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Demon Queen

Page history last edited by Anima 15 years, 10 months ago

You Just Can't Keep a Good...um, Bad Demon Down.

(Story spawned by Scorpion, fleshed out by Anima. N/C Vore, Demonic elements, Yiffing)


    Queen Sxcryx was bored. She knew it, and her court of demons knew it. The conversation in the great hall was almost desperately upbeat, fixed smiles and feigned good-humor everywhere the Queen looked. Even the musicians, playing a new rhythmic number on the ribs of a giant skeletal monster, seemed nervous... It was too loud. The hall was too cold. Her belly wasn't full enough. These thoughts swirled around inside Sxcryx's horned skull, eventually colliding. Her massive fist clenched, and her glossy black talons sank with a crunch into the skull that tipped the right arm of her throne. Instantly, everyone in the hall froze and whipped their heads up...

    "I've had enough of this. We HUNT tomorrow!" Sxcryx cried, a fire blazing in her eyes. A weak cheer went up from the audience, making the Queen narrow her eyes. One old demon with a white, pointed beard frantically motioned for her attention from beside the throne. Her old adviser...

    "My Queen, this is the season of hunger, we cannot hunt! If we did, the--" Sxcryx backhanded the demon carelessly, sending him flying several yards into a stone wall.

    "I know the customs, and I defy them. Tomorrow, we will go to the hunting grounds, and see if there really are any soul drinkers roaming there! I believe we've been deceived." A grumble rolled through the hall, and many glowing yellow eyes still appeared doubtful. The Queen let one of her hands drift to her belly, her palm rubbing the round shape of her abdomen. Inside, she could feel the weak, hopeless stirrings of the human souls she'd consumed over millennia... In the right season, those stirrings made her want a male like nothing else could...

    "Have any of YOU ever seen a soul drinker? Who started the legend? Besides, how many of you are walking the hall today with empty black caverns in your guts?" Another grumble rose to her ears, this time one of agreement.

    "Then we hunt! And should I prove wrong, I will open up the throne to contest." This won the other Hellspawn to her cause completely. If Sxcryx was wrong, and if demons perished under the fangs of soul drinkers, then the eligible females would fight her for the throne. If she lost...it would mean living out the rest of eternity in a demon Queen's belly. It was a big risk, but the Queen knew she was right. Preparations were quickly made...

    The next day dawned hot, as was to be expected in the nether realms. In fact, it was not truly day either. There was no day or night in the caves, just cycles of heat and light manipulated by demonic mages. A horde of crimson-skinned, black-hoofed monsters stood at the edge of a deep chasm filled with bubbling magma, gazing across to the other side. The queen, her seven-and-a-half foot tall frame towering a head above her subjects, seethed with anticipation! Her breasts heaved with every breath, perpetually-erect nipples pierced with iron rings. Beneath her imposing bosom, her soft round belly jutted. She hoped to make that belly rounder today... Shamelessly naked, her bald sex pouted from between her toned thighs. A single black spiral horn sprouted from her forehead, protruding a good half-foot or so and gleaming like spilled ichor.

    Queen Sxcryx surveyed her host of demons with cat-slitted eyes and smiled almost fondly. Their muscle-bound bodies were very similar to hers, but definitely masculine in persuasion. Their heads sported two horns, fifteen centimeters or so in length. The male demon's genitalia were concealed in a tight genital slit, far from sight, and from mind in the off-seasons. These demons too were well-fed in appearance, though their guts were far from the impressive bulk of their Queen's.

    Their collective hooves clattered on the rocks as they shifted in place, creating a sound like a cavalry preparing for battle. At last, the demon Queen raised her hand and extruded her talons.

    "Across! Into the Woods! We have quarry to chase!" With a roar, she launched herself off the rocky ground, awesome muscles propelling her easily across the thirty-foot gap. Echoing her roar, Sxcryx's followers imitated her leap, skidding to a landing on the opposite side. Not even waiting for the entire mass to migrate over, the Queen crashed headlong into the lush green forest so out of place in her infernal home. Her gleaming yellow eyes darted to and fro, searching...scanning...

    "HERE!" She screamed, as a glowing distortion in the air caught her eye. It was a portal to the human realm. These were two-way, but lasted only one trip. She and her forces could cross through, wreak their havoc, and pass back within a certain time limit. After that, the portal closed forever, healing the rift between the mortal and infernal realms. Now, the Queen sprinted through the trees and dove through the gateway! She emerged on a city street at night, surrounded by costumed men and women. No one even noticed her arrival, though her lewdly displayed body got some nasty looks, as well as not-a-few appreciative ones!

    "A celebration?! Excellent!" Sxcryx laughed, seized a large black-bearded man by his shoulders and dragged him into an alley. She could see the first demons who followed doing the same with various other people. The man in her grasp struggled and swore, beating against her tree-limb forearms with his ham-fists. He stank of alcohol and tobacco. The Queen laughed again, more softly, and yawned her mouth open wide. She turned her meal around to face her, so he could watch his end coming. Her fangs dripped orange slime, and a glistening, black, forked tongue darted out to lash the human's face. He began screaming then, until Sxcryx stuffed his greasy head into her ravenous maw. Her fangs, only for show, folded up against the roof of her mouth. The demoness put her talons to good use, slashing the overalls and grimy T-shirt from her prey's shaking body. She mumbled happily as she shoved the man inside her, his abdomen pressed tight against her firm breasts as she gulped his head down. Her slimy rippling throat closed over his head, absorbed his neck, than began creeping over his shoulders. Using a totally inhuman strength, Sxcryx threw her head back, balancing the writhing man with her neck. Clapping a huge hand on the human's butt, she shoved down, instantly slotting the man down her esophagus and into her soft belly. His legs followed with a loud slurp, rear smeared liberally with orange saliva. Sxcryx licked her lips, feeling the bulge in her throat descend...deeper...into the hellish core of her body. The Queen belched, feeling her most recent acquisition settle down inside her. The skin of her stomach stretched and bulged as the man inside struggled, but those efforts soon subsided. Slowly, Sxcryx's belly shrank as the inherent magic tucked the man away to make room for others. Peeking out of the alley, she saw that her demons were all nearly similarly sated, and made a dive for the portal again. So eager to feast, nearly the entire horde had entered the portal and found someone to eat. That accounted for roughly three thousand people. Sxcryx giggled and burped again, loudly, as she rolled that lovely statistic around in her head. Back in the forest, she sprinted towards another possible rip in space. Demons poured through the first portal after her, hands clutching still-squirming bellies...

    As soon as Sxcryx had leapt through the new portal, she saw there wouldn't be much available to her horde. It was night here as well, and a teenage girl lay sleeping in her bed. The demoness' ears picked up snores from the hall...two, no, three other humans. As soon as the second demon clattered in, Sxcryx pointed around, then pointed back through the portal. He made as if to go, but the Queen took his hand, smiled, and cupped her vulva. Sighing softly, the male stuck his head back through the portal and warned his brethren not to enter. Immediately after that, the Queen pounced the sleeping girl in her bed, threw back the covers, and tucked the human's feet into her slippery maw. Eyes flying open, the girl screamed! Kicking desperately, she gibbered in horror as a crimson monster devoured her past her knees! Sxcryx smiled wickedly, and tore off her prey's panties before engulfing her slender hips. The rest of the family had come running, right into the arms of the male demon. Sxcryx held up a single talon to her minion, and went on swallowing the tender young girl. She was so much smaller than that man...but infinitely tastier! It hardly seemed a minute before her lips were forming a fleshy collar for the girl's neck, sobbed pleas for mercy making the Queen slobber all the more ravenously. Another gulp, and her stretched throat stretched a little further as the girl's head sank from sight. Turning about on the bed, Sxcryx carefully suckled the human's arms down into her belly as she watched her minion finish off the father. Responding to her signal, the demon herded the teenage son and his mother onto the bed, and right down Sxcryx's throat. Belly stuffed faster than its shrinking magic could work, the Queen moaned and enjoyed the wriggling dome of flesh her stomach had become! She could feel the three souls inside her, young and fresh compared to the half-digested ones left from the last feeding season months ago. Sxcryx spread her legs, and growled lustfully at her minion. Fully erect now after rubbing his reluctant cock for several minutes, the male lunged onto the bed and brutally entered his Queen's hot vagina. They rocked together, the Queen moaning, the demon grunting, swollen bellies rubbing sweatily against each other... The Queen knew she had only moments before the gate closed... She reached around and drove a finger deep into the demon's ass, prodding his prostate, and was rewarded with a gush of scalding demonic seed. Her pussy trembled, absorbing it, and fountained her own glowing, golden cream all over her lover. Thus sated, the two messily disengaged, and stumbled back through the gate. They stood in the midst of the horde, dripping sexual liquids, panting for a moment before another gate was spotted. Sxcryx held her belly in place and sprinted for it!

    South America, plague victims, thousands of them. She devoured their fevered bodies, almost two dozen before returning.

    Another gate: A small party of hunters in the jungle somewhere hunting big game. Big game hunted them, and won. Sxcryx accounted for five more...

    Another: An alley in London. The Queen gulped down three drunks, and a rapist, while her minions cleaned up the rest of the human refuse.

    Another: McDonald's in Ohio. Overweight, grease-fed blue collar workers found new careers as permanent residents of demon-bellies.

    Moving more slowly with her weighted belly, Sxcryx led her horde through the woods to a distant portal. The closer they got, the odder this gate seemed however... Once at its foot, Sxcryx studied the thing carefully. Not only was this portal larger, but it was far stronger than the others. Sxcryx beckoned one of the smaller demons over. Curiously, the hellspawn made his way to his queen's side, only to be seized and crushed to her breasts! Sxcryx drew on the smaller demon's power, using the strength to launch a spell. She held the struggling male easily as she studied the results...then cast him from her with a roar of delight!

    "This is a PERMANENT GATE! Some mage in the human's world constructed it for his purposes, but it will serve us now! Through, everyone! We will eat like never before!" A roar of assent and hunger rose from the horde, cut off suddenly as Sxcryx threw herself through the portal. On the other side was a dim work room, filled with objects of the human occult and magic. Standing, (barely,) before the demon Queen was a gray-bearded mage dressed in exquisitely tailored clothes. He smiled smugly, with some effort, at Sxcryx and pointed to her feet. A pentagram was etched into the floor, sprinkled with blood and silver at every point. Sxcryx giggled, and driving two fingers into her hot cunt, pleasured herself until with a roar, she fountained her gold liquids onto one of the pentagram's lines. The stuff ate away at the stone, corroding it, until the line was broken. Sxcryx stepped across, and seized the screaming mage.

    "Eat him. I want flesh less wrinkled and..." She sniffed. "Soiled." A demon eagerly relieved his Queen of the human, and was stretching his jaws around the mage's head as Sxcryx left the work room. She stomped down stone corridors until a window came into view. Gazing through it, the Queen saw beautiful gardens, sculptures, and a great stone wall in the distance studded with towers.

    "This is a castle..." She mumbled to herself, her smile broadening with a sudden thought. "Every castle has a ruler... And once I've taken that ruler into my body, I will hold sway over this land." She roared impatiently at the horde stumbling along the corridor behind her, and raced down the stone hall. Saving her appetite for the royalty, she merely tossed those she encountered to the males behind her. At last, Sxcryx found a larger, more elaborately-decorated hall, and followed it to the throne room. Guards screamed in terror as the huge, red demoness leapt into the room, dropping their weapons and fleeing out several exits. Sxcryx's eyes saw only the queen however, standing in alarm before her throne and dressed in her flowing robes of state. Sxcryx advanced like a stalking cat, holding the human ruler's eyes with her own burning ones...

    "Mmmmmm, yessssss.... You will make a fine addition to my meal today. Prepare to become one with your new master, human!" Hypnotized by the Queen's gaze, the lesser queen sank back into her throne, whimpering weakly...

    Queen Sxcryx tensed her magnificent leg muscles, and bounded towards the throne, streamers of thick orange drool flying from her wide-open jaws... Her claws viciously tore off every scrap of finery the queen wore, yet not inflicting so much as a weal on her delicate alabaster skin. Naked and shivering in the embrace of the demoness, the young human woman pleaded for her life.

    "Please! No, don't eat me...please!! I have a people to rule, a husband, children, no..." Her words died in a whimper of fright as Sxcryx licked her lips slowly and deliberately.

    "I will make certain your family joins you in my gut, lovey." She chuckled harshly, then licked the tears from the queen with her slimy forked tongue. The queen went quietly, limp in Sxcryx's arms as she fit the woman's head into her mouth, shoving the rest of her body up to force the queen into her throat. A rippling gulp squeezed her inside, as Sxcryx turned and fell into the throne. One clawed hand fell to her puffy drooling sex, teasing the hot inflamed lips as she gulped down the smooth body of the *former* queen. Her breasts were delicious, and Sxcryx lingered over them. Deep in her throat, the demoness felt the queen sobbing with shame and terror, and smiled. Working voraciously to feed the furnace in her belly, Sxcryx roughly squeezed the human's ass and shoved her deeper into the slick heat of her body. Chest vanished, then belly, until the woman's waist was snugly collared by the Queen's lips. Delving into the golden-furred cleft of her meal's sex, Sxcryx tasted her thoroughly there as well before swallowing her past her hips. Only then did the queen decide to struggle, kicking her legs and howling inside Sxcryx's tight, fleshy confines. The Queen mmmmmed, surprised and pleased by the struggling. She quickly stuffed in the rest of the queen, relishing the wrigglings of the desperate monarch as she slid the last few feet into her hot, slimy belly. She watched with ecstatic fascination as the red skin of her abdomen bulged and twitched with her latest conquest's last struggles...

    Sxcryx belched magnificently, relaxing back into *Her* throne. Some of Her demons lay in various states of gorge around the court, smiling like the drugged and chatting quietly. Calling one to her side, she warned him to make certain the rest of the royal family was reserved for her consumption. She had a promise to keep after all...



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