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Burgeoning Desires 2

Page history last edited by Anima 14 years, 6 months ago

Burgeoning Desires 2

The Ranks Swell...

(Anima's second attempt at balloonie fantasy, with bolstering by Morphy. Inflatable yiffing and UB!)



     Jake couldn't stop his hands from shaking, as he gingerly opened the glossy Fed-Ex package and peeked inside. Tilting the pouch up to let some light in, he caught a glimpse of some orange material. Yes! It was finally here! After two weeks of nail-biting suspense... Just then, his supervisor crowded into the cubicle.

     "Jake! How's it going? What's that you've got there?" The obnoxious man boomed, slapping Jake on the back and reaching for the package. Jake tossed it nonchalantly but quickly into a drawer of his desk, and bumped it closed with his foot.

     "Oh, just a new mousepad. I'll have to clean if off before I use it. Need something?" The supe nodded, and grew uncharacteristically solemn. He leaned against Jake's desk, crossing his arms in front of his well-clothed chest. What a creep.

     "Jake, I've gotten word that you've been using your internet access for...non-business related activities, to put it mildly. Now, don't get me wrong! I like you. You do a great job whipping these mainframes into shape, but I'm afraid that doesn't exempt you from the company policies." He shrugged helplessly. "Do it on your own time. I hope we won't have to mention this again." Jake shook his head, staring at the floor. Smiling, the supe slapped his underling again and strolled away. Sigh.

     "Rachel would never understand if she caught me looking at those sites..." He murmured to himself, again pulling out the Fed-Ex pouch. He wouldn't take it out here, it would have to wait until he got home. How would he hide this from Rachel? Keep it in the closet? He'd think of something. Stowing the package again, Jake cracked his knuckles and went back to working out a drive networking problem.

     "Honey? You home?" Jake's voice echoed through his modest home. When no wife was forthcoming, Jake strode quickly through the living room and into the bathroom. There, he set the pouch on the toilet lid and stripped off his oxford shirt, Docker slacks and socks. Clad now only in silk boxers, the young man gently tugged out the package's contents. It unfolded partially, the warm latex sticking to itself.

     It was a balloon, and a large one, but oddly shaped. If Jake hadn't been aware of the nature of this particular balloon, he would never have guessed it was an inflatable anthro-vixen. He'd sent away for it two weeks before, responding to a message on a latex-fetish site's bulletin board. It had been free...and though the claims of the toy's abilities was obviously ridiculous, it might be fun for awhile! After a bit of fumbling, Jake found what looked like a hole or vent, and began blowing. His warm minty breath flowed into the balloon, causing it to unfold the rest of the way and begin to fill out. First the torso took shape. An eye-popping bust, slim waist, and deliciously wide hips became discernable. He found to his slight chagrin that he was inflating the vixen via her 'anus.' Jake's boxers tented as the smooth mounds of the balloon's buttocks filled out and pressed against his cheeks. *Puff* *Puff* *Wheeze* Jake paused to rest a moment, and survey his progress. Already the vixen looked a quarter inflated! He must've been more eager for this than even he'd thought. As soon as he felt able, he returned to his task. Over the course of ten minutes or so, Jake brought his latex beauty to life through his breath. She filled out, her arms, shapely legs and head all swelling out into place. Even a long tail, cunningly crafted to look fluffy, soon bobbed against Jake's forehead. He still felt a little awkward, blowing into a, a vent like this, but it seemed to be the right way. As soon as the balloon was satisfactorily inflated, Jake set it on 'her' fat paw-pads. It wouldn't stand on its own, and fell gently against him. He took the inflatable love-toy into his arms, rubbing his cheek against her's.

     "I've been waiting to meet you." He whispered, smiling at himself . Talking to the toy, Jake? You've got problems.

     "So have I, handsome." The balloon replied, trailing a rubbery fingertip up Jake's spine. The man blushed and was about to tell her not to inflate his ego like that, when it struck him. She...spoke? Did her lips move? He pulled back and examined his balloon carefully. She looked back, a soft seductive smile curving her lips.

     "I hope you're not going to pass out now, sir. With all your warm breath inside me...I'm craving more of you..maybe something more substantial..." She paused coyly, and when Jake made no move, she dropped her demure posturing. "Please, take me! Shove your cock up inside, make me yours forever!" She cried, squeezing her eyes shut and thrusting her squeaky breasts against Jake's muscled chest. Jake staggered backwards despite the fact that the vixen's weight could be measured in feathers.

     "Y, you're alive! Just like the message claimed..." He stammered, eyes wide! This wasn't a *bad* thing by any stretch, but it did make things more difficult. What would Rachel say?!

     "Of course I am! You didn't believe our friend? We're alive and wanted good homes! Now I'm in one. Please, don't keep me waiting any longer love. I'll, I'll just POP if I can't have you!" The vixen tucked her legs up beneath her, drifted with a soft bump to the rug, and took a sitting position with her legs spread. Jake knelt, dazed, before her, eyes fixed on the tight rubber slit gracing the balloon's crotch. It glistened wetly...and were those lips swelling? With a growl of lust that surprised himself, Jake thrust his face against the balloon's vulva and drove his tongue between her clinging, rubbery labia. They admitted him reluctantly, as the foxie creamed all over Jake's face. Tweaking her fat nipples, she smiled in bliss as Jake pleasured her. His warm tongue felt *so* wonderful darting in and out of her... This was the best time she'd had since that night at the pool, weeks ago! Jake quit his tongue-loving after a moment, drew back, then fell forward atop the balloon. Arms on either side of the vixen's shoulders, he brought his own hips up, and shoved the tip of his member up against the yielding lips of his lover's cunnie.

     "Oh, YEESSSSsss! Take me, lover! Fill me, stretch my body tight around you..." She cried, pinned beneath Jake's warm, solid weight. Jake looked uncertain for just a moment... Reaching down quickly, the vixen balloon spread herself, revealing her wet and shiny insides. Jake couldn't resist that glimpse of paradise, and plunged his cock deep inside the balloon's tight canal with a single motion. In only three thrusts, (During which the balloon howled in ecstasy and scrabbled at the tile floor,) Jake spilled his load into her belly. Fascinated, the man watched his cream dribble down the inside of the balloon and pool in the concave cups of her buttocks. Smiling, the balloon encircled him with her soft arms and kissed him full on the lips.

     "Name me, lover? I wouldn't mind being called 'toy' or slave, but you might not like that..." Jake nodded, swallowed, and considered while his cock shrank inside the vixen's rubbery embrace. Given this experience, his member wouldn't be down for long!

     "How about Fiona? I've always loved that name..." He mused aloud, then looked back down at the vixen.

     "That's wonderful, love. Jake. I just remembered the name on your email two weeks ago. Thank you so much for taking me as your balloon-lover!" Fiona slurped Jake playfully, her pliant tongue running over the man's face. Jake chuckled and squeezed her, forcing a delighted squeak from the vixen.

     "Thank YOU, Fiona. You've made me a very happy man. In fact, when I st--" He paused. Somewhere in the house, a door slammed. A look of alarm crossed Jake's face. "Rachel?!" He croaked, and stared down at the vixen. "I'll have to hide you!" Fiona looked puzzled, the expression almost cartoonish on her orange rubber face.

     "Hide me? From your wife? Why? I can be just as much fun for a female!" Jake nodded, not really listening, and scrambled to his feet. Tugging Fiona behind him, he crossed to the linen closet, and stuffed the balloon inside. Fiona looked unhappy, but remained quiet when the door clicked shut and left her in darkness. Things couldn't go on like this forever... One way or another, Rachel would come to grips with Fiona's presence. One way or another...

     "Hi sweetie!" Rachel called, knocking on the bathroom door. The shower was running, so she raised her voice to be heard over the spray.

     "Welcome home, kitten! I'll be out in a minute." He called back, and with a squeak of faucets, the water stopped. Rachel considered pouncing him there in the bathroom...then decided against it. That could wait until later tonight. Humming cheerfully to herself, the tall raven-haired woman padded about the house in her stocking feet, putting the house in order. She was just starting dinner when Jake embraced her from behind, bending his head to nibble her ear.

     "Hi stranger. Better get to work on me fast, or my husband'll catch us." She murmured, reaching behind her to goose her assailant. Jake laughed, and stepped back.

     "How was work, hon?" Rachel heard Jake taking down dishes from the cupboard and setting the table.

     "Okay. We took on a couple more aides today; that should make handling the extra cases easier." Jake mmhmmed, playing with flatware. Why was he so talkative? Jake usually waited until after dinner to discuss each other's days. Something was making him nervous.

     "Did something happen at work today?" Rachel sighed as she heard a plate slide to the floor. Carpeting was such a boon...

     "Nope, nothing special." He answered after a pause. Rachel stirred the pasta on the stove, then turned to look at her significant other. His hair was still wet from the shower, and bore comb-tracks. The shorts and T-shirt he'd slipped into were damp from contact with his skin. Jake looked up from the table and flashed her a grin. Rachel smiled back, taking a mental snapshot of the man. Blue eyes, blond hair, he looked more like a surfer than a computer tech. A solid physique testified to regular visits to the local Powerhouse Gym. An errant thought reminded her that she would be 'exercising' with Jake later. She brushed the exciting thought away for the moment. Rachel shrugged, tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and turned her thoughts back to pasta. If something was wrong, Jake would tell her about it. Soon the two were seated at the table, spearing the last bits of pasta on their plates. Jake leaned back in his seat with a contented sigh, and sipped his glass of wine.

     "So." Rachel said, taking a similar position in her chair. Jake raised an eyebrow at her.

     "What?" Jake was wearing his best 'puzzled' look. Rachel sighed mentally again. He isn't going to talk about it...

     "Think I'll take a shower." She said after an uncomfortable pause. Jake's eyes suddenly got very big.

     "Um, let me go first and clean up. I think I left my towel on the floor." He sprang up, and practically sprinted for the bathroom. Rachel watched him go with narrowed eyes. What was going on?!

     "Jake, what's going on?" Fiona pleaded, as Jake tugged her out of the closet. He looked down at her as he swiveled the balloon horizontal and tucked her under his arm.

     "Nothing, nothing. I just can't let my wife see you. She wouldn't understand. She doesn't know about my...affection for balloons and latex." Fiona pouted.

     "Just leave me alone with her for an hour or so! I promise, you'll have no problems from then on! Oh, did you read my instructions, lover?" Jake paused in the middle of the bedroom, and shook his head. "They were in the envelope." Jake oohed, and began moving again. He opened his closet door.

     "Just stay in here, okay? I promise I'll try and see what Rachel thinks about latex-fetishes. I'll read the instructions too, don't fret. Stay quiet!" Fiona frowned at her lover as the sliding mirrored door came between them. Jake retrieved the Fed-Ex package from the toilet seat, and read.


[Hi! This is just a list of reminders and pointers I put together to help you enjoy your balloon vixen lover to the utmost.

1. Remember that this balloon is a living, sometimes-breathing, thinking and feeling creature. Treat her as such!

2. As far as food goes, your vixen is quite picky. Anything latex or rubbery will do as far as food, though I suspect that the bulk of her nourishment will come from your own semen, or vaginal lurbrication if you happen to be female. They feed on this stuff, using it to thicken their skins and, 'customize' themselves. Don't be alarmed if she changes her appearance drastically over the course of your relationship, she's just making her 'template' body fit her personality.

3. Popping. I know this might worry you, so pay attention. Yes, your vixen *can* pop, especially when you first receive her. Her skin is thin, and any extreme pressure may cause her to explode. Don't panic if this happens! She's all right! It will take a little while to 'pull herself together,' that's all. Keep all the pieces in one place, all touching if possible. When the balloon looks to be one piece again, re-inflate her. You'll find her none the worse for wear. She may even like being popped, you'll just have to find out...

4. I won't spoil the other surprises you may receive from associating with the exotic and gorgeous vixen-balloons. Just remember, they can do things you've never even dreamed of! If you have further questions, either ask your balloon or email me. Good luck! ]


     Jake shook his head, placing the single sheet of paper in the envelope, and taking the thing with him out of the bathroom. He'd have to buy Fiona some balloons, or condoms or something to eat. Rachel bumped into him as he left the bedroom.

     "Oh! Rachel, I have to run to the store for a while. I'll be back soon, so just relax. Need anything while I'm out?" Rachel shook her head, sending her mane rippling glossily.

     "Nope, just get back soon." She kissed him on the cheek, then shed her clothes on the way to the bathroom. He watched her go, a fond smile crossing his lips... Jake shook himself, and ran out to the car. Where was the nearest balloon shop?

Chapter 2

     Rachel stepped into the hot spray of the shower, mmmming softly as the jets of water immediately began soothing her tensed muscles. She stood in the cascade for a moment, just letting it saturate her long hair and smooth, golden-tanned skin. Her slim fingers closed around the bar of soap in its dish, and Rachel absently noted she'd soon have to buy a new bar. She lathered up, rubbing the bar against a sponge then running the sponge over her curves. The scratchy surface of the thing stimulated her nipples, making them crinkle and harden. Smiling in pleasure, Rachel cupped one of her generous breasts in a soapy hand.

     "Oh yes, Jake's going to get it tonight. And perhaps if I exhaust him enough, he'll tell me what's going on..." Rachel giggled, scolding herself. Manipulative woman! She quickly finished the shower, and stepped onto the soft bathroom rug to towel herself dry. Wrapping the towel around her head to contain her wet hair, she stepped lightly into the bedroom. What would excite Jake the most in the way of clothes? Rachel's husband was one of those men who could be turned on more by an erotic piece of clothing than by simply lounging nude on the bed.

     "Maybe a pair of his boxers? And a night shirt." She nodded. He'd always told her how sexy she looked, wearing his stuff like that. Chuckling to herself, Rachel pulled open the closet door...


     Fiona grinned when the closet door slid open. But instead of Jake, a woman stood there! Naked but for a towel on her head, she was quite wonderfully built... Fiona licked her lips and grinned anew at this person...who must be Jake's wife. Rachel, wasn't it? Rachel stood with her mouth open, green eyes wide and a little angry.

     "So, this is what he's been hiding!" Rachel muttered, and reaching into the closet, pulled the balloon out. Fiona happily embraced her, arms and front sticking to the human's moist skin.

     "I'm not enough for him? He has to resort to love-dolls to get his rocks off!" She was working herself up now, eyes flashing. Rachel tried to peel the balloon off her.

     "It's not really that, Rachel. Your husband just likes rubber things." Fiona whispered in Rachel's ear. The woman stiffened, and looked around.

     "Who said that?" Fiona grimaced, and *bonked* Rachel on the cheek with her muzzle.

     "I did, silly. I'm Fiona, the balloon-vixen! Nice to meet you." Fiona watched, hardly able to contain her laughter, as Rachel slowly turned her eyes on the balloon.

     "You. You're alive? But, but you're a balloon!" Rachel almost shrieked, thorougly confused and not a little scared. Fiona hugged her tight, squeaking quietly. Feeling the human quiver, Fiona hastened to reassure her.

     "Now now, don't get bent out of shape. I'm perfectly harmless! When I want to be." Fiona giggled again, and bent her head to savagely clamp her teeth onto Rachel's excited nipple. Of course, having rubber teeth, the 'savage bite' felt like someone gently squeezing the human's nipple with rubber tweezers or something. Rachel gasped anyway, a flush of pleasure reddening her entire body. When she didn't pull away, Fiona slipped her fat handpaw up between Rachel's legs and cupped her fuzzy mound.

     "W, what are you doing?" She quavered, half-heartedly pushing at the bold vixen's hand. Fiona murrrrred throatily, mouthing the breast-flesh before her. It was all too obvious what she was doing, so the balloon didn't bother to answer. Rachel's legs turned to jelly, and she stumbled backwards until she met the bed. The backs of her knees crashed into the mattress, and both females toppled onto the bed. Rachel wanted to fight off the beautiful balloon creature, knew she *had* to fight! But...she was soooo horny, thinking about Jake and what they'd do tonight...and it was much easier to let the vixen continue her wonderful love-making...

     "No..." She cried weakly, moving as if to push Fiona away. Instead, the balloon tugged herself closer and locked her soft resilient lips against the human's. Rachel squirmed, then gave in, accepting the long slim tongue the foxie slid into her mouth. It tasted like rubber, yes, but possessed an elusive quality of vibrance, life...and sensuality. Just as Rachel felt her inhibitions crumbling, her mind rebelled again, reminding her how, *wrong* this was! Making love to another female, even if the term could only be applied loosely? She'd *never* been attracted to other girls! She was happy with Jake! What could another female offer her anyway, in the way of physical love? Rachel pushed again half-heartedly at the translucent body pressed against hers.The vixen let herself drift free, but turned herself around like an astronaut floating in zero-g, and buried her squeaky flexible muzzle in Rachel's crotch. The human thrashed and cried out, her slippery labia spreading reluctantly around the balloon's muzzle. Then something slipped inside her! At the same time, something dripped on her face. Rachel stopped crying out and turned her gaze up for a moment... Fiona's hips wriggled sensuously inches above the woman's nose, a rubbery pussy playfully drizzling sweet nectar down on her. Rachel found herself tasting the stuff...and finding it delectable... She grabbed Fiona's hips, pulled them snug against her face, and tongue-yiffed the vixen with great enthusiasm! Fiona paused to chuckle breathlessly before plunging her tongue back inside her new lover's honeyed warmth.


     Jake sighed, stuck in traffic. He bumped up the volume on the radio, then turned to smile at the carton of latex items he'd purchased. Most were balloons, some in the backseat were inflated already with helium. He's lashed them down to the seat with strings so the bobbing orbs wouldn't obscure his vision. Besides those were several bags of 4' foot party balloons, water grenade balloons just for fun, condoms he found on sale at Meijer's, and a pair of rubber boots he'd found in the trunk that barely fit anymore. He had one more stop to make however: the adult book store. They sold dildos, and Jake bought a half-dozen with a straight face. These too went into the box. Jake pulled out of the small parking lot and headed for home.

     "These should keep Fiona going for awhile. I wonder what she's up to?"


     Rachel screamed! the sound muffled between the balloon's fat inflatable thighs. A new gush of liquids spilled into her mouth, timed exactly with a similar gush from Rachel into the vixen's greedy jaws. Gently as any woman could wish, Fiona licked the last traces of pleasure from Rachel's furry mound, then reversed herself again to lie full-length atop the human. Rachel was smiling now, her black hair now unbound and damp with sweat. The sweetly sated woman wrapped her arms around the balloon and squeezed!

     "I don't know how you got here, but I'm glad you did, balloon!" The latex creature grinned, lolling her tongue. Rachel could smell herself on the balloon's breath: clean and sweet.

     "My name's Fiona. I'm *very* glad to meet you... I have a suggestion as to what to do next...if you aren't too tired." Fiona murmured, her voice sultry and coaxing. The vixen stroked her lover's smooth cheek with her fat fingers, showing some of the affectionate tenderness Rachel loved so much in Jake. Rachel nodded quickly, rubbing her cheek against the vixen's with an almost animalistic urgency and passion.

     "Oh yes! Y, you feel so wonderful anywhere you touch me!" Fiona blushed, the orange of her skin darkening across her cheeks.

     "How about I touch you everywhere then?" Rachel looked curiously up at the foxie. Fiona smiled, rolled off Rachel and floated to the bed sheets. She turned until her rump rested against Rachel's hip, spread her legs, then reached down to grip her fat see-through sex-lips.      "Come inside me, Rachel. Wear me like a suit! You'll have me, my skin, tightly stretched over every square inch of yours! Please, I want this so bad..." Rachel watched, fascinated and aroused, as Fiona tugged her slit open. The vixen's opening stretched incredibly, from only a matter of inches to more than a foot. "It stretches further..." Fiona promised, and panting, rubbed her spread sex against Rachel's body. The woman hesitated, then turned to kneel in between Fiona's spread legs.

     "What do I do?" She whispered, almost drooling as she watched Fiona's pussy tremble and spasm gently. New juices were already spilling forth from the latex depths, rolling down the see-through tunnel's smooth surface.

     "Lie on your back, and push your head into me. Then stand, and pull me down over you like a too-tight shirt." Rachel dissolved into helpless giggles at the image *that* presented, but obeyed immediately. She reached backwards, gripped Fiona's thighs and pushed her head up against that slick cleft. Stretched as it was, Fiona's vagina glided over the woman's silky hair and swallowed Rachel's head quite easily. Rachel laughed, the sound echoing inside the vixen, as she looked out at the room from inside her lover. Fiona however was moaning and rubbing her little rubber clit, incredibly turned on by being this stretched out! And how, too! Fiona barely kept herself from orgasm as she fully grasped the idea that she was about to totally enclose a lover within her body... Rachel slid off the bed, reached up to catch Fiona's plump hips, and slid the vixen down her neck. The shoulders were tougher; Rachel had to bend her arms at the elbows and tug Fiona down by her netherlips. By wriggling and squirming, she managed to work her slender shoulders into the slit. It did feel like wiggling into a tight piece of clothing, or maybe a body-condom. That thought made her laugh hard enough to fall back onto the bed, a bit past armpit-deep inside Fiona. The foxie took it from there, using rippling balloon 'muscles' to slowly tug Rachel up inside her. A loud slithering SLURP noise accompanied the human's trip as she was slowly devoured alive by a living balloon's cunnie... It struck them both at once as Rachel sank up to her hips.

     "Jake's going to be jealous." The girls said in unison, then burst out laughing again. Rachel suddenly found her head sliding into place inside the vixen's head. Rachel pushed her arms up into Fiona's arms, then squirmed her fingers into their latex sheaths. It was a little awkward, as Fiona only had four fingers... Rachel worked two fingers into Fiona's middle one, and that seemed to work out fine. Her moist skin clung to the inside of the vixen's hide, squeaking up a storm too. Damp breasts plopped into place too, nipples firmly grasped by Fiona's hollow ones. MMmmm, now *that* made Rachel moan! Now for the legs. Rachel pulled her shapely legs up inside Fiona, bulging the balloon's belly dangerously and making Fiona sigh with bliss. Then those two slid into their sheaths. Rachel murmured her pleasure as her genitals settled into the mold of Fiona's. Rachel/Fiona stood up, walked to the mirror and admired themselves.

     "We could be made for each other!" Rachel whispered in awe, running a handpaw over her breasts and trim tummy. Fiona made Rachel's head nod. She didn't tell Rachel that her breasts were larger than the human's, and that she'd manipulated her skin to fit the woman's better. But Rachel was right about the rest of them; the two lady's bodies were remarkably similar! Fiona shivered around her wearer, grinning like a fool or a drunk.

     "Too true! I fit you like a glove... Now, for some more fun." Rachel shivered; what could be more fun than THIS?! Squeaky moist rubber covered her head-to-toe, slithering with her every move. Her clit and nipples were gripped by it, keeping her in a near-orgasmic state from second to second. Fiona answered the unspoken question by grabbing her tail, curling it back on itself, and pressing the tip to her pussylips. Those lips were filled with Rachel's real labia, and the woman shivered with dismay!

     "I'll never take that big thing!" She squeaked. Fiona just grinned, and stuffed the balloon tail up inside the human. The thing compressed, (Thank God!) and *just* fit in Rachel's tight canal. Fiona slid it up inside until she met resistance, then left it inserted. By now, Rachel was hyperventilating, her mouth agape and eyes squeezed shut. OHH GODSSSSS, she was SOOO FULL! Fiona could feel her wearer's pulse and every little flutter of muscle, so taut was the human's cunnie stretched around the rubber tail. Rachel's cream was flowing down the tail and collecting inside the vixen, the seal around the tail too tight to allow a single drop of the precious stuff to escape. Fiona noticed it, focused on the sex-honey, and absorbed it. She could 'taste' in a limited sense this way, and found this batch of the stuff even better than what she'd gulped earlier! Did human women give better lube the hornier they became? An interesting theory, which should be explored. Fiona smiled again, to herself. She was certain Rachel would love to play guinea pig... Finally Rachel could stand it no longer, and with Fiona's paw, gripped the tail and pulled it out. Mostly. When three quarters of its musky, glistening length could be seen again, Rachel rammed it back up inside her. Both females gasped, then moaned in perfect unison. Rachel tugged it out and rammed it in again, forcing the two to collapse on the bed once more. Rachel/Fiona brought her knees up, slid her hand beneath one, and yiffed herself with the tail some more. Rachel felt the second skin around her crinkle flexibly and move with every movement of her own, rubbing mercilessly across her skin. This was heaven on earth...no question! Just as they teetered on the brink of another screaming orgasm, the ajar bedroom door opened inwards. Whistling cheerfully, Jake walked in with a tall cardboard box.

Chapter 3

     Fiona felt Rachel inhale and hold it. The vixen was puzzled. Why could Jake's wife be afraid of her husband seeing Fiona with her? Jake's view was obscured by the tall box, and he stepped right around the bed to put it down. Still whistling, he sat down on the bed, removed his shoes, and flopped down next to the suited human. Both turned to look at each other. Jake paled.

     "Fi, Rachel! Fiona, you ATE MY WIFE?!" Rachel shook Fiona's head, and smiled hesitantly. Jake saw the smile through the rubber, and was reassured. At least his wife was still alive! But...

     "I introduced myself to your wife when she opened the closet, Jake. She's a wonderful lover!" Fiona stroked her/Rachel's breasts and belly, making Rachel quiver and gasp. At last, the encapsulated woman found the strength to speak.

     "You bought this balloon-vixen to please yourself, correct? Not getting enough from me?" Jake stammered a denial, but Rachel waved it away. "No, Fiona already told me. You have a latex fetish, don't you? Why didn't you tell me? From my lovely experience with Fiona, I discovered I'm more than partial to rubber as well... So now, you'll have to share the vixen! Right Fiona?" Jake's mouth gaped as the vixen nodded firmly, then reached down and tugged her fat tail out of her/Rachel. Jake's pants tented as he heard the deep moan echo from his wife inside the balloon. Fiona was doing something else now. The vixen, (Or maybe it was Rachel,) turned to show him her crotch and the events unfolding there. Fiona focused on herself, her body and its stretchy qualities. She willed her labia to fold inward, then squish themselves between Rachel's. Gasping, and angling her head to watch what was happening, Rachel saw a rubber 'sheath' flow up inside her. It anchored her to Fiona, and also effectively made the two female's pussies one. Fiona spoke then, in a breathless voice full of urgency.

     "Take us Jake! Fill us now, we need it so badly!" Jake leaned forward to take a closer look at what had happened, while unbuttoning his shirt with fumbling fingers. Fiona's rubber skin had firmed somewhat, or perhaps formed a double-walled sheath filled with a layer of air. Either way, it was holding Rachel's insides open for his inspection. Dark, shadowy, glistening flesh begged to be stroked and stuffed full with his cock, which was straining and eager to oblige. Almost whimpering with need, Jake slipped from his clothes and pushed his hips between the vixen/woman's thighs. His cock touched, and at the first contact, Rachel bucked herself forward. The pair of femmes impaled themselves upon Jake, his warm rod slipping up to the hilt in a tight tunnel of rubber surrounded by the familiar contours of Rachel's canal. Hugging his lovers tightly with his powerful arms, Jake snuggled his face between the rubber-sheathed breasts and sobbed. These were the sobs of a man who had realized a dream, someone who had fantasized and pondered an encounter like this one so many times it had nearly worn a hole through his brain. Now, it was reality, and it was just as sweet, (if not more so,) than he'd ever imagined it could be! His hips pistoned, pleasuring all three partners intensely. Their cries of rapture and ecstasy mingled and spiralled upwards as climax neared... Fiona fired off first, the rubber cunnie clamping tightly around Jake's member, applying such pressure that he could've sworn his cock deformed! Rachel came immediately after, her muscles rippling and stroking Jake and Fiona's clamped sheath. This was simply too much for Jake, too much for any man! He came with a spray of hot cream that dissolved into the vixen's skin the moment it touched. Fiona's cry rose in pitch to a scream of delight, as more of her bonded lover's cream flowed through the matrix of her body. It strengthened her, made her skin thicker and increased her abilities to alter her shape. Her eyes changed color, from the orange of the rest of her body to a brilliant green. At last, fluids spent from the both humans collecting inside the balloon for absorption, the three fell exhausted into a light doze. Almost suffocating himself in his lovers' cleavage, Jake couldn't remember the last time he'd slept so comfortably...


     It was late at night when Rachel awakened. Something touched her all over, like a tight jumpsuit or something. She felt the comfortable weight of Jake atop her, and smelled sex in the air. Smiling gently, she raised a hand to stroke her husband's back. Something was wrong. Hs skin felt...seperated from her. She opened her eyes. Translucent green skin covered her eyes, shocking Rachel into a state of complete alertness. Moving her head to one side, she glanced about the room. What was on her face? What...oh. Fiona. As if thinking the name conjured the lascivious vixen, Fiona stretched *their* body and yawned delicately. This movement woke Jake. Rachel watched a loving smile spread across his face as he gazed at Fiona, and through her skin to Rachel herself.

     "Ready to come out of there Rachel?" He asked, rubbing his wife's rubber-sheathed body. She shivered with pleasure, and placed a fat rubber-gloved hand on his. She parted her lips to speak, but Fiona beat her to it.

     "Come out? Why should she come out? We're having tons of fun as things are. It's only going to get better too... Relax Rachel, you and I have to do some quality bonding." Fiona's words startled and worried Rachel, stirring up anxiety and even terror in her gut. But...the fear felt sweet, something she knew she must give in to. So she mounted only a token resistance when Fiona pushed Jake gently off her body and curled into a fetal position. First, Rachel felt a finger of rubber caress her anus. It slid across the tight pucker, then sweated lubrication and slid inside. She bit back a moan and tried to take control of her body back. But Fiona had grown too strong, and was *just* able to overpower her human occupant. She was forced to lie still and submit as Fiona buried the rubber sheath in her ass. After a minute or so, she could no longer feel the sheath advancing...but somehow knew it was worming its way deep into her bowels.

     "You like having your ass filled though, don't you love?" Fiona murrred, delighted to learn this as well. Just as Rachel was about to ask a very confused Jake for help, another sheath darted between her lips and surged down her throat. Rachel gagged and told her body to clutch her throat, but Fiona's latex 'muscles' kept her paralyzed.

     "No no, I won't be interrupted. This is delicate work...and I've never done it before. Stay calm, this is for both our benefit." This new sheath slid smoothly down her esophagus, past the reach of her familiar senses. She wouldn't be able to recognize a pressure from inside her from this point on, they would just be unfamiliar twinges deep inside her. A thought formed as she vaguely felt latex sliding past her lips. Was Fiona taking over her insides? Sheathing her from the inside with rubber? What would that accomplish?! Then, another new sensation. Her nipples were being rolled, stroked and petted by a rippling movement in the rubber covering them. The two dark nipples firmed and poked out into the rubber. The little hills of flesh were met with tiny little probes set there to wait. Rachel gasped loudly as she felt these two tiny filaments of rubber flow *into* her nipples, surging down the milk-ducts to God-knows where! Fiona chuckled at Rachel's dismay.

     "I will bring you pleasures as you've never dreamed of, my sweet Rachel. You and I will do great things." A movement in her loins alerted her to Fiona's further invasion of her body. The sheath already in place pushed inconsiderately deeper into Rachel's soft, sensitive vagina, surging up until it met the barrier of the human's cervix. This was violated easily, and the thing insinuated itself into Rachel's fertile womb. She shivered as she imagined the rubber flowing along the inner surface of that innermost chamber, coating it, then sending new feelers up into her other feminine plumbing. Slowly, and very thoroughly, Fiona explored Rachel's body and filled it with her own essence. Body functions continued, but were limited and controlled by the vixen somehow... Jake was watching with confusion, eyes worried and growing more so with every little cry or muffled moan his wife made. What was happening? At last, Rachel sat up, and crawled over to nestle into his arms.

     "Oh Jake... Fiona's done something. She's everywhere inside me! She and I...you can't seperate us without killing me, I think." Jake saw Rachel begin to cry inside the vixen, prompting the balloon to send more filaments arcing towards Rachel. These squeezed up into her tear-ducts, limiting that function as well. Rachel sobbed to herself, rocking gently in Jake's arms. Pleasure began radiating through her body, and something else. A hunger. Fiona spoke up.

     "Jake, you brought home a box. Was that food for me?" The foxy almost whined hungrily. Jake nodded quickly, grabbed the box off the floor and upended it. Balloons of all sorts spilled out, some inflated and weighed down with small ingots. Condoms, dildos, all sorts of rubber and latex items. First, Fiona took two large uninflated balloons, and pressed them to her chest. Jake watched as they were engulfed amoeba-like by the balloon skin over Fiona/Rachel's breasts. Rachel cried out as she felt the rubber squeeze inside along the sheaths filling her mammaries. Then Fiona took her left breast, hefted it and smiled at Jake.

     "Blow, lover." This was not a request. Jake took a firm, rubbery nipple in his mouth and blew. Rachel moaned, not in pain but pleasure as her breast suddenly swelled, gaining a cup-size in a split second.

     "That's it... Oh Jake, that feels sooooo goooood!" Fiona took her other breast in hand, panting, and Jake repeated there. He switched from one bobbing jug to the other, inflating Rachel's fleshly breasts to match those Fiona had had when she was first inflated. Rachel felt silly with these monstrous orbs, but it was obvious Jake appreciated them!

     "Delicious... But I haven't even had anything to *eat* yet." Fiona grabbed a long pink-rubber dildo, found a knob, and turned it on. The faux-phallus began vibrating, which clearly delighted the rubbery fox! Jake watched, stroking his rock-hard member as Fiona slid the dildo up inside her. The fleshy collar of Rachel's sex stretched around the girth of the thing and absorbed it, experiencing the texture and vibrations of the thing secondhand, through Fiona's layer of rubber. Fiona relished the vibrations, as Rachel obviously did as well. But Fiona didn't thrust the thing, instead shoving it in fully, then pushing her fingers in after it to keep it advancing. Rachel threw back her head, (Or tried,) as she felt the vibrating thing slip far up inside her, then through the rubber sheath and into her cushioned womb. Her belly buzzed, sending orgasmic joy surging through both female's bodies. Jake grunted and came, a thick stream of his seed arcing across the bed to the reclining vixen. It splattered her breasts, and vanished in moments as Fiona absorbed it. Rachel found she could taste the cream this way...and felt it strengthen her. Was she drawing nourishment from the same sources Fiona did now? The buzzing in her belly died away as Fiona's rubber melted down the vibrator and absorbed it. Fiona mmmmed, licking her lips, then turned her gaze back to Jake.

     "Make love to me again, Jake?" She spread her legs again. Jake shook his head reluctantly.

     "I'm about to pass out, love! Rachel and I need some time to recover..." Rachel started to agree, but found she felt fine...still aroused in fact. Fiona let the woman move her paw to her sex, and lightly stroke herself. Jake apologized again, sleepily, and dozed off while Rachel began to stroke her clit rhythmically. She and Fiona moaned in unison, liquids beginning to flow again. It was shaping up to be a long night...

Chapter 4

     Jake stretched and rolled out of bed, alert as soon as his eyes opened. He was a morning person, no doubt. Rachel on the other hand... Pleasuring Fiona and herself half the night did not improve the woman's outlook when morning forced her eyes open and Fiona marched her to the shower. Just as she was about to climb in, the vixen-suit paused.

     "Why shower? I've absorbed all your sweat and...fluids..." Fiona sounded confused. Rachel insisted though.

     "I love my showers! Come on, you might like 'em too." She shrugged, and the two stepped into the tub, cool porcelin banishing the heat from Fiona's skin and Rachel's small feet. Rachel turned on the water, adjusting it until the water was properly hot. Fiona opened her mouth and let the water run down into it, while Rachel ducked down out of Fiona's head to receive the spray. From the outside, it looked like a waterfall had taken shape inside the vixen, running down the inside of her skin. The level of water rose quickly to Rachel's hips inside the balloon, until Fiona created an opening in her right, big pawtoe to act as a drain.

     "You're right Rachel, this does feel nice! Makes me feel kinda like a hot water bottle." Rachel giggled, soaping up and turning the vixen's internal waterfall into a carwash. Fiona mmmmed as the water rushed and gurgled through her, softening her rubber skin somewhat. When Rachel pronounced herself clean, Fiona twisted the water off and let the last of it drain from her body. The vixen smiled as Rachel slid her head back into place, and reattached the rubber tendrils. The woman flinched a little, then relaxed and let Fiona invade her body again. It wasn't exactly uncomfortable being anchored to Fiona...just so new an experience. Squeaking wetly across the tiles, the suited human crossed the bathroom floor and stepped back into the bedroom where Jake was getting dressed. He smiled at his lovers, tugging on a fresh pair of slacks.

     "Sleep well?" Rachel looked at Jake a moment, then dissolved into laughter. Fiona joined her a moment later, creating an odd stereo-giggling. Jake sighed and shook his head.

     "I'll never figure you girls out. Um, Rachel, are you going to work?" Rachel collected herself, and nodded.

     "I guess so... Fiona, will you let me out?" She slid her hands over the vixen's body. Fiona mmmed, but shook her head.

     "Why? I can serve as clothes for you." Jake frowned thoughtfully, and gasped as Fiona began to change. Her skin turned to blue from the waist up, and black from there down. The balloon-vixen extruded sheets of rubber, pleats, and collar-like things until the vixen was 'dressed' in a blue blouse and a black skirt. Rachel moaned softly as Fiona's face deformed and shrank to fit her like a skin-tight mask. Fiona's tail vanished, pulled back into Fiona's body. Rachel's hair bulged out the back of Fiona's head, encapsulated in rubber. Eventually, the rubber molded to the free-swinging hair, making the whole thing a solid mass that appeared to be Rachel's normal hair. The orange hue faded everywhere it was necessary, revealing Rachel's true colors. Most of the air leaked out of the vixen, leaving Rachel's body wrapped in highly-revealing rubber. Only the odd 'clothing' kept the ensemble from looking obscene. Only Rachel's enhanced breasts remained the same, bulging proudly beneath the blouse. Jake stepped over and hugged his wife tightly.

     "You look great, love. Have fun at work!" Fiona giggled and whispered in Rachel's ear.

     "More than he'll know..." Rachel shivered in anticipation...

Martha looked up from some papers as Rachel walked into the office. The secretary smiled, and waved.

     "Good morning Rachel! Tom's in his office, and wants to see you about those new aides." Rachel nodded, smiling, and detoured from her office's hallway to the HR office. Martha blinked as her boss passed under a flourescent light, and reflected the soft glow off her long black hair.

     "Wonder what shampoo she uses..." Martha mumbled, and turned back to her work.

Rachel knocked on the half-open door of Tom's office, and stepped lightly inside. The Human Resource director was behind his desk talking on the phone. He motioned Rachel to a chair with a slight smile, while explaining to a client why she could not ask her in-house nurse to walk the dog. At last, Tom hung up and turned his full attention on Rachel. At the same time, Rachel took a deep breath of the fresh air flowing in Tom's window. His was the only office on the floor with a window, making it the second-most pleasant room at the office. Tom's words died in his throat as Rachel's chest bobbed and swelled, gleaming faintly. Was that silk, or something? It looked like a conventional blouse and skirt...

     "So Tom, what's up?" She asked, and smiled dazzlingly at the man. Fiona giggled quietly, and twisted the sheath inside the woman's cunnie. Rachel bit back a gasp, and tried to keep a smile plastered to her face. Tom turned a curious shade of red, and looked down at his desk in confusion. Rachel'd never had a rack like that...or been as phenomenally sexy as she seemed today! He didn't know what to do! His eyes came to rest on a report on a couple of nursing aides that Rachel had approved yesterday. The report wasn't good. A simple background check revealed that the two newest employees had each been convicted for theft of one kind or another. He opened his mouth to speak, and was mesmerized by Rachel's bust again...

     "Um, t, those two aides you hired on yesterday? They...they're working out great!" Tom stammered out, trying to look anywhere but Rachel. She was shifting in her seat slowly, her eyes half closed as Fiona filled her pussy with an inflatable dildo and thrust it mercilessly in and out. Her skirt covered the motion, and the copious liquids she oozed were immediately absorbed by the balloon. Only the smell couldn't be concealed...

Tom took a shaky breath to calm himself. Wait, what was that smell? His ears began to burn. When he and Shelly had, um, done it this morning, had he moved his pants far enough from the bed? Oh no... Surely Rachel could smell it too!

     "Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for such a great choice! Keep up the great work. If you'll excuse me, I need a drink!" Tom stood abruptly and stepped out of his office. Once out of sight of the door, the poor man broke into a run for the bathroom. Rachel writhed in the comfortable office chair, finally able to do so unabashedly... But what if Tom came back? She stood quickly, and moaned aloud! Standing, the penetration was even more delicious! She wobbled past Martha again, and stumbled into her office, quite prepared to throw herself on the floor and scream in orgasm! But...one of the two aides she'd hired was sitting in her office! The young Chinese girl looked up at Rachel, and gave her an inscrutable look.

     "The HR director told me to come see you about something..." She murmured, clutching her purse strap so hard her knuckled turned white.

     "Ahh, he did, hmm? Okay, let me take a, a seat..." Rachel walked as briskly as she could behind her desk, took her seat, and folded her arms atop the desk's cool wood surface. "Okay Miss..." Rachel paused.

     "Quan," the aide supplied.

     "Miss Quan. Tom was just informing me that you--" The aide suddenly began crying, and shocked Rachel into silence.

     "I know I should've put it on the application maam, but I've applied for a dozen jobs over the past two weeks, and been turned down by everyone! I know I was wrong for stealing, but I've done time for it, and paid in full! I just want to lead a normal life again! And my sister, she was only an accomplice, and feels the same way I do. Please, even if you get rid of me, please keep her! She's a good, dedicated worker, and she'd never steal a thing! She only helped me because I begged. Oh maam..." Miss Quan shivered and shook, cheeks wet and flushed. Rachel blinked, shook her head and reached across the desk to pat the aides' hands.

     "There's nothing to cry about! Don't worry about it! I'm not happy you didn't mention that you'd been convicted, but you *are* good workers, and we won't be discharging you." Rachel had to pause, shaking as she came. Downplaying it as best as she could, the poor woman smiled shakily at the aide. "Now please, take your sister and go see Martha for the day's schedules. Stop in the bathroom along the way and get cleaned up though; I don't know what Martha would think if you came out of my office looking all weepy." Miss Quan nodded, whispered a thank you, and crept out of the office. Rachel groaned! and clutched her rippling belly. Fiona sped up her strokes, immediately stoking Rachel to another roaring orgasm! She wriggled in her seat and clamped her mouth shut over her moans as her pussy creamed and squeezed the rubber invading it.

     "F, Fiona! You're gonna get me in trouble...ohhhHHH!" The vixen chuckled wickedly.

     "You'll like the trouble I'll get you into, love."

Chapter 5

     Jake glanced up as Rachel stumbled through the front door. Exhausted, but with an undercurrent of joy as well, she collapsed into her hubby's arms.

     "Oh Jake, what a day! Fiona kept doing such naughty things! She almost propositioned the janitor before we left!" Fiona giggled, her lips moving atop Rachel's now-still ones.

     "Don't make such a fuss, we would've shown him a good time... Anyways, no one at the office is the wiser! We pulled it off perfectly. How does it feel Rach, to have gone to work naked and impaled on a dildo the entire day?" Jake laughed as his wife blushed beneath her rubbery second-skin. "And you're still randy as anything, aren't you?" The woman's blush deepened. Still chuckling, Jake slid his dual lovers off of his lap, and led them to the couch.

     "Well, I'm a little tired, but I've no objection if you two'd like to ride me..." He slid off his lounging wear, laid back on the couch lazily, and watched his erection bob in the cooler air of the room. Fiona pulled Rachel over and pounced the thick cock at once, wrapping her lips around it and tongueing its hot smooth surface. Jake mmmed, closing his eyes and shifting restlessly on the couch. Rachel slid her tongue into the sheath of Fiona's, and felt her husband's penis through the layer of warm rubber. Something jarred in her belly, then seemed to detatch... Rachel worried about that, but trusted Fiona not to harm her... Jake was moaning now, plunging his member into the warm latexy mouth provided for him. Rachel suddenly *gulped* and drew Jake's throbbing length into her tight throat. She swallowed around him, feeling a trickle of pre slip down her gullet, and sink into the rubber lining it. Fiona didn't want Jake shooting off in here though, and withdrew. Jake looked up, puzzled, and watched as Fiona/Rachel swung herself up onto the couch and squatted over his aching cock.

     "Say g'bye to it Jake, you won't be seeing willy again for awhile!" Fiona murrrred. The vixen winked, then plunged her body down. The entry was smooth and wonderfully deep, Rachel's slick snatch wrapping itself hungrily around the condomed penis. Jake arched his back and growled esctatically! The couch creaked as Fiona thrust her rump again and again into Jake's thighs. She never lifted herself off the member, only thrust herself against it. Powerful vaginal and rubber muscles caressed Jake's flesh, seeming to individually manipulate his glans and cockbase. He could feel and hear Rachel's juices squishing inside her, absorbed steadily by the vixen's thirsty skin. How sturdy was Fiona by now? She'd been practically bathed in sexual secretions all day; was there a limit to how much they could hold? Well, Jake thought, as his balls tensed, here comes some more... White cream splished up Fiona/Rachel's cunnie, and vanished as fast it hit. Jake sighed happily, and stroked his lovers' hips.

     "Thank you Fiona, Rachel. Mmm, it was really nice..." Fiona giggled, and Rachel grinned.

     "We're not quite done yet though." Fiona confided, and squeezed her eyes shut to concentrate. Jake hmmed? then startled! as his balls suddenly *schluped* inside the vixen's pussy! His entire groin followed, and the cleft kept growing! None of it was going inside Rachel...in fact, the woman seemed to have detatched from most of Fiona, and was curling up inside the vixen's abomen. She held Jake's cock as he followed it, kissing the tip of the member lovingly. Jake cried out! thrashing beneath the vixen, but she would not be dislodged. Fiona used inhuman strength to reach back and fold Jake's knees together, then moaned! as her elastic labia slipped over his knees as well.

     "Fiona! Don't! We can't both be inside you! I have to go to work too, I can't telecommute from inside a balloon! Fiona!!" The vixen just grinned, eyes closed with sensual delight.

     "You'll love this Jake, just relax...I'll let you out in time for work. Maybe." Jake trembled and cried out with mingled pleasure and fear, as Fiona's slick cunt swallowed him whole. Jake watched in fascinated dismay as Fiona's skin stretched over his knees, slid up his thighs, then settled snugly around his waist. From there the slippery rubber labia squeaked as they advanced up his chest, engulfing the struggling morsel a few inches at a gulp. Rachel curled her body around Jake's as more of him slid inside, cradling her mate, then impaling herself hungrily on his member. With a last wet slurp, Fiona's vulva absorbed Jake's head, ripply contractions tugging him fully up inside her translucent belly. Bloated and dribbling fluids in her excitement, Fiona writhed and moaned as the couple made love in her 'stomach.' Pinching her nipples, rolling them, stroking her belly, *straining* to reach her sex, Fiona brought herself to orgasm nearly a dozen times while Jake and Rachel enjoyed each other's intimate company.


     Tossing aside his fears, Jake took Rachel vigorously, rocking Fiona's body on the bed. They mounted to a screaming orgasm, both reveling in the pleasures of the other. Soft, wet skin and warm rubber blended into a tiny world of sensual delights, cloaked in orange dusk. A moment of calm ensued, deep breathing of the humans making Fiona's gut gently rise and fall.

     From inside Fiona, the view of the world was distorted and deep orange. Two layers of the balloon creature seperated Jake and Rachel's warm, wet rubber prison from the living room. One was Fiona's skin, the second was the wall of the 'belly' that Fiona'd created to house her pet humans. It *was* very much like returning to the womb... The only things missing were a heartbeat, opaque flesh walls, and the sac of fluid that encapsulates the child. The latter suddenly began to materialize: a pool of thick, warm goo that rose slowly inside Fiona's belly. Rachel, reclining on her back beneath Jake, first felt the stuff creeping up her sides.

     "Jake," she murmured in growing alarm, as the stuff lapped over her breasts, covering them stickily. Jake himself felt the slime on his chest, and helped lift Rachel's head out of the pooling stuff.

     "Fiona! Stop this! Let us out," he called, pushing on the resilient walls around him. The vixen simply giggled, running her paws over her gravid form.

     "Nah." That simple word triggered panic in the human couple. Jake reversed himself with acrobatic ease, the task simplified with all the sudden lubricant. With a quick thrust, he jammed his hands through Fiona's 'cervix' and spread her slick passage wide. Driving his head in, he began to win free of the vixen's body.

     "Jake! Stop that! Come back inside my belly, where it's safe and warm..." Jake snorted, pushing with his legs against the belly walls to propel his body forward and out. Rachel wrapped her arms around Jake's legs, confident her mate would tug her out as well.

     "Safe?! You'll drown us in that goop!" His arms slithered free, spreading Fiona's pussy wide, coaxing an excited moan from her in the process. Hair soaked with various fluids, Jake's head appeared, 'crowning.' His arms dropped to Fiona's inner thighs, shoving against them to extract himself. With a loud sucking slurp, as if Jake was pulling himself out of thick mud, Fiona's body reluctantly gave him up into the air-conditioned outside world. Fiona watched her stomach roll and the bulge travel down her length and into her loins, as Rachel's piggy-back ride took her out as well. The two fell to the carpet, panting, shining with the slime covering their nude bodies. Fiona curled up on the couch, hugging herself, and began to sob softly.

     "I--I feel so empty...so alone!" She cried, her stretched middle slowly returning to its prior voluptuous proportions. Rachel sat partway in Jake's lap, arms around his neck, staring at the creature on the couch. Jake stroked her goo-saturated hair, studying the vixen as well.

     "You'll have to stay that way until you learn that we humans aren't as flexible as you are! We need air to breathe, or we die! Not like you, who if you don't get air, simply lie folded up for awhile." Fiona waved away Jake's rebuke impatiently.

     "I knew what I was doing! You two would've loved what I'd planned..." She trailed off, her eyes growing dreamy. Jake shook his head, then got to his feet unsteadily. Rachel reached up to him, and was helped to her feet as well.

     "Well, I'm for a shower."

Chapter 6

     When Rachel and Jake returned from the bathroom, both wrapped in bathrobes, Fiona was nowhere to be seen... Brow creased in worry, Jake began searching the house, while Rachel called out to her rubbery lover.

     "Fiona! Please, don't hide from us! Please! We were scared, that's all, can't you understand that? Fiona..." Rachel trailed off and collapsed into a plush armchair, eyes brimming.      "Please..." A few moments later, Jake stepped into the living room again, only to find Rachel sobbing quietly...and half-coated in orange rubber! The armchair's covering was creeping up over the woman, so slowly and gently that Rachel hadn't noticed. Crying out harshly, Jake tugged Rachel out of the chair and its treacherous, clingy vixen-covering. Fiona whined, her bust taking shape on the chair's seat.

     "So that's how it is? You two're playing hard to get? Okay...I can deal with that." Fiona flashed them a vulpine grin, before taking on the chair's pattern again and vanishing. Rachel clung to Jake, staring at the chair and sniffling miserably.

     "What'll we do?! She could be waiting anywhere for us..." Jake shrugged, scanning the room carefully.

     "We'll be careful, that's all. I mean, she IS an airhead after all. We can outsmart her!" Rachel smiled half-heartedly, and nodded.


     Life from that point seemed a constant cat-and-mouse game with the balloon vixen. She'd pop out of nowhere, trying to engulf one or the other of her lovers. Jake was certain he was developing an ulcer, as he dodged the 'attacks.' Even a toilet seat could be covered with a thin layer of disguised Fiona... Both humans learned to shine a light on every surface they wanted to get close to, watching for tell-tale reflections.


     Once, Jake turned on a torchiere lamp, only to have his hand engulfed in vixen! A pair of scissors lay on the counter nearby... Without thinking, Jake snatched them up, and stabbed the lamp's stem! An ecstatic cry of pleasure accompanied a loud *BLAM* as the vixen balloon popped! Pieces floated down off the lamp, collecting on the floor. Still the silver color of the lamp, the shards of rubber fluttered weakly on the carpet. Jake, crying out to Rachel and full of remorse, pushed the pieces into a pile. Rachel ran up beside him.

     "She popped?! B, but, I don't want her dead! Oh, Fiona..." Rachel stood with head bowed and shoulders shaking, leaking tears onto the rug beside the pitiful collection of latex pieces. How long could Rachel go on, enduring emotional blow after blow?! Jake stood and hugged Rachel quickly.

     "No no, love! She's not dead. Give her a second to pull herself together, and she'll simply be uninflated." Rachel watched, unbelieving, as the pile of pieces slowly melted to each other. Finally, the mass seemed solid... Jake scooped it up, found the 'vent' and began inflating it. After the first few breaths, Fiona opened her deflated muzzle and gulped air by herself. Jake stepped back, putting a nervous arm around Rachel's shoulders. Together they watched Fiona gulp down air and take shape. As soon as her head was fully filled, she let out a sob of joy.

     "Do you have ANY IDEA HOW GREAT THAT FELT!?" She moaned, then gulped some more air. "It was like an atomic orgasm! Ohhhh, pop me again! Godsssss..." Rachel blinked, and looked up at Jake. He looked back at her, and shrugged.

     "Oh, but first things first. I've gotta get you two inside me and have my way with you." Fiona remembered her goal, and grinned, padding unsteadily towards them. Breaking apart, the two fled, seeking something sharp. Jake heard soft pawfalls behind him as he raced toward the garage door, and felt a shiver of fear ripple up his spine! Whipping through the door, Jake slammed it shut on Fiona's face. Weak-kneed from the close call, he sank down against the door.

     "Fiona! You have to stop this! You're scaring us..." Jake shook his head, suddenly marveling at the oddness of this situation. Just then, he felt something touch his buttocks. Jumping up, Jake stared at the door. A layer of orange slid under the door like some kind of flatfish, a muzzle and face taking shape on its leading edge as soon as it reached open air once more.

     "Scaring you? Awwwww! You two are silly, thinking I'd ever hurtcha. Now c'mere and lemme eat you." Fiona giggled, sliding smoothly under the door. Jake squeaked! and dashed to the garage door-opener button. Slapping the thing, he cursed the slow motor as Fiona began to take shape again. It was like Terminator 2 almost...but that liquid-metal thing couldn't hold a candle to Fiona's figure. Jake forgot his dire straits for a moment, watching Fiona's soft rounded assets taking shape again... Fiona winked at him, and playfully snapped her rubber jaws at him. Squeaking again as Fiona strolled towards him, Jake rolled under the still-opening door and ran outside. Rachel met him there, wielding a nerf gun.

     "How's that going to help?" Jake cried, looking the thing over. It was fed by a plastic belt, filled with darts. Rachel winked at him, and plucked a dart free of the belt for his inspection. The darts had had a needle pushed through their rubber suction-cups, rendering them effective anti-balloon ammunition.

     "I don't think these will worry her much normally, but if we can stretch her thin enough, they might pop her." Rachel whispered, as the vixen stepped out into the sun. Jake took the gun from Rachel, silently thanking whoever it was who'd gotten them the toy.

     "Step back Fiona, or I'll shoot!" Jake called, backpedaling while he spoke. Fiona just grinned, and began changing her shape. She grew...puffing herself up, and changing her body's structure. Her legs became massive, pebble-skinned things, supporting a reptilian body...huge head...and tiny fore-arms... A giant, translucent orange T-Rex stood on Jake and Rachel's lawn, staring down the two humans.

     "She *must* be stretched thin to do that!" Jake muttered to Rachel, and brought the puny-seeming nerf gun to bear. Rachel screamed as Fiona darted her head down towards them, wide-open, its slippery gullet a yawning tunnel waiting to envelop them... Jake pumped the nerf gun. A dart flew past Fiona's lips, pierced the back of her throat, and exploded the balloon. Jake thought he heard another cry of excruciating pleasure, but couldn't be sure. The explosion of air knocked the two off their feet, as pieces of balloon rained down around them. Most of the pieces landed near each other, and Jake had no doubt Fiona would be back shortly...

     "We'd better run, love." Jake suggested, blowing imaginary smoke from the toy gun's barrel. Rachel nodded! The couple ran back inside, and locked all the doors. Neither dared to hope locks would keep out the determined balloon-vixen...

Finally, after a few further close calls, night fell again, and the two got dressed for bed. Jake turned a powerful flashlight's beam on the bed, and when no reflections were evident, tumbled into the cool sheets. Rachel curled up beside him, as he set the light on the nightstand.

     "I guess she's given up for tonight... Still, maybe we should sleep in shifts." Jake murmured quietly. Rachel turned frightened eyes on him, the two green orbs shining in the night-light's glow like a doe's.

     "Do, do your really think she'd hurt us Jake? I mean...she's given us nothing but pleasure so far... Why would she change?" Jake felt a tear on his chest.

     "I really don't know, love. I don't know." Rachel nodded, draped herself over Jake's chest, and tried to get to sleep. Despite his words about sleeping in watches, Jake felt himself drifting off to sleep. Being hunted took a lot out of you... Shrugging mentally, he drifted off, idly stroking his mate's raven hair. He never felt the warm rubber gripping his back, slowly creeping up over his hips, legs, arms and neck... In the dimly lit bedroom, a dusty-white/orange layer of latex enveloped the sleeping humans like some kind of living sheet. Fiona forced them slowly, carefully closer together, trapping them inside herself. Once their captivity was assured, Fiona let her skin darken again to her natural shade, and assumed her vixen shape. Abdomen swollen once more with her lovers, Fiona chuckled and hugged herself.



     Rachel awoke to sensation of a warm surf lapping at her body. Had Jake taken her to the beach? She couldn't remember... She felt his solid, breathing body pressed against her, and squeezed herself closer to his warmth. The water seemed to rise further, covering more of her body. The tide must be coming in! Rachel's eyes flew open, pupils slowly adjusting to the darkness. All she could see was a faint orange glow over to her right. It looked like the night-light back home... But why was it orange? A sudden chill made Rachel suddenly convulse. Images of that day inside Fiona flew back to her. Was this water... She dipped her fingers in it and brought them to her nose. The stuff was sticky, and smelled strongly of latex.

     "Oh no..." She squeaked, reaching over to wake Jake. He mumbled something and moaned, pushing her hands away.

     "I've still got an hour or two, Rach! Stop it..."

     "Less than that Jake, actually. You should be finished in forty-five minutes or so. Rachel won't even take that long, since I've changed part of her already." It was Fiona's voice. Jake began to shake, feeling for Rachel's hand. She tucked it into his, reassured by his firm squeeze. The latex fumes were getting stronger, the warm goo lapping higher and higher on her curled body.

     "Fiona! NO! Oh gods no..." Jake's voice cracked. She was going to 'finish' them? That sounded awfully final. "How did you get us?" Fiona giggled, sliding her paws over her bulging belly. Rachel and Jake watched the paw-shaped shadows roam across the dome of their prison.

     "Silly. I dusted myself with baby powder to tone down my reflectivity! Airhead indeed, hmph!" Jake winced, shifting to keep as much of his body out of the squishing liquid as possible. Fiona drew a deep breath, inflating her abdomen still further, then let the breath out again. "And soon, very soon, you two'll be like me. Come on Jake, haven't you ever wished you were a balloon? And Rachel, mmmm, you've virtually been one! You two are gonna have such a blast...and me, mmmmm! Two lovely balloon-humans to play with! Infinite stamina, near-infinite elasticity, oh yeah! We'll have times you can't imagine..." Rachel struggled, pushing out with her arms and legs, stretching out Fiona's gut.

     "LET US OUT! We can't be balloons!! We've got lives to live, jobs to go to!" Fiona patted the Rachel-bulge, smiling dreamily.

     "Yesssss, it feels really nice when you wriggle like that love. But why would you lose those things? You'll learn how to change color, and make clothes, like I do now." Fiona wheedled, soothingly caressing her prisoners through her skin. Rachel subsided, panting and hopeless. Jake reached up, finding the vixen's concave breast-interiors, and rubbed her nipples from the inside. Fiona *mrrrrrrrred* in pleasure, wriggling happily on the bed.

     "She's right Rachel. I--I really do want to be like her." He leaned down and kissed his shocked mate. Eventually, her body yielded and she kissed him back. It wouldn't be so bad, being a balloon... In fact, Rachel was probably right. It *would* be an awful lot of fun! Suddenly eager to undergo the transformation, Rachel cupped her hands and began to splash herself with the latexy goop. Jake sensed what she was doing, and did the same, covering himself with a thick layer of the clinging stuff. Slick with the stuff, Rachel wrapped her legs around Jake's waist, and rubbed her furred mound against his crotch.

     "Make love to me one last time as a human, Jake. Please..." Fiona shivered when she realized what her captives were doing, and stretched her arm out around her sloshing tummy to masturbate. Jake's member grew out into the sultry air of Fiona's belly, and was soon just as coated in latex slime as the rest of him. Thus lubricated, Jake reached down to position his cock. The fat, pulsing head of the shaft pressed up between Rachel's netherlips, coaxing a moan and a thrust from the woman. Her slit spread open and swallowed Jake's cock to the base, surrounding his organ in a warm fleshy tunnel. Crying out, Rachel arched her back and began to thrust herself against Jake's body. He thrust as best he could in the close confines, the thick latexy muck squishing all around him. His body began to feel rather light...as if not all of him was there, and the amount of goo in Fiona's 'womb' increased significantly.


     The vixen had worked her paw inside her slit, and was using the other to strum her clit frantically! Every movement in her abdomen pushed her closer to orgasm. Fiona thought deliberately of what she was doing to her lovers: drowning them in liquid latex, dissolving their bodies into more of the same, then using the resulting goo to create new lovers for herself... She shivered violently and came, liquids splashing from her crotch to soak the sheets.


     Rachel felt lighter too, and an odd resistance met her passionate thrusts, as if thick mud was sucking at her ass. The goo wasn't *that* thick... At last orgasm claimed her, shaking her body and loosing screams of ecstasy from her sticky lips. Jake grunted and met her orgasm with his own, pouring his cream into her. At least, he tried... No liquid splashed into his lover, as if his valves had all been screwed shut. In the dim, aquatic-like scene, he looked down, trying to make out his balls. Abruptly, Jake realized he had no balls. Or thighs, or legs at all! A quick look revealed that Rachel was less than half a woman. Her back had dissolved, the organs within beginning to melt down into the latex. Rachel clutched Jake with legs that weren't there, and Jake in a fit of passion, threw himself down onto what was left of her body. Dissolving totally in that moment, their essences mingled into one great mass of slime. The balloon-vixen's instincts took over at that moment, moving quickly to insure her lovers survived. Fiona quickly siphoned off the two lovers' minds, their souls, encapsulating them in a bubble of her skin. The rest of them though... Fiona grinned and bounced her liquid-filled belly.

     "Well well well... I've got too much goop. Guess I'll just have to keep the rest to myself..." The vixen balloon giggled to herself, and enjoyed the 'full' feeling awhile longer. Her fat paws pushed her swollen belly back and forth, the foxy giggling at the resulting sloshing noises. If she'd felt like a water bottle in shower, now she felt like a custard doughnut! Finally though, Fiona squished her belly down, forcing some of the stuff up into her muzzle. She blew a bubble, a pure white one, filling it with her warm air. At the same time, she detatched the mind of one of the lovers from her insides, and forced it into the new balloon as well. When she judged the rubber ovoid a good size, Fiona pinched its neck, willing the still-malleable latex to fuse there. Setting it aside for the moment, Fiona prepared to make the second. Just as she was pressing her belly again, she had a naughty thought.

     "Why blow the bubble with my mouth?" She wondered aloud, and grinning wickedly, she forced the liquid latex down into her loins instead. The warm fluid stickiness coursing through her vagina made the vixen shudder with joy, but Fiona shook off the feeling. This was important work! Bubbling a little air down into the goo, Fiona forced her pussy to 'fart,' blowing a good-sized bubble. Fiona laughed out loud, seeing the perfect white sphere nestled between her puffy orange netherlips. As soon as the second mind was stowed in the new balloon, she tied that one off as well and set it beside the first one. Turning on her side, sloshing and gurgling quite a bit, Fiona curled around her lovers-to-be. As she poked the faintly-luminous balloons around on the bed, she wondered which was which...and which had enjoyed their trip more. Smirking, Fiona took up the first balloon, and exerted her will over it. It went limp in her paws, becoming a much larger balloon, simply uninflated, like she had been when Jake had gotten her. Willing the neck of the balloon to loosen again, Fiona sensuously slipped the balloon's valve between her lips and began to blow. Slowly, the new balloon-creature took shape. The torso bulged, then the limbs half-inflated and flopped about. It was slightly disturbing, knowing that this inflatable doll was really a person... Shrugging off the feeling, Fiona finished blowing up...Jake. Yes, it was Jake. Once the last breath was in, Fiona took the balloon neck and tucked it back inside Jake's rear. He blinked slowly, turning his head to gaze on Fiona.

     "I made it... Feel so funny... Where's Rachel?" Fiona motioned to the other softly-glowing balloon.

     "Give me a minute." She grinned, and repeated the process with Jake's mate. He watched, enraptured, as Rachel's wide hips, bobbing breasts, and beautiful face took shape as Fiona's breath flowed in. At last, she too awoke, and immediately smiled beatifically.

     "I feel so gooooood..." She whispered, running her hands over her body. Jake noticed suddenly that the two of them were softer and more...cartoony than they had been. On top of that, they were both still a milky, translucent white. They looked more like ghosts than balloons! Oh well, nothing a bit of shape-changing practice couldn't take care of... They had plenty of time to get it right. Jake turned his attention back to his fellow balloons. Fiona hugged both of them to her soft belly and nippled globes, murrrrrrrrrrrrring with delight!

     "Ohhhhh, we three are going to have SO much fun!" Jake and Rachel giggled, seeing the look on Fiona's face. Their response was simultaneous.

     "We knew that."


(Well, that's my second balloonie fantasy. Whatcha all think?  Comment away!


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