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