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A hyper-fur story by Anima. (Herm/m Sex)

     You probably know the feeling: that buoyant itch. I was feeling it that night as I swayed into the 'haven... That insidious, delicious buildup of pneumatic pressure down in the plumbing. I really can't claim it's worse for me than anyone else, but with the warm furred basketballs snuggled up to my thighs it's hard to think otherwise. My gait alone as I strolled in telegraphed my caliber, if the shifting shadows dipping beneath my hem didn't do it.

     I got smiles from the usuals, and a few glassy-eyed drooling stares from the desperate. Had barely settled back in an armchair, using a deft paw to guide my goods, before I felt a hand settle on my shoulder.

     "Sorry miss, but I missed you last time, couldn't take the chance again."

     I craned my head back, but the hand's owner had already circled around to crouch beside the Lazyboy. A German shepherd, with a stiff elegant scruff and that friendly earnest look they all seem to have. Not desperate, not a regular, just what I needed.

     "Well, I'm sorry you missed me last time. I'm Jo," I offered him a tawny paw, which he cupped in his own and blessed with a lip-and-nose kiss...cold and warm at once.

     "Jo, I'm at your service tonight. I'm Newt." Deadpan, through all this. I hoisted a brow, my tail curling about through the hole in the chair's rear.

     "Newt? Well, glad to meet you. At my service though? Why? Did a friend buy your services for me?" I had to grin at that, knowing a half-dozen cheeky enough to try it. Newt looked puzzled, cocking his head to one side.

     "Oh no, nothing like that! It's more of a thank-you than anything else." His tail began to wag slowly, picking up speed as a train of thought took him elsewhere for a moment. "Just something inspiring you left laying around on the 'net."

     Ahhh, okay. He must've found that log...or maybe that picture. Posing for a portrait when you want the man drawing it is really hard to do! Well, hard to do and keep it from edging into obscenity...

     "Inspiring you to do wonderful things, I hope?" I half-teased him, leaning forward in the chair and casting a curvy shadow over Newt. My bust lapped over his paw where it rested on the chair's arm. He grinned up at me, tail going faster than ever.

     "Ohhhhhhhhh yes." His confirmation was half-groan. The scents wrapped around him began to flare, working outwards and teasingly curling into my nose. The rush of blood to my groin was heady; the thickening blush of arousal spreading my thighs apart to make room.

     "If you're serious Newt, I could use some help tonight. It's pretty dull stuff though." Blunt. "Heaving some serious weight around," Mine, "re-insulating some holes," Hee, "and I think I might need some help bracing a load-bearing member." Ouch, wince-worthy. Newt listened politely, nodding.

     "I think you'll find me handy. Plugging gaps and positioning pillars is good, simple, honest work. Flood control is something I should look into as well...the wet spring months are upon us." Newt stood and adjusted an imaginary tool belt, revealing in the process how extraordinarily roomy his pants--usually--were.

     My mind made up, I shoved my dick down to keep my skirt from pulling a garage-door on me, and stood with him. "Then I'll take you home and put you to work!" I tried not to take the disappointed mrphs and awws to heart as we left arm in arm, knowing I'd be back another night to put on a proper floor show for the crowds. First times are best without distractions, though.


     Newt walked a bit stiffly, almost goose-stepping half the time, but I kept the obvious jokes to myself. A mercifully short trip later, we stood in the ankle-deep carpet of my living room. Just as I was about to stretch out on the couch and let my clothes self-destruct, Newt stepped into me, and ground his cloth-wrapped behemoth against my own.

     There's something special about that, isn't there? The restraint of the cloth, the heat that seeps
through it, and the glide that's possible. Naked flesh wouldn't grind like that...not until there'd been some leaking.

     "Jo, I've never been with a cougar before... Do you have, how do you say...spines?" he whispered, tone neutral, but his tail had frozen for the moment. I grinned, sliding my cheek down along his own, then closing my jaws around his throat for a playful nip.

     "Feel for yourself," I purrrred, widening my stance a bit and letting my shaft jut out to ride up on his right
hip. Like a paw sliding the skirt up a leg, Newt slid the sheer material up off my throbber, whining in the back of his throat. I had to suppress a shudder at the feel of my clothing skimming over my taut, pulsing length.

     "Beautiful," he panted before I could get worried, sweating pawpads sliding along the rigid trunk of barbless, smooth cockflesh. I knew I was big, but not everyone's happy with 'merely' big. Cocks the girth of punching bags were common enough now, but god it still feels great to hear lovers croon in delight while feeling me up.

     I freed his own beast with a casual slice of a claw, sending his slit pants down around his ankles. His was more conventionally canine in that he sported a knot, something I like to play with on occasion. The crimson of his hefty penis looked nice against the jet-black of my own, I decided, angling my hips to rub meat to meat like we were
dog-walkers letting our charges sniff noses.

     He squirted a cup of warm pre over mine, and I oozed a good two over his, letting me move my hips in a circle to swirl my rod around his in a slippery orbit. Finger-thick ropes of clear goo drooled from our flesh, while more trickled down the underside of each massive penis to glaze the nuts backing them up.

     Missing an embrace, Newt dipped his shaft and stepped into me again, shivering as my heavy balls straddled his dick. My own shaft dragged along the carpet as it was angled, stiffening my spine with a shiver. Canine arms slid around me, cougar breasts squashed against his chest through my button-down shirt. His muzzle sought mine, and I engaged it hungrily, tongue diving into his long muzzle to dance along his rows of teeth. His smooth oral blade felt so good swirling around my
own, a bit of dog slobber oozing off our snuggled chins. I was making his mouth water, and that made every drop of his drool attractive.

     My paws found their way over his rumpcheeks, fondling the firm muscle beneath his coat. Newt flexed his ass in my grip in a way that promised a more thorough introduction later. Using my handholds, I squeezed and hauled him in, pressing Newt closer still to me! My cock took his weight, his thighs straddling my girth, foot paws off the floor as we twined. Like sluggish pumps we both drooled syrupy lust, his coating my sac's underside and thighs while mine made a swamp out of a three-foot-square piece of carpet.

     When we broke the kiss for breath, Newt pulled back from me far enough to get his feet on the floor again...then gently urged me backwards toward my big high-backed armchair.

"Not ready to get on your back and get your hands dirty yet?" I grinned at him, roughening my voice to faux-foreman level. Newt chuckled, guiding me down onto the chair, a paw tucking my skirt up around my waist before I sat.

     "First I need to get a taste of the job ahead. Give you an estimate of how long it will take," Newt murmured, sinking down to his knees. It was his turn to shiver as his cock plowed along the luxurious carpet, leaving a slimy trail. Seeing him take the head of my cock in both paws and pause over it like a giant sub-sandwich...Ohhhhhh yeah, that's a memory to keep you warm at night.

     That soft tongue puddled against my flesh as Newt dragged it along my glans, right over the pursed slit in my head, and out across the top. My paws squeezed the arms of my chair, hips jutting towards him, a thick bloom of pre blorping forth to splatter his chest. He dragged a paw upward along his chest to scoop up some of the viscous warmth, the cup of his paw soon brimming with the warm lubricant. He slowly and deliberately smeared the warm mess over his face, marking himself with my scent, my lust. I applauded the sight in a fluid fashion, cock bucking as another couple globs of precum made the long journey up the trunk of my shaft to explode from the tip.

     A look of determination settled on Newt's face, before he opened up and spread his mouth wide over my fleshy tip. He managed enough to let the next shot of pre surge right into his maw, swallowed in three gulps rolling beneath his thick fur. I massaged my breasts, watching him guzzle my precum for a good five minutes, the sight just arousing me all the more and provoking more gooey gifts from my trembling column of cock. Smacking his slick lips, Newt freed his muzzle from
its feeding tube and began the assault.

     Let me tell you...dogs lick well. It's not as practical a licking as felines can give you, but I wouldn't want a rough tongue attacking me like Newt's did. Fast, broad, sloppy slurps covered enough area on my log fast enough to have me moaning like bagpipes spinning in a drier! My heart raced, and the room felt far too warm... Unbuttoning my shirt was hard, but I managed to the last two buttons before giving up, letting my breasts heave unrestrained. He reached for them, and perhaps intentionally, looked comical when his arms proved far too short to let him touch my bust and remain at the point of my lance. I couldn't help but tease him a little, cupping each golden-furred tit from beneath, jostling them and squishing the girls together while he stared.

     When I felt sure I'd gone too far and was going to lose it, my mouth already open to warn him, he eased off! "My estimate is...we'll be done in ten minutes." He swallowed and caught his breath, eyes narrowing and a grin curling his black lips. "Here's where flood control comes in," he growled, pulling his shaft out from under the armchair where it'd been resting, and turning around, falling onto all fours. His yummy rump perked towards me, and with a sensual sway to and fro, Newt coaxed a heavy shot of my pre right across the ass. The audible wet slap of it earned me a whine from the canine. He backed up *into* me, saving me even the effort of standing, his slimed fur gliding against my blunt need. Pressing back
with a moan that was both 'Don't gut me!' and 'Make it knock on my teeth from inside!' Newt shoved his butt against me...the snug pink tailstar actually sagging open to mouth at my tip. Though I wanted to rise and help, I let Newt pick the pace like this, inching himself backwards to toothlessly swallow my mammoth erection.

     I got to watch each inch as it vanished, stretching that dog wide...wider, until I felt him take the entire head. Weak, awkward clenches pinched pleasurably at me, forcing more slippery lust from me into him...coating the way.

     "N, now, take over Jo," he whispered harshly...tail flagged, his insides waiting for me to straighten them. I levered myself gingerly off the chair and knelt, leaning against my aching bloated balls for support. Wrapping my paws around Newt's hips, I pulled him towards me as I pushed forward, and we shared an exquisite moan as I squashed a half-foot further inside. The strain of the reach to his rump eased, and the next push-pull was slower, more engorged penis sinking through Newt's trembling ring. His belly was showing my shape well, and though he was breathing shallowly, there wasn't a single pain-sign from the sweet 'shepherd. While I stroked his back for being such a good boy, I let my hips carry forward, sinking further and further into slick, clinging softness.

     Newt's chest bulged with the head of my burrowed shaft, routed away from his heart and lungs by the delightfully convenient anatomy so many of us seem to have. As his rump snuggled up to my groin, I felt his knees and palms leave the floor, lifted on the bobbing beam of my shaft. He embraced himself and the flesh-pole buried inside, rubbing and
massaging, while his tender innards undulated timidly along my length. I shut my eyes, luxuriating in the sensation...before
sliding a paw beneath his bulged belly and grasping his own angry-red cock.

     Greased well with his oozed slickness, I jacked the doggy fast and hard, the movement shifting him an inch or two on and off my shaft with each pass. My paw couldn't encompass his girth any better than his maw could manage mine, but broad brisk strokes go a long ways toward making up for that shortcoming.

     I was right at the edge, just brimming over! I ground my own ass back into the expanding bulk of my nuts, loving the delicious excess of its ominous size bulging against my rump...burying my calves and feet under the mass of ballsac. I loved thinking about the obscene schools of sperm swimming in my production vats, trillions-strong, every one of them desperate to end up in my lover. I assured them their moment was intensely nigh! Newt came first though, his shaft flaring wider
beneath my spread-eagled fingers and loosing a rope of seed that *slapped* across the carpet on impact. The second gooey track overlapped the first, and the dozens that followed just deepened the mess. I didn't notice at quite that moment though, owing to the fact that Newt's orgasm clamped his rump down around me like a vice! That snug fit, and his ecstatic wiggling were more than enough to launch me soaring into my own peak!

     The burning joy of orgasm getting rolling blushed through my crotch, but it took nearly ten seconds for my outrageously thick semen to mix and boil upwards from my plumbing. It had to fight the intense pressure of my engorged dick every millimeter of the way, while I could only tremble, sweat, and glory in my climax.

     A thick "gloop!" heralded the first spurt, Newt inflating further as my heavy sperm slime deluged from my overflowing reservoirs and into his guts. His stomach flooded, and seconds later cum gushed through his teeth and ran down his chin and chest! With a magnificent show of will and strength, Newt fought that pressure down and kept the rest...every drop...inside him. Through half-lidded eyes I watched his stomach swell, to the sides and down towards the floor, soon shoving his cock down and back towards me. His last spurts of cum iced my balls and thighs, while his increasing weight brought him back to the carpet. Still his belly grew, and I bit my lip when the furred tank of seed began overlapping and swallowing up his legs and arms. He grew into a canine water bed, the delicious liquid sounds rolling about inside him keeping my hosing going for what seemed like half an hour. When my flare relaxed a bit and the flood died to a trickle, Newt was a sperm bank with ears.     I pulled out slowly as I could, letting my lover's insides readjust, but a few gallons still glugged from his rear when my shaft's slick head slorped free. Thick as pudding, the ivory mess rolled down the rear curve of his belly, over cock and balls, to puddle deeply on the carpet. Its rich scent creamed the air, the humidity of sex.

     "What to do with you now?" I couldn't help giggling, stretching out on my back beside his blimped body, cock doing a flagpole impression. Newt just craned his hidden neck back to wink at me.

     "H, hang on a second, and I'll get to that plugging I promised."

     As I watched, he began to shrink...my seed vanishing or converting. As his belly shrank his limbs reappeared from the billowing bulk, and soon he was sprawled on a slim-again stomach. His own furred balls did swell quite tremendously, but not nearly enough to account for my entire load. "Where...?" I wondered aloud, as I gently poked the 'shepherd's side. He ticklishly curled around the poke, laughing!

     "Little dimensional pocket in the stomach. I'm saving your gift for later," he chuckled, rolling to sprawl atop me, nuzzling my breasts and hugging me tight. I lazily raised my arms a bit, and nudged with my biceps to trap his head in my engulfing cleavage. I felt his paws busy themselves with my shirt's final buttons, and worked with him to shrug off the thing. I stroked his body to confirm that it wasn't just illusion, my vast donation of puma goo was indeed gone.

     "Neat trick, that... So, about this plugging?" I snickered, delivering a teasing swat to his cum-soaked rump. Newt grinned, and tossed his head towards the couch.

     "Follow me onto the couch, and I'll do my utmost." I watched him rise, pad over to the couch, then kneel near one end. As I rose and followed, my sac diminished but still dragging along the carpet like Santa‚Äôs bag, Newt rubbed his shaft idly to full strength again. As I sprawled out on my back along the couch, Newt scooted in, letting my balls overflowingly fill his lap and arms. Grinning, I scooted my rump forward a bit...until I felt the hot leaking tip of Newt's shaft kiss the slick folds of my puss. My intense male climax had set off a smaller one in my feminine regions, so both thighs and cleft were soaked with slippery nectar.

     Struggling with the delicious mass of my sac, Newt squirmed and scooted, then gave one hard driving thrust! A lewd squelch, like a hotdog driven into strawberry jam, teased our ears as four feet of dogcock sank into my gully. My second itch was getting scratched now, and I just relaxed to let Newt churn butter. Feeling him half-smothered by my balls was more than a little fun too, and my cock broadcast its approval with rhythmic eruptions of lubricating goop...raining down on us both. Newt's muzzle and tongue worked at my nuts, the dog merrily losing himself in the bulk of them. He'd half-smother himself before surfacing to pant for air, wagging so hard it was a wonder his tail didn't snap off! Beneath us, his pre mingled with my exquisitely slippery nectar to saturate the couch cushions, and allowed a sex-symphony to squishily score the encounter.

     Heat built in my ravenous passage, delicious stacking pleasure growing from my loins towards my navel. I stroked my shaft with both paws, sliding them along the gently-curved sides, determined to fully empty my balls tonight. Newt was tireless, pounding away at me while happily struggling with my balls for room between my thighs. He tried burying himself under them totally...wearing them on his shoulders...nudging them to the side, but nothing worked for long. It was a war that left him smelling strongly of my male scent, rubbing all over that excessive sac, luxuriating in the fertile mass of my balls.

     When he finally shoved his knot into me, forcing my nether-petals wide to swallow that mass of hot dog-flesh, I thought I would lose it right then...but he took the opportunity to rest and let us cool down for just a moment. I paused my masturbation to keep us all on the same page, breasts bobbing as I sipped air deeply.

     Newt picked back up with a short, hard sequence of grinds and tugging thrusts, inflaming me to maximum in seconds. I sent my tail curling up...and back, then shoved its soft furry length deep into Newt's stretched ass, tickling his prostate relentlessly! Newt let me have it, howling, tears at the corners of his eyes! His shaft seemed to burn like a red-hot poker inside me, a healthy load of canine semen geysering right against the walls of my womb. I clutched my belly as it grew, screaming through a dual climax! Hot girl-cum squirted out around his buried knot, while the ceiling was sloppily spackled...only to let the goop ooze back down all over us in ropes thick as my arm. My belly glorshed, doming out, then sagging around the resistant jut of my cock to cover my thighs as it stretched like a water balloon on a slow faucet. He gave me around a bathtub and a half before collapsing, my sac trapped between his chin and his lap. Slowly I sank down from my own apogee, staring up at the ceiling through half-lidded eyes, fingers scraping lazy trails through the inch-thick layer of cum on my breasts.

     "Gooooood boy," I purrr-sighed at last, squeezing his shape gently with both thighs. "We can take turns burying bones anytime you'd like."

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