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Welcome to the Anima wiki!


     This wiki is intended to provide a more comfortable reading experience for those interested in seeing my work.  It may be awhile before every story is online, but for now, enjoy what's been posted.  (WARNING)  The stories in this wiki are adult-oriented.  By navigating deeper into this page, you certify you are of legal age to view such material.


     For a more up-to-date archive of my work (and tasty commissioned art) be sure to visit my Weasyl account.


     Here are a few jump-in points:


  • Start reading the Vixen series (Herm sex, vore, unbirth, plushophilia) Vixen 1, The Perfect Gift
  • Start reading the Cattaur series (Xenomorphic sex, vore, weight-gain) Lost & Found
  • Start reading the Balloon Vixen stories (Inflation, latex, m/f sex, unbirth, vore) Burgeoning Desires 1
  • Ignore the vore-stuff and enjoy some hermy hyper sex with gallons of spooge, Renovations


      If it's knowledge you're hungry for, take a look at the informational section of the wiki.

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