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Old Brown Mare

Page history last edited by Anima 16 years, 1 month ago

Old Brown Mare Ain't What She Used to Be

A new story from Anima. M/M, F/F, M/F, cock/breast/anal vore and assorted naughtiness with equines and company.




     Gerald flexed smoothly in a languid stretch as sleep drained from his mind... In a slow inventory of growing awareness, Gerald discovered the firm rubber of an oxygen mask in place over his face, and the thick swirling caress of suspension fluid over his massive frame.

     'So, another successful session, let's hope.' He thought, even as he blindly executed the hand signal his personal team of doctors had been waiting for. Immediately the tank began to drain, Gerald's hooves touching down on the roughly textured floor. As the fluid level dropped, so did the plastic cylinder's walls, and by the time the last of the goop glugged down the drain he was able to step down into the midst of his servants. Eight feet of powerful Apaloosa stallion stood impatiently while lesser furs toweled slime from his perfect body. Gerald's thoughts turned to a review of the details of this most recent session, and an experimental flex of his loins gave the stallion a rush of pleasure! His joy was cut short however, as the head geneticist stepped forward.

     "Let's head back to the lab, my lord, and check you out... All indications point to success, but let's be sure of that before you experiment and manage to turn something inside-out, hmm?" The severe expression lost its power on the face of the shaggy sheepdog scientist, the only reason Gerald didn't thrash the upstart for his tone.

     "Very well, but be quick about it!" Gerald grumbled, following the sheepdog, the rest of his highly trained entourage scurrying in his wake like so many labcoated puppies.

Gerald emerged from the examination rather sore, (the doctors had taken his admonition to be quick to heart) but triumphant. The latest changes had proved successful, and could be exercised whenever he wished...

     'And I wish to, immediately...' He smiled to himself, heart racing and heavy sheath bobbing beneath his robe as he strode from the medical wing toward his recreation apartments. The huge stallion clapped a meaty hand on his staff supervisor's shoulder, bending to peer at the monitors arrayed before him.

     "Who's in today, Blackberry?" Gerald murmured, barely able to suppress the boyish excitement bubbling through him.

     "Well sir, there's a nice pair of lovers in A...dalmatian males. In B, we have a raccoon female and a lynx male who made a very cute bonding during capture and processing," the black bear winked up at Gerald, sharing some of the horse's crueler tendancies. He was full aware that the master would love to deprive the lovers of each other somehow, but wouldn't leave the remaining fur to suffer for long...

     "Is that all, BB?" Gerald muttered, eyes flicking across the rest of the monitors, which seemed to look on empty apartments. The stallion almost pranced in place, so eager to feel out his new abilities...

     "The Lady took a pair of skunkettes and a pudgy fox male back to her chambers two days ago... We haven't finished the processing of the next batch yet to fill up the vacated rooms."

Gerald nodded absently at Blackberry's explanation, ruffled the bear's headfur, and headed for the dalmatian's room with purposeful steps. A guard in the hall sketched a salute, heels together and tail down, very proper. The stallion wrote a mental post-it note to himself to give the guard a wolf bitch for the night...


     Swinging wide the doors to the suite, Gerald clopped in to find the Dalmatians making hot and heavy love on the rug. With such opulent accomodations, Gerald wondered briefly why they'd chosen the floor...before realizing they'd probably yiffed everywhere else *but* the floor. Before he'd said a word, they had disengaged and stood before him, panting and saluting in their own way. Gerald shut the doors behind him with a broad grin, shedding his robe as he strode forward. Both dogs' eyes fell from his face to the stallion's member...so threateningly huge, yet such an object of lust at the same time... Conscious of his equipment's effect, Gerald posed thoughtfully, raising one leg to place a hoof on an ottoman. A two-foot long log of dark cock, his member trembled and jerked like a restrained pet eager to greet new people. A blob of pre quivered on the pursed tip, before falling to the rug with an audible thump. Swaying seductively beneath that staff, a lovely pair of orbs nestled richly in their fuzzy home...swollen with a month of celibacy. Gerald could see their necks trying to crane to get a glimpse of his rump, and indulged them by swinging cockily about and flagging his soft tail... Both dogs literally drooled at the sight of the mottled pink and black pucker, Gerald's puffy backdoor looking much too good to be true. Muscles kept in shape by electrical impulses during his suspension, Gerald's physique left nothing to be desired. If he'd been pure white, he could've been mistaken for an erotic marble sculpture.

     "Now...Jake, and Marshall..." He chuckled at the two, who could barely restrain themselves from putting their hands (and other appendages) all over him. "Who wants to ride the pony?" Each dog carefully restrained the wild yip of anticipation that would have lost them the honor, and Gerald silently congratulated his staff. "Such good puppies...we'll be fair," he grinned. "and go alphabetically. Jake, you will ride first, while Marshall sucks my cock."

     "Yes Master!" Each gushed, eyes bright and tails wagging furiously! Their interrupted play earlier had made them even hornier than Gerald could have hoped for, and each one sprang forward to run their daintily manicured paws over his rock-solid muscle... Marshall bent to nuzzle at Gerald's groin, blowing hot breath over the leathery sheath, and slobbering heavily to coat the monstrous member... Gerald just grinned, and took the two steps necessary to reach the bed, kneeling on the cushions beside it and resting his chest on the bed. Marshall actually scooted beneath the bed to remain fully in front of the huge stallion, while Jake almost pulled his fur out in consternation as he realized he didn't have the height to yiff the Master, even with him kneeling. Gerald coyly watched the dog over his shoulder until that magenta dog-cock looked ready to explode, before nodding at the plush ottoman. Jake konked himself upside the head, and rushed to position it. Meanwhile, Marshall was enjoying a steady meal of stallion precum as he washed and tongued the meaty tip of Gerald's shaft...paws wrapped around the thick, throbbing length, trying to keep it steady. Gerald shut his eyes and breathed deeply...controlling the growing urge in his depths, and enjoying this foreplay. He felt the warm smear of lubricant over his delicious-looking backdoor, flagging his tail again to make Jake's preperation easier. There were plenty of toys available to tease the stallion with, but Gerald didn't expect that kind of self-control from the nearly-frantic Jake.. He felt the expected nudge of the dog's cock, and relaxed his muscles...allowing Jake's firm thrust to carry him in to the hilt. His howl of pleasure and triumph came out as a joyous "Mrrph!" and Gerald again privately praised his staff. Jake soon built up a pleasant friction in Gerald's ass, plunging through that firm, soft ring of flesh and into the clean satiny richness beyond... Marshall had managed to get his mouth around nearly the entire head of Gerald's cock, and the stallion knew the poor dog's frustration at not being able to get the whole thing down his throat. He whispered to Marshall softly, though there was probably no need; Jake was quite involved enough to ignore anything from gunfire to a chorus line.

     "Bathe yourself in my pre, Marshall dear... I love to see my sweets all slick and shiny," he murmured. Marshall released the hot cockhead, and began nuzzling the leaking tip with great enthusiasm...groaning at the feel of that slimy precum matting his fur. Gerald enjoyed the dog's eager acrobatics as he strove to get every inch of his fur covered in his Master's lust... Gerald's 'lust' was up to the challenge of course, producing a full cup of precum per minute when he felt like it. Soon the puppy was indeed wonderfully slimy, and ready to indulge the first of Gerald's now-raging appetites. "Kiss my cock, dear...french my tip." He commanded, a thick hand creeping down the bed, and up behind Marshall's wet head. Jake just kept plowing away, all but foaming as he sheathed himself in pure heaven with each stroke...Gerald squeezing him artfully when he could spare the moment's thought. Each thrust into the stallion's rump sent tiny ripples through the firm muscle, and an occasional flick of Gerald's tail tickled Jake's pinkened belly...


     Just as Marshall snuggled his muzzletip in close against Gerald's cock-slit, the horse closed his hand on his head, and flared his shaft. But he didn't relax, after flaring...he continued the muscular effort, and the flare grew... Gerald's five-inch thick shaft expanded to six inches, eight, twelve! The rush of blood into his cock was clearly audible to Marshall, who could only gaze with awe...hardly noticing at first when Gerald pushed his muzzle into the now-yawning slit at the tip of his cock. With a great slimy squelch, the dog's muzzle sank in, Marshall up to his eyes in horse-dick. Gerald gave him another, firmer shove, and the squirming dog's entire head vanished into the meaty python-shaft! His muffled cries didn't reach Jake, and of course, the big horse's body being between the two canines, he could never guess what was going on. Gerald gave Jake another clamping squeeze with his rear to be sure, then braced Marshall's flailing arms against his torso with both hands, and *shoved* his cock down around shoulders, pecs and belly. The feeling was indescribable...a *burning* feeling of 'need-to-release-somehow' that made Gerald tingle from toes to balls. His rear began to clench reflexively around Jake's swollen cock, wearing away rapidly at the dog's stamina! Marshall, arms pinned to his sides, choking on the inadequete pockets of musky air trapped in Gerald's shaft, tried to howl...but got a mouthful of gooey precum for his trouble. Gerald grabbed the dalmatian roughly by his spotted ass, and shoved that too up the meaty trunk of his cock... By now, the dog had begun to fill the horse's body-proper, sliding through his shaft and into...something...an organ no natural horse had ever possessed. Gerald fed Marshall's thighs to his drooling cock, then slid his hands back into sight...using his muscles alone to 'gulp' Marshall in an inch at a time. Jake finally let loose with a firm fountaining of seed, muffling his howl by stuffing a furry wrist into his maw! Gerald groaned loudly, feeling Marshall's toes slide past the wet 'lips' of his cock, and slither fully into the organ somewhere behind his dick... The squirming was delicious if shortlived...but soon a different pleasurable sensation spread through the stallion...a warmth, and a feeling of backwards-spooging, like cum was flowing backwards through his ducts...as it was in a way. Between Gerald's sweat-flecked thighs, his balls were silently ballooning with new seed...even as the bulge below his navel shrank.

     "Good doggy..." He gasped finally to Jake, who was resting atop Gerald's rump...little heart thudding so fast he almost feared for the dalmatian's health. "Now...pull out, and lick me clean," Gerald ordered, flexing his rump meaningfully. Jake attempted to pull his knot from Gerald's luscious depths, and to his surprise succeeded easily. He knelt on the ottoman, pausing just a moment to admire the work of erotic art Gerald's anus was... Softly spread and quivering slightly, the pink and black orifice delicately drooled a single strand of dog-cum...a scintillating strand that swayed for a moment before falling to stick on the horse's calf. Jake moaned deep in his throat, leaning in close and worshipping his Master's rear with his mouth and tongue...tasting nothing but sweat and his own flavor. The pleasure-fogged canine grinned as his Master played games with him, clenching his hole snugly tight when he was about to slip his tongue in...then loosening up again, as if to bait the dalmatian. Gerald managed to keep the dog's tongue out for a good minute or so, before presenting an opening Jake couldn't resist! The dog pushed in quickly, but at the same time, Gerald shoved *back* with his huge rear! Jake found his muzzle stuck up Gerald's rump, and began to giggle at the whole silly situation. His giggling was cut short as Gerald took a deep breath, and *clenched* with his ass...clenching *backwards,* and dragging more of Jake's muzzle between his asscheeks. Gerald wore a mask of straining effort and concentration, manipulating the new series of muscles he possessed, waiting for his new hunger reflexes to kick in... Just like his mouth salivated at the appearance or even suggestion of a rich treat, his ass now desired to consume, to envelop...to devour.

     Jake trembled, unsure of what was happening now, and wondering if his Master did this often... 'He probably *is* big enough to take my head,' he thought, and surrendered to the pull of the horse's rectum. Gerald paused when he felt Jake relax some, but quickly took advantage of the moment to suckle the dog's head entirely into the soft, squishing anteroom of his rectum. He moaned softly to feel the little dog licking about within him, surprised the dog was playing along.

     'Well, we'll see how long he can convince himself,' Gerald smiled to himself as he resumed clenching at the dog. He leaned back again, and Jake bowed as best he could, letting his rump-cleft settle on either side of his shoulders. That soft cushy anus spread wide around Jake's shoulders, accepting them with a soft slurp, and shoving Jake's head from the relative looseness of his rectum into the snugger confines of the horse's colon... Gerald stiffened, and groaned with incredulous pleasure! GOD this was good...even *better* than swallowing them down his modified gullet... He could feel his ass spread wide around the warm quivering body of the dog, could almost feel his slave's supressed panic at being inserted anally like this. Ohh, he needed more...

"Deeper..." He moaned to no one in particular, flexing the slippery flesh of his insides around his prize! Jake began to struggle now, or so Gerald thought until he felt Jake's fingers slide under the rim of his anus and up inside... Jake's arms stretching up to fill his hot rear! It felt so glorious, fingers and palms sliding against his prostate... Gerald slid a hand beneath his belly and began to jerk his huge shaft off... It had shrunk back to his normal prodigious size, and his meaty fist slid along the wet length rapidly...curled thumb bumping his grossly-swollen balls with each stroke. He smiled to himself as he let sink home the concept of Marshall being the thick goop that bloated his sac... He squeeeezed Jake tight with his ass, the supple ring gobbling up the dalmatian's chest, settling around his belly like a kneading innertube of flesh.

     Jake trembled as more of his body was welcomed within the stallion's rear... He *really* loved his Master's ass, but wasn't this a bit much? Then he felt the firm-sponginess of Gerald's prostate pulsing against him, and realized what Gerald's purpose was... He tugged his arms up and in, and adored that special spot with eager tongue, muzzle and paws...wanting to feel and hear his Master's pleasure, to be hugged tight by his ass as he came! Besides, it would be impossible physically, not to mention comfort-wise, for the Master to force him much deeper into his bowels...right?

     Gerald grunted, nostrils flaring, tossing his mane as he sat further down upon his favorite puppy of the moment...hole swallowing Jake's hips and raging erection. He grinned briefly at the rude noise that resulted as air was displaced, and shuddered to feel Jake's hips swallowed into his rear. The Dalmatian came a second time, a juicy series of spurts further lubircating the now-slimy puppy. Apparently the new ass-salivation system was also working well...keeping everything slick and easy to squeeze deeper! Now he stood, Jake's startled legs kicking a bit as they stuck bizarrely from beneath his twitching, excited tail. The huge horse lay down on the bed on his side, and felt behind him for Jake's legs while still masturbating furiously. Finding the limbs, the horse inserted the rest of the dalmatian like a dildo, taking deliberate pleasure in slowly pushing the dog's feet irrietrievably past his muscular anus! Jake would never see the light of day again...only the wet, hot darkness of his soft bowels and belly...  Riding on that thought, Gerald arched his back, rolling to face the ceiling as his orgasm flared! Swollen balls convulsed, his shaft flared tight, and ropes of slimy white exploded from his dick with enough force to splatter a five-foot patch of ceiling! The next did likewise, as did the next thirty pulses of joy, before the arc started falling short of the ceiling... Horse-seed dripped and oozed back down atop Gerald, the stallion squirming in the double pleasure of his climax, and the squirming presence of Jake...who was being slickly propelled up through every inch of his guts... Gerald's thick fingers wandered curiously over his abdomen, feeling the burrowing advance of the dalmatian as he was squeezed through the soft winding chute...

     Jake yelped to feel his Master shoving his legs in as well, and whimpered to feel that anal ring firming closed behind him... It didn't stop his climax from spurting all over Gerald's insides, but as the dog was squeezed into a snug cylinder by the soft intestines inexorably devouring him, Jake had lost much of his excitement. Arms and legs were firmly bound by the snug, organic corridor piping him along, various bodily noises and a constant liquid gushing sound reinforcing second by second that he was buried deep in the huge stallion's perverted body...

     At last the dog slipped through into Gerald's stomach, devoured backwards... His panicked squirming prolonged the stallion's orgasm, the last two-dozen spurts making a slimy mire of the bed he lay in... At last though, Jake's air ran out, and the dog submitted to his Master's appetite.

     Stomach churning gently, Gerald heaved himself to his hooves, and licked his palm free of seed. "Delicious, dalmatians..." He murmured, as he pushed out of the apartment and headed for that raccoon and lynx...




     Maria's ears flattened ever so slightly as her husband came barging into her rooms... The beautiful chestnut mare, a match for her mate in size, lay spread languidly on her bed with an eager skunkette between her thighs...loving her Mistress with her mouth. Maria's silky mane lay spread out on the pristine pillows, her tail similarly arrayed beside her...a true goddess of the meadows. Her liquid brown eyes slid up along her husband's frame, appraising him critically. Gerald, she could see, looked heavy in the gut and the sac... And...why did he have two tails? As she watched the stripy raccoon tail twitch frantically, and slowly ooze up into her husband's ass, she realized what one of his last modifications had been. She couldn't decide if she'd implement that one as well, later...

     "Finally found someone willing to be that serious about kissing your ass, hmm, love?" She whickered to him carelessly, snuggling a second sleeping skunkette to her somewhat-pudgy stomach.

     "Still coddling the help I see," Gerald rumbled back, ignoring her barb and eyeing the skunks with the greed she used to admire in him.

     "I see no need to waste precious things." Maria stroked her sleeping skunky awake, and gently shooed the two off to her bathroom. "Go wash up darlings, Mommy and Daddy have to talk." The two slipped off after kissing her cheeks, and Maria propped herself up on her elbows. "So Gerald...needed a sleeve for that," she nodded at his swollen erection, "That wouldn't lose half their organs on the first back-stroke?"

     The huge horse clopped forward, dropped his robe, and spurted his wife almost contemptuously with preseed. She licked a trace of it off her chin with the long thick tongue she'd been gifted with, smiling lazily. He shook his head, and dipped a thick finger into her cunt...smoothly exploring the hot passage. Pliant labia flexed as she 'winked', a lewd squish earning Maria another excited gout of precum from her stallion. "Well...no one in here recently," He murmured, withdrawing his digit before sliding his hand up to palm her softened belly. "Deep throated a fox again, eh dearest? They just never learn to turn that down... Now, over, I want to ride."

     Maria's ears twitched, the only sign of her displeasure, but she obediently rolled onto hands and knees...dark chocolate tail flipping up over her back to reveal the gentle puffy anus that was if anything, even more luxurious (if not as spacious) than her husband's. Gerald slid up onto the bed, kneeling behind his gorgeous mate, and rammed his shaft in with no more lubrication than the pre that coated the cock-log. Maria made not a sound, her ass swallowing the cock and kneading it with firm muscular ripples that always brought the stallion to climax within moments... Gerald's hips pistoned in and out, slamming the vein-entwined rod of his lust into the passive, enduring bulk of his wife. Her slippery insides caressed him with a touch that not one of his many lovers had ever possessed, at many moments making him unsure just who was mating who... Warm honey drooled from her unattended cleft, dark lips flexing again and again to offer glimpses of her luscious pink insides. A large stain grew beneath her on the bed; the mare's fluid production no less than her mate's. Their quiet mating stretched over a half hour, increasingly lewd sounds accompanying Gerald's meaty strokes, before his rhythm changed. Maria smiled as she felt the usual flare of her mate's cock, and the hefty gush of his seed. She frowned just a little though, when that gushing didn't ebb after a long moment...then remembered how swollen Gerald's balls had been. She winced just a touch, and steadied herself as Gerald's spooge flooded her bowels...gurgled into her stomach...then began to rise up her throat. She swallowed repeatedly, but still drooled several cups of cum onto her pillow before Gerald's reservoir emptied. With a satisfied grunt, he tugged free, a gallon of thick warmth oozing down Maria's ass and thighs...

     She rolled onto her back and sat up, scooting to place her back against the headboard. "Wouldn't you like a drink, dear?" She murmured, cupping the underside of a glossy breast and tweaking the fat nipple capping it... Gerald hesistated a moment, goo dripping from his shaft...then held up a cum-flecked hand.

     "Let me make a rest stop first..." He grinned, and clopped around to the bathroom.


     Cindy and Caprice were combing each other's tails when Gerald slipped in, a troubling grin on his long face... The stallion scooped them both up and stood them in the tub, chuckling as he aimed his cock their way. Neither skunk moved or made a sound, though they held hands and twined fingers in quiet dread. The Master had a far crueler reputation than their beautiful Mistress... Gerald kicked his precum production into overdrive, and hosed the two skunks down with the transparent slime...fondling his own balls contently as he reduced them to sopping-wet, bedraggled figures of white and ebony. He crowded into the tub beside them, and squatted, tail flagging high! Cindy was speechless at the sight of the descending, air-mouthing pucker, but Caprice got out an indignant squeak before being engulfed...

     Maria thought nothing of Gerald's stopover, until she remembered where the skunks had gone... By then it was too late of course. She heard muffled cries, a wicker of pleasure...and out came Gerald with three tails, clutching his shifting stomach. Slowly those gorgeous fluffy tails also vanished beneath his own as the stallion clopped back over, stomach jiggling, writhing...then settling with a warm bulge. "Much better..." He sighed, curling up on the bed and leaning down to wrap his soft lips around Maria's right nipple...settling in to drink her dry... Maria hid her annoyance and shut her eyes, soothingly caressing Gerald's head...letting him settle into that warm trusting state of a nursing colt... It came on even sooner than she'd expected, and with a slow smile, Maria gently tugged Gerald's head in closer to her breast.

The stallion didn't notice the warmth creeping up his muzzle, as Maria's fat nipple expanded over his nose... The milk kept flowing, the spell was unbroken... Half of his head slid in, and she stroked over his closed eyes to try and fool him into believing the swallowing rim of the nipple was just her gentle palm. It worked, and suddenly, the stallion's whole head plopped into her swelling breast. Maria moaned softly, and leaned forward, her breast squashing wide around Gerald's shoulders! He stiffened and whinnied his panic, but he'd given Maria all the time she needed. His chest and biceps sank through the pulsing gate of her nipple, the outline of his head showing muffledly beneath her soft breast-flesh! Arms virtually trapped, he flailed his forearms before they too were caught and enveloped...stretching Maria's breast to ridiculous proportions! But she had been re-made to do this, and hurried on to stuff her bosom full of her husband... That pot-belly, full of her servants and friends, was tough to choke through...but she managed it with a whicker of triumph! Sweating heavily, she locked her hands over his massive rump and heaved it into her...the slippery insides of Gerald's new home forcing him to curl his body into the treacherous boob. His kicking legs slowly slurped through as well, the gigantic breast pinning Maria to the bed. She hugged her swollen tit, panting softly...patting the engorged nipple as its gaping aperture squeezed shut once more. A terribly loud gurgle vibrated Gerald inside his wife, and he realized this wasn't so innocent... As Maria snuggled against her bloated breast, the gurgling intensified...then became a liquid slosh. Her left breast began to swell as the right one shrank, the mass distributing itself evenly and balancing the mare back out... Still immobile, but far more symmetrical now, Maria kissed each of her billowing jugs.

     "Mmmmm, such a lot of stallion," She sighed...fondling her bosom. Lazily, her fingers drifted over to touch the intercom on her nightstand.

     "Jane? Please notify the staff that anyone who's ever wanted a taste of Gerald should come to my chambers and form an orderly line... Also, please notify the clonebanks to replace the Dalmatian boys, the lynx and 'coon, Cindy and Caprice, and anyone else missing. Bring Jake's memory back up to speed, but leave Marshall's at post-processing. Usual instructions for my skunkies, Okie love?" Maria grinned as she cuddled back down into bed, and waited for the gang to arrive. She wouldn't be so burdened for long...

The sheepdog rolled his eyes, and clicked over to a large blackboard set up in the lab. One column headed with 'Maria', and one for 'Gerald.' He added a line to Maria's side, and shook his head at Gerald's nearly-empty column...

     "Okay boys, feed the column again. The Lady's won another round..."



The End


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