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Deep Love

Page history last edited by Anima 15 years, 10 months ago

Deep Love

By Anima

(A greedy UB story; f/f f/m, and a lil m/m yiffing; breast feeding; FurryMUCK guest appearances. All characters are cpyrighted to their players. Any names I use that turn out to be characters, I say, "Wow! What a coinkydink! Huh..." ;KD  )


      Wakened by the familiar tinny buzz and whine of connection, Eve-chan rolled over with a groan, onto her hands and knees. Stretching out her arms in front of her, just like a wakening feline does, her mouth yawns wide and pink. Slowly opening her eyes and smacking her lips muzzily, she flexes muscles in her back, softly rousing her wings.

      "Mmmmmm...I could do with some breakfast." She purrrrrrs to herself, sitting on the edge of the bed and swinging her lovely, rather long legs. "But first I'd better eat something." Giggling, she bounces off the bed, tail waving slowly behind, as if it too were taking its time waking up.

      The kitchen cupboards yielded fruit, cereal, and toast, all of which were quickly prepared and consumed, Eve-chan licking her whiskers and paws for every last crumb. That finished, she stood and streeeeeetched once more, standing on her tiptoes.

      "Now, let's check out the usual spots...see if I can rustle up a fur or ten to fill me up." She hardly gave it any thought now, the dracat realized with a chuckle, as she pawed open a display window for the tport pattern. Besides her mad science inventions, filling herself with warm, squirming, fellow furs took up the rest of her day. That arrangement suited her *quite* well! The only thing odd today was the fact she'd woken up empty... She couldn't remember the last time she'd slid into bed without a belly big enough to curl up with. Shrugging and resolving with a grin to overstuff to compensate, she activated the teleport.


      Haley glanced up as someone beamed into the middle of the room, tail twitching in agitation. Her face fell when she recognized a dracat, not an arctic fox. Where *was* Mark? He'd promised to...to ease her into this unbirthing thing tonight... A gentle application of claws to her ears made the sleek leopardess startle and look up! It was that dracat...

      "Hi! I, ah, noticed you look a little worried or scared; something wrong?"

      Haley shook her head, then nodded, sighing. Looking back up into the other kitty's eyes, she explained.

"My boyfriend Mark was going to meet me here tonight. This is my first time here at the club, and I wanted him there for support...and of course, to, ah, practice with." If leopards could blush, Haley was sure she'd be doing so now. As it was, the only indication of her embarrassment was a slightly pinker glow to her ears' interiors. The dracat plopped down into the pillows beside her, and threw a comradely arm around her shoulders.

      "Well, he didn't show, hmm? It happens; prolly RL got him. I'd be *thrilled* to help acquaint you with things here, though... My name's Eve-chan." Haley just couldn't stop a giggle from bubbling out of her, as the cute kitty grinned up at her in such an engaging manner.

      "O, okay Eve...I'm Haley. Umm...I guess I'd like to know, is it dangerous? Being inside someone like that? Wouldn't you suffocate?" Her green eyes were wide with imagined horrors, an evening of pleasure becoming a nightmare. Eve-chan winked, and patted Haley's tummy with a soft, brown 'socked' paw.

      "Well, no one's ever complained about *my* accommodations! But then, I have a few marvels of science helping me out too. Wanna see how they work?" Eve's grin grew rather suggestive, and the paw on Haley's belly began stroking in soft circles. Haley found herself purrrrrrring, and melting against the shoulder of the little gray-furred hybrid.

      "Yes...yes that sounds good..." The words had barely left her mouth before Eve was pushing her down gently into the cushions, and scooting on her pert bottom down to Haley's feet. She scooped them up in her deft little paws, and warmly nuzzled each in turn.

      "Yup, it's just like learning to swim. Better to jump right in! Now watch how I stretch, thanks to this little charm..."

      Eve-chan panted privately when she saw the beautiful leopard-femme reclining in the cushions... Her tawny fur spotted with delicate rosettes sheathed a body that was all soft curves...mMMm, yum! The rest of the room was nearly empty, only a few sleepers and one idle fur who would likely soon join the ranks of the former. Using every ounce of her considerable charisma, helped by the fact she genuinely loved to introduce new friends to her favorite pastime, she soon had Haley's feet in her paws, her legs spread wide, giving the other kitty her first look at Eve's sex. It was wet, having started drooling like some voracious mouth the moment she and Haley'd first touched. Now a shallow puddle was forming beneath her buttocks, the warm honey rolling down her saturated fur. Netherlips parted slightly, offering only a hint to what the fleshy gates concealed, it was quite a lovely sight... Haley smiled at Eve, sliding her paws across her lushly-furred breasts.

      "Ar, are you going to take me all the way in?" She murmured, squeezing her bust gently. Eve giggled, and pulled herself closer to Haley's feet, before pushing the foot paws together and inserting both sets of toes into her slick blossom.

      "Ohh, of course! My eyes are never bigger than my belly, tho they've come close once or twice. MMmmmmmm..." Leaning her head back to breathe her pleasure to the world, she pulled on Haley's ankles, sending both feet sliding fully inside her with a quiet slurp. Haley made a similar noise, wriggling her toes inside Eve.

      "Ooooooh, I never thought about how hot it would be...feels nice..."

Eve nodded at her new lover's words, dropping her gaze again to watch her 'meal'. Sliding her paws again up Haley's legs, leaving them just above her calves, she pulled again...and more leopardess slid inside the pink, stretching portal of sweet flesh. Haley squirmed slowly now, breathing speeding up, eyes widening softly.

      "My goddess! You stretch so easily...but still feel cozy, tight around me. You're like elastic!" Haley giggled, one paw straying between her legs, fingering her own flower and wondering if she could ever manage what this smaller feline was... Eve-chan just made happy sounds, feeling Haley's legs move about inside her deep vaginal barrel. When the toes brushed her cervix, she lay back, and relaxed... After a moment of nothing but two kitty's love juices dripping onto the floor, Haley opened her mouth to ask if something was wrong, just as a muscular ripple seized her legs.

      'This must be what it feels like to be swallowed,' she thought, as she felt Eve-chan's pussy *gulp* and pull her in past her knees. This was like nothing she'd ever felt before, but there were elements she liked that *were* familiar... Sinking into Eve was a little like wriggling into a warm sleeping bag, but had the sensual, naked, fleshy quality of sex... Another undulation of Eve's inner muscles tugged on Haley, and she heard the whisper of cloth sliding against her back as the dracat's vulva consumed another seven inches of her height. Curious, she studied her lover's belly, and grinned when she could see the outlines of her legs in there, everything but the feet... Those seemed to be hotter than the rest of her... Both of them giggled, Eve-chan rather breathlessly, as the next 'gulp' was accompanied by a rude shlurping sound. Haley's eyes slitted, the lovely leopardess purrrrrrrrrring, stroking Eve's inner thighs... She was up to her waist now in the dracat, legs curled up inside the soft, squishy chamber of Eve's womb. Eve-chan's sex petals, seeming thicker and fleshier than before, nestled around her hips with a purrrfect fit. It really *did* look as though a flower was eating her...

      "W, what happens when you take in my head, Eve? You said I'll be fine, but--" She fairly forgot what she was saying as slick muscles undulated in a slow wave once more, and before her eyes, her trim belly sank into Eve's pussy. Her fur was soaked with sex cream, the parts not yet touching any of the moisture had begun to absorb it as the dark patch grew. Haley squirmed, a moan escaping her moist, parted lips... She was wet herself, the sensual sensations caused by Eve's wet tunnel flexing around her were incredible... Not feeling a bit of compunction about it, she stiffened her fingers, and worked her hand down her belly...under the lip of the sexy dracat's stretched labia, and continued inserting until she had her mound cupped in her paw. Kneading it, slipping two fingers into her pink slipperiness, she began to thrust slowly within Eve's body... Smiling, eyes shut and tongue peeking from her lips, the stretched-out dracat flexed again, and groaned! as her cunnie flowed over Haley's sizeable breasts, their bulk feeling delicious inside her...but...she wanted more of course. Without pausing this time, she squeezed her muscles again, and with a little surprised cry Haley vanished up to her ears! Eve's belly was enormous, squirming and twisting with the bulk of the feline within it.      Eve, panting, curled a leg up until her foot paw rested on the exposed top of Haley's head, and gave it a gentle but firm push... With that last wet squish, Haley was gone, her shoulders and head still stretching Eve's passage. Eve thrashed, humping the air slightly, as warm contractions suckled the remaining bulk of the leopardess down the 'throat' of Eve's cunny, and into the womb. After another three minutes or so of this, Haley'd been secreted entirely within Eve's tummy. Purrrrrrrring, licking her chops and stroking the vast dome of her belly, Eve sighed in bliss!

      Haley erked! in surprise as two contractions close together closed Eve's wet darkness over her head! She felt slimy skin caressing her face, felt the pulse of blood beneath the tissue, the hot vitality...the life of Eve around her... As the cervix slid like a collar over her neck, then stretched again to encompass her head, she achieved orgasm with a muffled scream! Her fingers seized upon by her cunnie, juices flowing copiously, she writhed in ecstasy the last few inches into her new home... Inside the womb, the air was hot and sultry, Eve's scent thick... And, something else was strange..she wasn't alone in there! Something like a snake was crawling over her belly! She groped for it nervously, but before her fingers could close on its tubular shape, the tip reached her navel and 'bit' her! She squeaked! Pawing for it, she found her hand wrapped around a pulsing length of hot flesh, that had somehow fused seamlessly with her body...she could already feel the warmth of Eve's bodily fluids crossing through that umbilical, sustaining her, warming her through and through... It was such a delicious sensation...overpowering! Haley shakily ran her paws across the inner surface of the womb, only to feel those thick walls shiver... Wow! She concluded Eve must be really truly sensitive in here... Grinning, she began stroking deliberately, and grinding her hips against the pulpy womb-lining as well as she could with her limited range of movement.

      Eve arched her back, crying out! She could see through pleasure-fogged eyes the hand-shaped bulges traveling across her belly, Haley's strokes, and felt the leopardess sliding her body wantonly against her innards. She LOVED it when her 'guests' played like this, and panting, hugged her belly with a huge grin as Haley played within her. It was barely two minutes before a screaming, twitching Eve came all over the cushions in sprays and spurts of girlcum. Even as she struggled to catch her breath and regain her rational mind, Eve giggled to herself, picturing Haley being rubbed on all sides by her womb, which always contracted when she reached orgasm.

      "I wonder if she'll ever want out of there...I hope not..." Eve murmured dreamily as things calmed down a bit, scritching the rising-falling swell of her abdomen. Just then, a white-furred fox with lapis lazuli eyes phased in, tail swishing nervously. Glancing from side to side before his gaze settled on the bloated dracat, he started forward.

      "Eve-chan? It's lovely to meet you at last! But...have you seen a leopardess in here? I'm Mark...I was supposed to meet her, but I'm a little late..."

      Eve giggled until she could barely breathe and the sound became a muffled inaudibility.

"Ahhh, yes, actually she's still...around..." Eve stroked the *very* round curve of her belly. Mark's eyes widened and his jaw dropped, but the dracat wasn't finished rocking his world. Rolling over onto her hands and knees, belly literally touching the floor and wobbling gently beneath her, she licked her lips again in a predatory fashion. "I think she's still willing to meet, though..."

      Mark stepped forward, tail twirling a mile-a-minute. "Y, you...oh my..." He hurried over and threw himself down in the cushions beside Eve, murrrrring quietly and embracing the dracat's tummy. PurrRRRrring, QUITE willing to have her belly embraced, she waited happily as Mark nuzzled her side and spoke to his lover.

"Honey? Haley? I'm so sorry I'm late...but, it looks as though you've found someone to keep you occupied... Or, I guess you've found someone *to* occupy, more accurately." Mark heard some muffled words, and saw the outline of Haley's muzzle dent Eve's fur outward.

      "I think you'll have to join her to make conversation, foxie. My tummy's got some nice sound-proofing on it." Eve giggled, rolling to pin the fox to the cushions with her warm, silky body. Mark moaned just to feel Eve in his arms, that huge belly pushing him deep into the pillows.

      "Be glad to!" He chuckled weakly, lowering his head to kiss at Eve's breasts, collecting a drop or two of milk to his surprise! More eager to rejoin his love than to drink however, he withdrew. Sighing half in disappointment as the lips and tongue on her nipples were withdrawn, Eve turned herself around atop Mark, straddling him with her legs spread wide. Tail high, she planted her groin right over his face, Mark's muzzle slipping easily right up into her. PurrrRrrrRRRrrRRrrring! Eve wriggled, as Mark lifted his head and pushed, and with a wet pop the fox's whole head filled the little fur's sex. Slowly, Eve raised her arms above her head, twisting her hips to work her tunnel down over his neck... Soon she overbalanced with a happy laugh, Mark's shoulders keeping her legs spread. "MMMmm, I can't wait to feel both these lovebirds having fun in me," She grinned lustfully, stroking her dribbling breasts and squeeeeezing with her satiny canal.

      Mark's yerf! of surprise was completely lost in Eve's soft folds when her pussy planted itself over his muzzle with a *splat*. He felt soft wet flesh slide over his eyes, and gave himself up to her, lapping at the vaginal walls around with him with his rough tongue. He felt Eve fall off of him, then flex her muscles, tugging his body up inside hers. It took a few hefty tugs of her hands along with the undulations of her muscles to work his shoulders in, but from there it was smooth sailing. Shuddering continuously as his chest and belly were consumed, Mark hardly noticed when his head passed through Eve's stretched cervix, until he felt Haley's hands on his head...stroking his goo-soaked fur. He murrrrrrrrrred loudly...

      "Hi honey. Sorry I'm late... I had to take the tunnel." Haley bit him lightly on the ear for that one, eliciting a mock-yelp from Mark.

      "For once, I'm glad you were delayed, my sweet."

      Eve-chan grinned, feeling Mark's hands flexing inside her, trapped to his sides by hot stretchy flesh. The red bobbing shaft of his maleness was bent down towards his feet by the slow-motion tidal-wave of Eve's labia, tucking it against his body and suckling his hips up inside. Eve closed her eyes, panting, tongue hanging pinkly from her lips.

      "Ahh, ahh, ahhh, unlike the other gals, MMmmm, I want the WHOLE man..." She moaned gently, and urged her pussy muscles on to greater efforts, having reached the 'I want him bloating my tummy NOW' stage. Heaving herself to her feet, she found the Mark's feet nearly touched the ground too... Crouching, she giggled as her weight slid down Mark's legs...more and more lovely vulpine disappearing. She let her legs give out altogether, and cried, "Wheeeeee!" As Mark was forced to curl up around Haley in Eve's warm squishy depths. Reaching between her legs, she cupped the squirming fox feet, and ruthlessly fed them as well to her hot, dripping vulva. Flopping back into the cushions again, her belly twice as big as before, she grinned.

      "MMMMMmmm. Well, that did fine as an appetizer...what's the main course for my breakfast?" She wondered idly, wrapping arms and legs both around the massive ball of her belly, feeling little twitches and slidings of her occupants as they got comfortable. Her vagina empty again and ready for more, womb bulging but far from reaching its limit, Eve scanned the tport list again for more possible playmates... Ahhhah! The Food Chain had three..no, four...no, three furs loitering in it. The turnover rate at the 'Chain was rather high, not surprisingly. Eve didn't even bother getting up, but triggered the teleport.


     In a split-second, she found herself in a beanbag, looking at a tiger lying on his belly, face the very picture of ecstasy, as a bear twice his size buried a huge member beneath his tail over and over. The sounds made Eve chuckle, mewling pleasured-tiger sounds and bear grunts. Eve sized the bear up, patting her tummy, and decided with a grin she could manage him. He tapered after all, didn't he? That huge gut would be the hardest part... She wouldn't be able to have any fun with them until they'd finished, so she looked around the rest of the cavern. Her scanning was interrupted by a tap on her shoulder. Looking up, Eve saw a chubby panda-morph and a panthress kitten standing above her.

      "Ahh, miss? I'm Jade_Onyx... You wouldn't be the infamous Eve-chan, would you?" The panda murmured, her eyes wide and guileless.

      "Indeed I am, sweetie. Were you two looking for a place to stay while?" Eve giggled, snuggling her belly to herself possessively. Both nodded, shuffling their paws, tittering a bit.

      "Banai here was just telling me about you... It sounds like a lot of fun, getting eaten by a, a pussy. Is it a lot like being swallowed?" She asked, sitting down next to Eve, then tucking the smaller panthress into her generous lap. Eve nodded gleefully!

      "Yup! But my cunnie is slicker than any throat, you don't have to wait in a mouth, and my womb's softer than any stomach *I've* ever been in... Do you want a ride?" Winking, the dracat did her display again, easing back and spreading her legs wide...raising her knees to prop her belly out of the way. Not a bit stretched or used-looking, her cute puffy mound glistened moistly just as before, the sexpetals parted juuuuust enough to tantalize with the darkness inside. Eve peeked around her belly-mountain to catch the two gaping and (almost) drooling. Two more converts!

      Wallace, the fat Kodiak bear, growled loudly and came! Ralgha collapsed with a roar of joy as he felt his rear flood with hot cream, the goo shooting up into his warm insides, pumping steadily up into his bowels... He pulled free, slick cock slapping Ralgha's buttocks, then lunged forward! Grabbing up the tiger, he slid his lips down over his head and shoulders, hugging the rest of his body to a bear-gut. Ralgha squirmed, but it was only a token effort, as Wallace rippled his throat down over the lithe feline. Gulp, gulp, gulp! Wallace paused to suckle Ralgha's straining cock, almost instantly rewarded with a salty splash of tiger cum. Swallowing every drop, he grabbed his meal's thighs and shoved them down into his drooling jaws. Inch by inch he disappeared, until Wallace swallowed Ralgha's flipp-flopping tail down into his throat. Stroking his belly, he waited for the wave of muscles to push and pull the tiger's lower half down...down...into his ribcage, and finally into his tight hot stomach. He felt the kitty curl up, and belched happily, still caressing his warm voregut.

     A loud cry of passion attracted his attention, and looking down and to the right, Wallace saw a slenderly built dracat with an *enormous* belly, feeding a dark feline up into her sex feet-first. The panthress was writhing on the floor, mouth and tongue working frantically in her panda friend's sex as the fur with the hungry pussy continued shoving, pulling, and squeezing her muscles to suckle the kitty inside. He could see the bulge of her body inside the 'predator's', and further movement that couldn't be from the panthress in the rest of that furred dome of flesh. How many did she have in there...? She was certainly efficient; the panthress' last moment outside the dracat was blocked from his sight by the panda still squatting, moaning, as her friend's last few licks brought her to orgasm. Jade_Onyx embraced the bloated fur, snuggling her close, nuzzling and talking. Wallace shifted in his pile of cushions, absently noting the gurgling organic noises his stomach made as Ralgha let himself digest. Snatches of conversation drifted his way, until he was sure that the dracat's name was Eve-chan, and the panda's was Jade_Onyx. By sudden mutual agreement, Jade took Eve's paw and began leading her from the room.

      "Wait, just a moment, please?" He found himself saying, struggling to his paws under the weight of his belly. "Ahh, could I tag along perhaps? You and your friends are putting on a great show, Eve..."

      The dracat cocked her head at him and grinned. "Sure! Here, take my paw. We're just going to the gym, there's some equipment there we want to make use of." Wallace bumbled over and clasped her tiny paw in his huge one, and the tport beam took them.

      Eve was right, it was a gym, but several of the pieces of equipment in the large mirrored room looked unorthodox to say the least. It was towards on of these that Eve headed, towing her new panda friend behind. This particular object was a tall metal frame, with a ladder allowing access to the top, where there was a walkway broad enough for both to stand on. Eve got on her hands and knees, slid her self headfirst off the walkway, sliding neatly upside-down into a clever harness arrangement. High tension springs supported the dracat, who giggled and cried out in pleasure as her tumbled guests squirmed around inside her. After snapping a few buckles in place, she looked up at Jade_Onyx and grinned.

      "Go ahead, luv! Dive right in." Wallace detected the quaver to that command, belying the excitement Eve was obviously feeling at the moment. Legs spread wide by straps on the harness, they left her delicate sex exposed, drooling warm fluids down, or rather, up, her body. Jade_onyx licked her lips, kneeled as well on the walkway, and stretched her paws down...sliding them right into Eve's pussy. Wallace could hear the hefty squelch from where he sat on a weight bench, and grinned as Jade's arms vanished slickly to the elbows. This overbalanced her, the ease of entry obviously unexpected! Wallace half-jumped to his paws to run forward and help as he watched the panda fall from that walkway towards Eve. But...it wasn't a fall, was it? It really *was* a dive! Eve-chan had meant that literally, earlier. He eased back down and grinned, as bobbing in the springs with Jade's full weight pressing her down into her sex, Eve stroked her breasts and screamed her pleasure! Her cunnie bulged with panda, her whole upper body well-absorbed in that initial fall. After one bob on the springs, a lewd slurp pulled her into the waist. Another bob, and her thighs were sinking inside. Wallace watched, fascinated, as Eve's tummy bulged front and back with the mass of the impending guest! Her legs slid from view then as Jade_onyx *pulled* her legs inside and curled up with her womb-mates. Panting heavily, sex slowly closing after the gaping tunnel Jade had created in her passage, Eve let out a hearty moAN! Wallace chuckled quietly, and rose to go, the show concluded. Eve shot him a curious look.

      "Going? I thought you might want to try me on for size too...." She winked, and waved her tail alluringly at him. Wallace grinned, humoring her and walking over.

      "You can't be serious, young one! Look at you; one more fur and you'd split! And I'm the size of all those furs in there already, put together!"

      Eve just laughed, trying to hug her belly, but not even managing to get her arms halfway around it. From the look on her face, Wally concluded that's *just* the way she liked it.  "I'm not your average fur. Come on, there's another machine here I built just a little while ago I wanna try. You'd be purrrfect for it, won't you try it with me?"

      Wally scratched his head, looking at the machine she pointed to. It looked like an unholy cross between a Gynecologist's examination chair, complete with stirrups; a pec-developing weight machine. Shrugging, he helped Eve out of the harness, and carried the giggling dracat under his arm over to the machine. She didn't weigh as much as he expected for her size...maybe there *was* more to this cute little fur than met the eye. Clambering up into the chair, she spread her legs and put her feet in the stirrups, wriggling her bum cutely to seat herself. Then, looking up at Wally with a grin, she pointed to a sort of 'sling' arrangement lying on the floor.

      "Pick that up, put it over your butt, and back up until the bands are taut." She instructed, while she reached up to either side of her and gripped handles set in the black steel frame. Wally did, and realized this arrangement reminded him of a sling shot. She couldn't really be thinking of---could she? Eve grinned at him, and he felt a rumble beneath his feet. Looking down, Wally saw that fasteners had snaked up from the floor to bolt his feet securely to a small platform resting on a track attached to the machine. The elastic bands had become rigid, some chemical reaction maybe? As had the sling on his fat, fuzzy bottom.

      "This is like a fur-syringe," Eve explained, laughing at the look of dismay on his face. "I can control how many cc's of bear I get by pulling on these handles! Like this!"

      Eve-chan took a deep breath and tugged *hard* on the handles. Wally felt the track's brake disengage, and he found himself rocketing towards her, sling and all tilting to place him horizontal... Eve braced herself for impact, and Wallace's view of the world shrank to the wet sex rapidly approaching his muzzle.


      Eve came to, blinking and looking around. What--? OH! She focused and looked between her legs. Well, tried to look. Her belly was much too huge now to look over! She had to twist and peer around the side of it. Wallace's hindparts wriggled in the embrace of her thick, honeyed labia, the rest of him fully inserted already. Moaning, Eve tugged on the handles, and the machine injected her with another foot of Kodiak. SQUISH! She gigglemoaned! as her passengers all shifted to make room the for the bear. Frowning suddenly, she counted the independent bulges in her belly, and realized she was missing one! Then, as Tina rolled to press her belly out against Eve's furred flesh, she realized where that one had gone. Tina had evidently tried out this new vore technique with her little friend Banai. Eve cooed, stroking her tummy briefly.

      "My head pupil," She laughed, before taking the handles again, and squeeeeeeezing more bear up her cunny. One pull, another, belly inflating higher and higher, and only the huge clawed feet of Wally protruded from her swollen sex. Eve pouted; the machine wouldn't push him in any further. With a great, sweating strain, she flexed her muscles and made her vagina *swallow* Wally's feet and ankles. She was so full now, womb so hugely stretched, that the length of her fleshy passage had shrunk to nearly nothing! It was almost a straight shot now; someone sliding their paw between her labia would find their hand in her womb instantly.

Belly jerking, wobbling, twisting and squishing as the soaked 'siblings' shifted inside her in quest of comfort, Eve thought of where she'd like to go for lunch...

Wait a moment. Was today Tuesday?

      "Please......tell me it's not Tuesday!" She cried, and called up the calendar into midair. Tuesday. "Noooooo!" She squeaked, and summoned her pager.  "Lightfoot! Lightfoot it's me, I'm so sorry! I forgot what day it was! I'll be right there."

      Eve chided herself for forgetting Lightfoot's birthday present, and tported into the stallion's stable.

To snuggle up inside Eve was Lightfoot's birthday request, and Eve could never turn down that muscly horsy stud!

      "Eve, I was starting to worry!" Lightfoot tossed his long silky mane and whickered quietly at her, rising from his bed in the sweet fresh hay.

      "Sorrysorry lovey, I was...eating." Eve giggled, and gave her belly an affectionate sliding stroke. Lightfoot grinned, stepping over and taking as much Eve-belly into his arms as he could.

      "Looks like I'll have plenty of company, hmm?" He murmured, leaning around the swollen, wriggling abdomen to kiss the sweet dracat. She nodded! happily, and sat with a cute grunt in the hay. "Gimme your cock first tho, sweetie? I'm betting one or two of the furs in there would like it...

      "You think so? Well, that *would* make a nice prelude to...well," He blushed, patting the huge belly. Just thinking about what Eve was going to do with him had swelled his stallion-hood fully erect, the foot-and-a-half long shaft hot and throbbing before him. Kneeling, he tried to push Eve's belly up out of the way, and found he couldn't! "Ummm, Eve, could you turn onto your belly? I can't..."

      She laughed, a little embarrassed, and rolled easily. She mmMMMmmmmmed, her belly suddenly her bed. She hugged herself, and kissed her tummy, trying to give each fur in there their own special cuddle. Then she felt a warm slick pressure at her cunny, and moaned! As Lightfoot stepped forward, burying himself inside her wet warmth with an excited whinny! Eve was right about her passengers; she felt one shifting...sliding...then heard Lightfoot gasp!

      "Someone else...just pressed their sex up against my head!" He whispered, trembling in his arousal, thick shaft flaring inside the dracat's soft tunnel.

      "Mmmm, give it to her, lover! Or do you want to wait until you're inside to do that?" Eve giggled, rocking back and forth atop her squishing bellybed. Lightfoot shook his head, and thrust, gROANING out loud as he felt a tighter slickness enveloping his shaft. He stepped back, then forward, ramming the hot length in again. Eve moaned, her heavy, milk-laden breasts rubbing against the stable floor! Her body jiggled with every thrust, warm cream dribbling down her thighs as the beautiful horsey stuffed her full of cock. He thrust and thrust, eventually seizing upon her hips and just riding her for all he was worth! When he came, he felt the other fur inside Eve withdraw, so all of his hefty load of sperm spurted into the common area of Eve's womb, likely coating everyone inside with at least a thin layer of the salty seed. Gasping, Lightfoot slumped forward, exactly what Eve had hoped he'd do. She rocked forward as hard as she could when he began to slump, making Lightfoot's cock slip out...and his long muzzle to slip in! *squirsh!* She grinned, and flexed her muscles, sucking Lightfoot slowly up into her body. She felt his hands pushing at the pussy rim of flesh her sex had become, but quickly stroked her instead, eager to slip all the way into the delicious heat she was offering! He worked one thick-fingered hand in, then another, before with a surprised whinny he vanished sloppily to his belly! Eve laughed, snuggling her belly tighter. Someone, most likely the stud's second-hand lover, had grasped his hands and yanked him inside! It was a sight to see, there in the gently lit stall. Eve-chan, the little dracat with the HUGE belly, a stallion halfway inserted into her cunny, and slowly sinking further in as muscles flexed and friends pulled. Like others before him, once all but his legs were in, Lightfoot curled up, drawing his legs up inside after him. Eve gigglemoaned! as she felt him squish into the wriggling mass of her womb-mates, making her bulge even more. *happysigh*

      "mMMMmm....happy birthday, big boy!" She grinned, poking what looked to her like a muscled equine rump. Then, she paused to consider. Did she feel full enough yet? No way! There was still one place she hadn't tried yet, that ought to yield a few more good morsels... The vore manor. Eve knew she'd never fit through the front doors, so she beamed herself right into one of the comfortable lounging rooms, landing gently on a luxurious pile of silk cushions. Several heads turned with her arrival, and several pairs of eyes bugged out! A female kangaroo with a bulging tummy that seemed to suggest fox, bounced heavily over to Eve.

      "Could I...stroke you, miss?" She whispered, pointing to the greedy-wombed fur's belly. Eve grinned and nodded!

      "Please do! And...if anyone would like to contribute to this belly's size..." She let the sentence trail off, and sensed she had the attention of nearly everyone in the room. She smiled, purrrrrrrring with pleasure, and spread her legs again. A male wolf, panting, approached with unsteady steps. He looked almost drunk, and knowing the type, Eve knew why. Her scent had that effect on furs with intense senses of smell... But he was coherent enough to stop, wobbling, before Eve and make a request.

      "Could you take both of us inside you, while we yiffed?" He murrrrs, indicating the 'roo. She looked up, blinked, and grinned.

      "I rather like the sound of that." She murmured, and got up, moving between Eve's legs next to the wolf. She got down on her back, tail pointing towards Eve's cunny, and got the wuff to straddle her. He entered her smoothly, while she ooooohed, squirming. The 'roo picked up her tail, and poked the warm tip into Eve, who gratefully suckled on its length. She flexed, and brought her thighs together to help urge the pair closer, and moaned! as she felt the long thick tail begin filling her passage. Tucking her feet together at her tailbase, her wolf lover following suit, they moaned together as Eve's body swallowed them further. Everyone else in the room watched, dumbstruck, as this mating couple sank inside the tiny-bodied huge-bellied dracat. Eve waaaahed! as someone grabbed the two new 'meals'' feet and helped pull them inside. They were in to their hips before she could take a breath, and gasped, feeling so wide open and HOT! Her juices dribbled along the wolf and 'roo's sides as Eve engulfed them, pussy rippling slickly to gulp them down. Eve again lost control, humping into the air, as if she could thrust them deeper within herself. And in fact she did, the motion deepening her cunny and letting them slip in past their shoulders. She could feel every thrust, every squeeze as the embraced pair snuggled each other. Their moans were cut off as her netherlips loosely sagged closed after them, and everyone watched the bulge between her legs vanish over the space of a couple minutes, flowing into her abdomen and swelling it even bigger! Her womb was filled with warm fluid now, to keep the furs inside suspended, not crushing each other with their weight. It sloshed, gurgled, and bubble noisily with the movements of her guests and her own pleasured squirming. A 'taur trotted up, a cheetaur in face, and bent to stroke his hands over Eve's tummy. She moaned gratefully, the belly moving under the male's touch as she stretched.

      "You want inside too, pretty kitty?" She whispered, smiling up at him.

      "Mmmm, oh yes...but I wonder, have you done 'taur's before?" He asked, raising spots above his eyes that served as furbrows. Eve giggled,

      "Ohhh yes. I love 'taurs! They're very...substantial. But the secret is, you have to take them back to front. Lie down for me, between my legs...that's it..."

      He dropped to the floor, rump nestled between her thighs, the cheetaur's face now showing some signs of nervousness. Eve concentrated, and hooking her legs around the fur's hindlegs, tugged him back until his tail and rump cheeks pressed right against her. She kept pulling, and slowly she stretched, soft wet flesh sliding silently up over his rump, onto his back... When her muscles pulled, the start of his hindlegs entered as well, lifting his rear a little off the floor. Eve felt her tailbone creak, and giggled raggedly, pulling with all her strength to get this one into her! The 'taur, his cock rubbing against the floor, moaned out some words.

      "I'm, oooooh gods, my name's Stellar, by the way..." He shuddered in every inch, feeling his bottom suckled deeper and deeper into Eve's hot body. Eve felt the membrane part around him, and now the cheetaur could feel warm liquid lapping at his hindparts.

      "Enchanted, MMmmmm, Stellar!" She replied, resting her long legs against his warm furry flanks, just letting her muscles slowly tractor him in. Oooooooooh, it felt soooo good having his warm bulk between her thighs! And entering her, filling her overloaded womb still more full! All too soon his upper torso's back was pressing against the heaving swell of her underbelly, the soft full flesh sloshing and jiggling against him. Stellar bent forward at the waist, shuddering again as Eve's pussy rolled up over his upright portion as well. Eve brought her heels in to rest on Stellar's brisket and help push him in! Faster and faster, aided by heels and muscles, Stellar sank from sight. Soon he too was nothing but another lump in her belly (albeit a BIG one) and Eve was sighing happily as he got positioned inside.


     Three new furs stepped out from the lingering audience, one of them not of his own will.

      "No, you're going in!"

      "But, but why?!"

      "Because I'm your mistress, and I say so."


      The conversation went something like that, Eve wasn't paying too much attention. The trio consisted of a tall slender skunkette and a male hare bracketing a trembling otter morph. They halted between Eve's legs, (a very popular spot lately) and addressed her.

      "Eve? I'm Marla, that's Snowshoe, and the otter is Skipstone. We're giving him to your cunny, then following if it looks like he's enjoying himself."

      Stoneskip gulped audibly, and shivered, eyeing the hungry drooling slit of Eve's sex nervously.

      "Ahh, go ahead then! He'll enjoy himself immensely, I'm certain." Eve giggled, spreading wider. Marla, with surprising strength for such a thin skunk, grabbed up the sleek otter and shoved him down to his hands and feet. When he tried to scramble up and bolt, the hare grabbed an arm and Marla got the other. Together, they shoved him forward, until with a *SQUirsssh* his head burrowed right up inside Eve. Trembling, spasming and suckling the otter in, Eve-chan's vagina joyfully swallowd the otter up! The short brown pelt shed her lubricant like the water it was meant to repel, but the otter was sleek enough that the going was easy anyways. With mistress and master helping push him in, it wasn't long at all before Stoneskip's feet were kicking their way into Eve, making her tear up and thrash in ecstasy, cumming with great slick gouts all over the two who'd just fed her netherblossom.

      Placing their ears against Eve's belly, having tracked the slippery otter to the his resting place in the dracat's belly, they claimed they could clearly hear him moaning with what sounded like pleasure... So Snowshow got down between Eve's legs, and with a shudder of delight, eased himself with a slurp waist-deep into Eve. Marla, impatient to be next, shoved Snow in by pushing on his shoulders, actually sliding her legs in *around* the hare's neck so his trip into the womb would carry her with him. She murrRRRrrrrred happily as Eve groaned, tired pussy muscles trembling with the strain of constantly pulling furs in...but would she stop? Never! Marla came with a scream as she ground her hips into Eve's slick vaginal walls, then slipped from sight with a bubbling slurp. Lips dripping slick honey, Eve let out a huge sigh as she pet her belly, on the edge of orgam all the time now from all the movement inside her...and just the sheer bulk, the *mass* of her body excited her! She watched with mingled delight and trepidation as the rest of the room's furs drew closer...

      "Ooooooooooh, I haven't felt this full in ages..." She moaned to the empty room, a room which seemed *much* smaller now with her bulk inside it. "Now if only there was someone left to take care of these breasts..." She whimpered, stroking the masses of her globes. Milk dribbled constantly from her fat, aroused nipples, running down the heaving, squirming sides of her hot belly. She sloshed delightfully whenever she moved, and LOVED feeling so bloated with life! Stroking her sides as best she could in her state, she closed her eyes, feeling her lovers shifting deep inside.

      As if he heard her, a new fur popped into the room, a handsome black jaugar named Grace. His tube-tail swished cheerfully when he saw Eve.

      "Kitty! You look great tonight!" He laughed, running over and scaling the furry wall of her belly. Eve grinned when she saw who it was.

      "Grace! You're just in time to do me a favor..." She stroked a breast, then squeezed it gently, splashing the black-furred Grace with her rich milk. He PurrRRRrrrred! and without another word, got right to work. His lips fastened around a turgid nipple, suckling strongly. Eve rewarded him with a steady flow of her warm cream, loud moans of relief echoing through the room. Knowing *this* jaguar, he wouldn't quit until every drop was gone.

      It took half an hour for each breast, Grace operating at his best to suckle that quickly. Burping moistly, belly rounded, rippling and sloshing with its heavy burden of milk, He lounged atop the 'waterbed' of Eve's belly.

      "Mmmmmmmm, that was soooo nice Eve...it seems the bigger you are, the better your milk tastes." He murmured, stroking his fingers through the soft fur sheathing Eve's womb. Eve mmmmmmed, loving the strokes...it was nice to have at least *one* person outside her, to take care of things like that. Suddenly, Eve's watchfor screen popped into the air beside her head, announcing the arrival of another good friend. As she'd thought, she really only needed *one* fur outside her...so....

      "Grace lovey, could you, mmmph, could you check my cunny? Make sure its okay, the lips are tucked neatly and all?" She whispered huskily, batting her eyelashes at the bloated feline. The kitty really didn't need to be asked to contribute to her bulk, but she loved surprising friends. While she rolled onto her and lifted her tail, she flexed her labia against each other, to make one lip overlap the other gently. Grace's paws were all over her vulva, and his tongue was on her clit before Eve had any idea what was going on. She cried out! cunny flexing of its own volition! Now another amulet came into play, one that gave Eve a little something to help with 'consuming' furs when her mobility was...limited. Grace opened the eyes he'd closed in his pleasure to see something sliding from Eve's pussy. Was it one of her passengers? No, it was...a snake! No, it was an umbilical... Before he had time to react with anything more than a squeak of shock, the wet pulsing length had slid lazily around his middle, and hauled him close with a SPLAT. Soaked in cunny-drool, he squirmed and cried muffledly into the soft sweet flesh of Eve's sex, as it stretched slowly over his entire height; the cord couldn't, it seemed, turn him horizontal to make insertion easier. He couldn't believe it when she'd stretched far enough, and found himself sliding inside her with lewd slurps and suckling sounds. Once inside, a fleshy 'blow' in the form of a muscular ripple knocked him horizontal after all inside her love canal. A membrane parted around his head, warm liquid engulfing him as Eve strained her muscles! Pushing and pulling him up her pussy, into her crowded womb. He struggled for breath, pawing the bodies around him! An umbilical found his belly at last and clamped on, calming Grace immediately as oxygen began reaching him again... Relaxing, he insinuated himself between a cheetah girl and a plump panda femme, snuggling his head between the latter's breasts happily. Mmmmmmmmmm...

      Eve tported home to her friend, letting her roam all over the piece of geography her body had become.

      "Eve, why do you get this BIG? I mean, what desire could you possibly have to become an immobile, swollen, room-sized dracat?!"

      Eve just giggled, hugging her friend to her soft breasts.  "I just...get hungry. You wanna join me tonight when I go out for a midnight snack?" She purrrrrred, petting her tummy's upper swell, eyes laughing at the incredulous look her friend gave her.

      "You're not serious! .....Are you?"



Eve-chan Desc:

Eve blushes under your attention, strategically positioning her tail to

cover herself a little, as she is wearing nothing but her fur. She is

covered with soft gray fur, with faint Siamese markings. Her kawaii face

is framed by a thick head of lavender hair, which fades to sapphire near

the ends and reaches just below her shoulders.

She is small, only 5' tall, but she is quite buxom, with large, supple

breasts sitting high on her chest, capped by rosy nipples. Her hands and

feet are gray/brown, and although mostly human, do have claws. Her waist

narrows to a smooth, slightly rounded belly, then flares out to a

generous pair of hips. A long supple tail twitches behind her, black

with gray banding, like a tabby. Her legs are surprisingly long and


She smiles, showing off her slightly elongated incisors, and two wings

sprout from her back, quickly growing and unfolding to their full size.

They are dragon-like, although the membrane is covered with a light,

downy sapphire fur.

She crosses an arm under her breasts and grins at you. "Like what you

see?" She asks softly.


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