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Well, Look What the Cat Dragged In!

(Another cattaur tale by Anima. Vore; F/M furry sex; Intense cuddling)



     "You've got mail!" The synthesized yet cheerful voice sent my hopes rocketing heavenward as my email program unfolded into a number of windows, gayly decorated with advertising banners. My eyes scanned the list for Miller@Bnet.org, but didn't find it. A chain letter featuring Santa Claus was the only item in the inbox. I mashed my finger into the power button and cried in the monitor's dying light. It just wasn't fair! Things had been going so well...then all of a sudden,

     "James, I'm sorry, but I can't see you anymore...I've met someone else--" The tears came again, cool on my hot cheeks as I sobbed in the dark. Suddenly my little room seemed stifling, and fresh air had an incredible appeal. Still sniffling and leaking miserably, I put on some flip-flops and trudged out the backdoor. Soft sand shifted underfoot after a few steps, as I walked down the beach. People always told me I was stupid, having a house so close to the beach. Hurricanes be damned, I'd live in a tent if I had to just to hear the waves quietly lapping outside my window. Now the moon hung, fat-bellied and luminous, on the black curtain of the night sky. No one else was around, and the only noise was that of the ocean and my breathing. After a mile or two of slow steps, I collapsed on the beach and buried my hands in the loose sand. I watched, angrily, as wet spots darkened the pale white of the beach.

     "You're not WORTH this!" I screamed, clenching my fists around the powdered stone. He really wasn't worth it either. The only reason I had stuck with him was the simple fact that...I had needed him. He needed me only to get his rocks off with a pretty young man. Only recently, in this time of desolation, had I come to realize that. Finally my tears and anger spent themselves forr now, and I sat up and gazed around numbly. The landscape seemed fixed and unreal, like a painting, the star's shine frozen into glinting diamond shards. Nothing really moved but the waves. And something out on the waves. A boat? I cringed at the thought of someone seeing me like this, and rose to go. But the thing bobbing on the breast of the water wasn't shaped like a boat. It looked more like the Loch Ness monster to be truthful. And it was only a dozen yards from shore.

     "Well, not as if I've got anything to lose. I'm gonna find out what that thing is." I whispered into the stillness, and stripped to my briefs. The water was warm, caressing my skin with its salty fingers. One stroke out, another, and the shape was looming before me. It was an animal...but like nothing I'd ever seen. It was dead. I began to turn back when motion registered. Its eyelids had moved! Only the neck of the beast was above the water, like a swimming dog. The eyelids opened completely, and a golden gaze caught and held mine. If the hair on the back of my neck hadn't been wet, I'm certain it would've stood up. Its lips parted, the dark skin cracked from the sun.

     "Please...help," It moaned, then slumped. I was in shock...what the heck *was* this thing? I couldn't let it die... I wrapped my arm around the bobbing neck and began to swim. Ugh, it was heavy! And big, I felt my legs touch its body. It had a lower portion like a horse, just a bit smaller. I struggled on the last few feet until my toes touched the bottom. The creature's paws touched as well, but the thing's limbs just folded up beneath it. I ended up dragging it to shore, an inch at a time. When I fell to the damp sand beside it, I noted with relief that the beast's ribcage was still rising and falling. Mouth-to-mouth didn't much appeal to me. Clouds had drifted over the moon, plunging the beach into an inky fog. My dark skin turned me into a shadowy wraith, and the thing I had rescued was no less a mystery than it had been as a bobbing shape on the waves. When my breath returned, I ran back to the house and fetched my surfboard. With determination and a little leverage, I managed to get my charge onto the board. I pushed and pulled that make-shift sled across the sand for a mile and more, until I reached my home.

     "Hey, are you awake yet?" I whispered harshly, breathing fast. The thing stirred, thick paws wobbling.

     "Where...who?" It managed, before a coughing fit overtook the thing.

     "You're on Mandy beach, in California. I'm James Moore, your personal hero." I snorted in contempt of myself, and touched the creature on its massive shoulder.

     "If you can stand, I'll walk you to a place where you can lie down." It nodded, and with my help, managed to climb to its paws. Putting much of its considerable weight on me, the creature and I stumbled into the house. I led it to my own cot, where it collapsed gratefully. Blankets and cushions soon surrounded the black shape on the bed as I tried to make the thing comfortable. After a few minutes, it spoke again.

     "Thank...u. I...am Troy." I listened for more, and when there wasn't any, hastened to bring in the bowl of soup from the kitchen I had been microwaving.

     "Rest yourself then Troy, you've had quite a time of it. Here, open your mouth so I can feed you." Troy nodded weakly, and parted its jaws. I ladled soup into that fanged cavern until my spoon clanked at the bottom of the bowl. That done, Troy drifted off to sleep. I removed the wet blankets, and replaced them with towels. Taking one of the towels, I sacked out there next to the beast. Only then, as sleep began pulling me down into its comfortable darkness, did I think of perhaps calling a hospital. Or a vet. But they were only fleeting thoughts. Sleep was much closer and easier to reach...


Chapter 2


     I awoke to the feel of my dog licking my face, and began to giggle. I relaxed back into the cushions around me and enjoyed the pre-shower wash cycle. The tongue was silky smooth and long, pleasantly warm against my cheek. Then a something occurred to me...I didn't have a dog. The last one I'd owned had died about three months ago, hit by a Chevy. Then what could... My eyes snapped open, and I found myself looking again into those golden eyes from the night before. A smile spread across its muzzle, and it quit licking me.

     "Morning greetings James, you taste nice. I want to thank you again for what you did last night." It settled back on its...haunches? and licked its chops a few times. It was eyeing me in an odd way, as it waited for me to speak. The look made me wonder if being labeled 'tasty' was healthy for me...

     "Um, good morning to you too, Troy? Yeah. So, how did you end up floating off the California coast?" I sat up, and took a good look at my guest. Its fur was jet black, perfectly smooth, that rippled over the massive muscles it concealed. The creature was built like one of the great cats, but for its upper half. If a mad scientist had taken the body of a tiger, lopped off its head and neck, grafted a human torso and arms onto the shoulders of the tiger body, then placed the cat's head atop the human body's shoulders, you'd have a good idea what this thing looked like. But the human torso was furred as well, and the structure was different enough so I knew it couldn't have been human. It also had four modest breasts curving from the otherwise flat chest, hints of nipples peeping at me from beneath the fur. The creature's face was mobile and intelligent, the muzzle was short and wreathed with fine whiskers. Something like a third eye glinted in the center of its forehead, blending so well with the fur that I had missed it. A bit like a jewel, it was multi-faceted. When the light struck it, I could see it contained some kind of fluid. Its ears were pointed and rode high on the skull, just like a cat's. They were swiveled in my direction at the moment. As I studied the beast, it studied me back. I knew that what it saw wasn't that unique.


I was a five foot seven inch black man, with long hair tied into a single braid that hung down my back. My features were fine, high cheek-bones and slightly hollowed cheeks. After a time, it answered my question.


     "I had some trouble with a group of humans. I became seperated from an expedition in one of the cities here, and came upon some nasty characters. I was treated very badly..." It broke off a moment, and its gaze dropped from mine. Looking more closely, I could see scabbed wounds, and the scars of older hurts on the velvet paws and face. The tail looked to have been broken, and Troy was favoring her right forepaw. Doubtless there were other marks I couldn't see. "When they were done with me, they dumped my body into the sea from a fishing boat. I managed to break my bonds and swam for shore, but I didn't get very far. Thank the stars you found me! I hadn't an ounce of strength left... But enough of that. I'm sure your next question is, what am I?" I shrugged and nodded, rubbing one of my legs that had fallen asleep during the night. "I'm a member of a felineoid race." I nodded, frowning a little.

     "Feline, like cat? Yes, you look a lot like the felines here in a few ways." Troy nodded and continued.

     "We live in a distant star system, but we've colonized other planets as well. Earth offers us something very special, something in very high demand: mates." I grinned and shook my head.

     "That's a good story. Hey, you wanta see my second head? I keep it in my sock drawer with my raygun collection." Troy chuckled, and swished its tail. I glanced at the silky serpent, something else I'd almost missed. It was a good five feet long, and tufted at the tip into a rough, fuzzy oval. Taking a closer look, I decided that it *must* have been broken. It hadn't mended correctly, and Troy would probably have a crick in it forever. It snaked across the floor and softly touched my foot.

     "Strange as it sounds, it's the truth. I'll explain the details later if you like. Are *you* mated?" I shook my head, looking at the floor.

     "No, I'm not. Why, are you thinking of hooking up with me? What sex are you anyway?" I'd been curious, the breasts really shouldn't mean much for another species after all! Troy giggled softly, its muzzle curling up in a broad smile. White fangs glistened behind her lips.

     "I'm female, but not in the same fashion you'd think of. Here, I'll show you." With that, Troy turned on her side and indicated her lower belly. Between her back legs was a ruffle of fur, concealing something. As I watched, a hint of dark pink peeked out from the fur. It grew into a tube, extending more than a foot from her body. Though it was similar in a few respects, the tube wasn't a penis, because it was hollow. The flesh was smooth, exhibiting no blood vessels.

     "That's my sheath. Both males and females of our species have them. So, we're quite compatible with both of your sexes." I shook my head again, this time in wonder.

     "Incredible! But...I myself am not attracted to females. I'm gay, a homosexual." I didn't feel self conscious telling this alien my sexual orientation, besides, it should save face if she tried to come on to me. Troy nodded, and I thought I detected a sparkle in her gold orbs.

     "Ah well. I suppose it was too much to hope my rescuer would also turn out to be my love." She rolled back over, her pulsing sheath slowly easing back into her body. We studied each other for a long time once more, before Troy seemed to make a decision about me. She got to her paws, and padded closer to me. Though a little worried, I tried not to shrink away. Her dark bulk drew near, and she placed one of her lower half's paws on my knee.

     "I'm not asking this to seduce you, but as a favor.  W, Would you hold me? My race is very social and...tactile, but the only touches I've had for weeks brought nothing but pain... I want to, to assure myself you humans aren't all like that lot I fell into!" She flopped down with a sigh, spreading out like some kind of tiger rug. I stifled a bark of laughter that accompanied that thought.

     "Yes, I'll do this for you. I know what it's like to hurt alone...I won't push that on you as well." So I crawled into her embrace, feeling her arms hug my lean six foot frame close to her. I shivered with delight to feel the incredible softness of her pelt. Silk and velvet have got nothing on cattaur fur! A low rumbling shocked me out of my contemplation of Troy's glorious fur.

     "Earthquake!" I cried, and tried struggling out of the alien's grip. But she held me fast with astounding strength, until I realized the sound was coming from her. She was purring! A low, subsonic note that shook my teeth and made my bones buzz.

     "Thanks James...this is helping more than you know. Can I...stay here with you for a while? I'm not sure how to reach my base, I just have to hope my people will be looking for me." I nodded, encircling her slim humanoid waist with my arms.

     "Of course, dear lady. I don't mind the company either." Troy nodded, satisfied, and laid her head on my chest. Animals had always given me comfort. I think if my old dog had been around after the breakup, I wouldn't have taken it so hard. Snuggling up with a big furry creature does wonders for your state of mind, and Troy was the biggest, softest, friendliest creature I'd ever met. "Yes, I won't mind having you around at all..."


Chapter 3


     Troy turned out to be the perfect houseguest/pet. She cleaned up after herself, helped me with anything she could, and made a wonderful bedfellow. This was the first time I'd shared a bed with someone who wanted nothing more than gentle cuddling. I liked that. Things went very well until she got hungry...

     "Alright James, time for another lesson on cattaurs." Troy purred, padding into the den. I looked up from a page of music and raised an eyebrow.

     "What wonders will you educate me about today, dear?" She settled down by my feet, working her back under my legs to provide me with a footstool. She loved doing that when I was sitting down, it amused both of us to no end.

     "Food. I know I've been getting by okay with a double portion of whatever you eat, but frankly, the stuff's terrible." I blushed invisibly, knowing my dining quality was far from the best. "My race eats live food." Now *this* got my attention.

     "You're saying, that you swallow down wriggling critters, whole and alive? And let them kick about inside you until they suffocate!?" I cried, staring at her in horror. She nodded, eyes gleaming, and licked her lips.

     "You'll have to stop talking like that, you're exciting me! We've done it that way as long as we can remember. Our food doesn't suffer you know, our digestive acids block nerve signals. And as for the kicking and wriggling, most of us like it. A few of us *really* like it... I know I do..."

     I shuddered, setting down the paper in my hand.  "Well, I don't think I can do that! The only living creatures around here I could afford to supply you with are roaches and fish." Troy shrugged.

     "What are roaches? And I like fish." She smiled, and turned to look me in the eyes.

     "And if you can't find anything, you'll do nicely." I started, and shrank back from the alien. She laughed, got out from under me, and put her front end on the couch beside me.

"Don't worry, I won't eat you without permission." She chuckled, and nosed my cheek. Her promise relaxed me. A little. I found a roach scurrying behind the fridge, and got a less than enthusiastic response from Troy: she growled at me. So I took off for the docks *very* quickly, where I knew a few people. Troy stayed home, she didn't feel much like crowds yet.


     The docks were bustling with fishermen getting ready to leave, but I was able to catch my friends.

     "James! How's it going? John and I have been wondering where you got to." I grinned down at Matthew, the stocky Irishman who served as captain aboard a modest fishingboat which was fondly christened: the Rustbucket.

     "I need a favor. Save some fish for me, keep 'em alive. At least twenty fish, I think. I'll pay you what you want..." John snorted, and shook his head stubbornly.

     "Your money's no good with us. But we'll expect a favor in return later. Is this just for today? Or did you befriend a dolphin?" Matthew grinned, and waited expectantly. What could I say?

     "Umm, yeah, something like that. I'm not sure how long I'll need the fish, probably two weeks or so." The brothers nodded, and gave me mock salutes.

     "You can count on us. Hope your dolphin doesn't mind variety, we catch all sorts of stuff this time of year. You can come by and pick up yer fish at five, alright?" I nodded, and we shook on it. Feeling that I was safely off Troy's menu for now, I returned to the house. Troy waited patiently to hear my arrangements while I looked for something to transport fish in.

     "Twenty a day, live. Is that okay?" I asked, stepping into the den with a large plastic laundry tub. Her eyes widened a bit.

     "Oh yes, that's perfect! I can eat ten at night, and ten in the morning. And if I'm still hungry, I can eat some of your awful human food." She stuck out her pink tongue, but I could see the smile in her eyes. That done, I returned to the couch and picked up the sheet of music I had put aside earlier. The alien mmmed? and padded over to investigate.

     "What's that? Doesn't look like your language." She purred, glancing at the paper. Distracted, I replied dully.

     "It's music." Now she was intrigued.

     "Are you a musician? What do you play?" With a mental sigh, I put the page back down and turned to my guest. Work was going to be a chore with her asking continuous questions!

     "I'm a lyricist and composer, actually. I write the words and music for a song, then plug the lyrics and notes into my computer. I have software that will let me play my song with any instrument I choose. Very convenient, since in actuality, all I can play is the sax." Troy nodded, and looked the sheet over.

     "I play a wind instrument called a Trill. If--when I get my things back, I'll be sure to show you mine." Hmm, a musician too? Interesting. Maybe I could teach her how to read music and...and what would be the point? She's leaving in a couple weeks or less. I was surprised to find the thought of her leaving distressed me...

     "Troy, when do you think your people will find you?" She looked up from the music and shrugged, pinning me with her gaze.

     "No idea. Maybe a week, maybe a month. Something may've happened, and I was lost in the shuffle. It's been known to happen. Why, are you that eager to get rid of me?" Her voice actually quavered a bit, despite her attempt to make the question sound like a joke. Sheesh, these folks weren't very good at hiding their feelings! I knelt on the thin carpet and hugged her tightly, as much to reassure myself as my guest.

     "No, I love having you here! I've only known you a day and yet I know I'll miss you when you're gone. The second seperation in as many weeks..." The last came out as a low mutter, but Troy wouldn't let it go that easy.

     "Second? Did someone else leave you?" She cajoled and prodded me into relating the story of my lover and his departure from my life. Her eyes were sad when I finished, her ears and whiskers drooping in sympathy.

     "I'm sorry James... But I'm glad I can be here for you. You can talk to me. It's not as if I'll be blabbing it to anyone." I nodded, sniffing a little. Now it was her turn to take me in her arms, rubbing her soft cheek against mine. I could feel the swell of her breasts pressing against my back, sliding against the fabric of my shirt as she breathed. My shorts tented. It felt so good to be cradled like this, with a soft sympathetic voice whispering in my ear...and the soft warmth...oh, how I craved it! I told myself I was like a drowning swimmer, grabbing onto anything or anyone in an attempt to save myself. The river I bobbed in was emotion, full of powerful and unexpected currents...

     "Please, let me up Troy." I whispered, touching the paws that clasped each other in front of my stomach. She did, quickly, lowering her head and refusing to meet my gaze as I turned.

     "I...I'm sorry. I won't do that again." She murmured, tail lashing nervously. I sighed deeply and shook my head, half-heartedly ruffling the fur on Troy's head.

     "No, that was lovely. I just...can't be with you right now." On that note, I left her, and raced out onto the beach again.

     'Now who's having trouble hiding their feelings?' I thought angrily. There were people on the beach now, heads floating on the dark sea and bright towels sprawled on the sand. My eyes burned as I ran, churning up the hot sand beneath my feet.

     'I can't love her! I don't like women...and, she's leaving in such a short time. This is rebound, that's all this is.' My brain had such wonderful things to say, but my heart was deaf to it. All it wanted to do was reach out and console that beautiful silky creature lying in my den, comfort her, and promise her protection, loyalty, and love in hopes my promise would be returned. I couldn't deal with this! So I ran. Mile after mile, kicking sand on people's towels and knocking over kids' plastic buckets in my daze. When I finally collapsed with a flaring pain in my side, rocks rose into the sky in my blurred vision. I knew this place, Rob and I used to come out here and... No. I won't think about that. Now, it was just a safe place to think. Between two of the rough spires of rock there was a hole, a shaft that dropped about three feet down. Following a curve, the tunnel opened into a tiny cavern hardly big enough for two people. I slid down into the pit, then crawled on my hands and knees into my secret place. It had been a while since I'd been here last. An ugly green beachblanket still lay on the hard floor, surrounded with empty soda cans and pretty shells. Shaking, I rolled into a ball on the floor of the cave. I had to get myself together before facing her again!


     Hour after hour my brain fought my heart, but it was a losing battle. I needed her, and she needed me. Finally, the two halves of me reached a compromise. I'd stay with her, and see if it could work. Find out if I could go with her wherever she's bound. Find out if I could stand her diet. Learn her likes and dislikes, the crystal spokes of her soul. And let her learn mine. When I lifted my head from my tear-dampened arm, I saw that the sun had moved quite a bit. I looked at my watch. 4:30. The fish! I jumped up, crawled out of my cave, and sprinted for the house. Doubled up for the second time with the cramp in my side, I slid into the driver's seat of my tiny car and took off. I made it to the docks just as the guys were leaving.

     "Thought you'd forgotten. Here ya go!" Matt and John lifted a heaving bag from a tank on the deck, and poured it into my laundry tub. With the water as well as the fish, the thing was quite heavy. Grunting my thanks, I staggered back to the car. Looking into the tub, I worried about the fish. The tub was too small, and they were packed tightly together.

     "Well, there won't be as many of you after Troy is through." I muttered, loading the tub. Ten minutes later, I was shoving open my door with the tub. Troy gazed at me as I set it down, then sat panting on the floor beside it. Given her previous attitude about food, I was surprised when her first thought was for me...

     "Do you want to talk?" Her voice was nonthreatening, and made me *so* want to tell her everything. But I couldn't. Not yet.

     "Not right now. Open up, I brought brunch!" She settled down near me and obediently spread her jaws. I scooped up a lethargic gray-scaled fish and slid it between Troy's lips. She shuddered, and closed her mouth around the creature. I watched her cheeks jerk and twitch before she gulped, sending the slick, fresh fish sliding down her gullet. The bulge it made was impressive, and I was able to track its progress all the way from her neck to the junction between her upper torso and 'taur portion. Troy licked her lips, smiling.

     "Put your hand right here James," She directed, pointing to a spot on her flank. I could feel a jerking there, beneath the soft fur and warm flesh. A minute or two later, the movement stopped. Troy belched delicately.

     "One down, nine to go." She laughed, and opened up again. The second fish was bigger, a tuna or something. I know nothing about fish. Before she closed her mouth, I could see Troy's tongue swarming over the fish as it flopped in her jaws. Then it was a bulge, slipping down into her gut. The traveling lump was larger this time, making Troy's fur ripple over it during the fish's descent. She waved me to hurry, and opened up once more. I fed her the rest of the eight fish in under three minutes, packing her belly with cool, wriggling, jumping, living flesh. I cuddled up to her barrel, smiling in spite of myself as her abdomen jerked, gurgled, and sloshed against me.

     "Mmmmm, those were wonderful. Especially that big one. He's still thrashing around in there..." Troy purrrred contentedly, stroking my back with a paw. She was so enthralled with the movement inside her, I doubted the kitty realized she was stroking me. I nuzzled her tummy, then pressed my ear to her flank. Her stomach rumbled and churred as it squished itself around the wriggling ball of fish within it, soaking them in digestive oozes. I imagined myself as a fish inside that stomach, feeling the warmth and heartbeat of the one who'd gulped me down. Would I be resentful? Or was it just a fact of life? Prey and predator, perhaps the most ancient relationship of all. I fell asleep snuggled up to Troy like this, thinking of fish squirming through the warm lengths of her intestine.


Chapter 4


     I had an odd dream that night, curled up against Troy. Rob rattled his keys at the door, unlocked it, then stumbled into the living room where Troy and I were lying together. He was drunk, weaving and reeking of liquor.

     "Get up, lousy slut. Already got your s'lf a new cock huh? Well, you'll have mine now!" He staggered over, reached down and tried to drag me to my feet. I'd seen him before like this, it had always scared the life out of me. It was best just to let him do whatever he wished...but this time, I wasn't alone. Troy was staring at the intruder, her fur ruffling in the breeze sweeping in through the open door. A deep, loud growl built in her throat, as she smoothly rose to her paws.

     "Drop him." She said bitingly. Rob glared at her, eyes slightly glazed .

     "Who're you anyway? Don't sound like whatshisface...sounds female. What, you doing pussy now too, boy?" He struck me, laughing, leaving an angry bruise on my cheek. A second of blurred movement later, I was sitting up and Rob was flat on his back. Under Troy. Her paws were planted on his chest, claws pricking his skin.

     "Too late for you now. You should've left him alone." Troy snarled, then hauled my ex-lover up against herself with incredible strength. Pinning his arms to his sides, Troy began licking Rob's face. He yelled and squirmed and cursed, but to no avail. I sat there, confused, as she slathered him with saliva. It was almost funny; was she going to wash him to death? Just as I was about to ask her what was going on, she slammed her head into Rob's. Or rather, over it. With jaws open wide, Troy drove her skull down over the human's. A sharp crack told me Troy's jaw had dislocated, while Rob's scream suddenly and dramatically decreased in volume. As I watched, dumbfounded, Troy moved her hands under Rob's arms and shoved him upwards. Her furred throat bulged as Rob's head slid into her gullet. Troy lay down on the floor and stretched out her neck, making a straight path for her big meal to follow. Before she resumed eating, Troy used her claws to shred Robert's clothing from his body. Marks in Rob's olive-colored skin testified her carelessness with that task. The big man thrashed as much as Troy let him, though I could no longer hear his curses and screams. Using a peculiar twisting motion, Troy worked Rob's shoulders into her maw as well. Once her lips had enclosed that, the widest part of the man, the rest was a cinch. Tongue flashing in and out of her mouth, Troy coated Rob with drool as she worked him down her throat. His broad chest vanished inch by slippery inch. Oddly detatched, I wondered how Troy was breathing around that huge obstruction. I saw Rob's hands open and clench over and over in terror, like dying spiders, before Troy's lips sank over those as well. With Rob's hips nestled up against her lips, Troy struggled back to her feet and tipped him back into the air. The rest of the man kicked and squirmed as it slid down into the cattaur. Four seconds later, Troy shut her mouth after Rob's toes. She licked her lips loudly, then gulped one last time. The tremendous bulk of the man swelled Troy's silky black chest and neck to balloon like proportions, but the grotesque bulge soon sank lower. I couldn't see her dark fur in the midnight blackness, but I could guess how Troy's barrel must've suddenly plumped out as Rob's body passed from her torso into her 'taur body. I imagined with a kind of hysterical laugh the sickening squelch his body would've made as it was squeezed into a stomach still brimming with liquified fish. The dream ended when Troy belched magnificently, then turned her gaze on me.


     "You really taste much better, James." She rolled onto her side, and gathered me to her belly with all four 'taur paws. Rob wasn't moving much, but I could feel the outline of his muscular body through Troy's flesh. He was still twitching, and muffled cries reached me through the felineoid's flesh. She purrrrred, tail swishing calmly across my legs.

     "I'm sorry you had to see that dear. I couldn't let him harm you though..." I nodded numbly, pressing my face into the belly that had engulfed my former lover. There, in the darkness, I embraced both of my life's loves as they became one in a gurgling, sloshing ceremony of union.


Chapter 5


     The next few days were a bewildering time. I watched with growing apathy as Robert's body became less and less of a bulge in Troy's belly every day, until the only sign of her meal was a soft roll of fat on either side of her upright torso. I caught her once or twice stroking those rolls, with a mixture of sorrow and longing in her eyes and posture... She continued to eat the fish I fed her, and we went on snuggling together at night. But I did so with no feeling at all...my heart seemed to have died. I knew Troy could sense this, and was trying to help.


     The dam broke on a Wednesday afternoon, shortly after Troy had eaten lunch. Her belly swayed beneath her heavily as the felineoid padded into the den. She'd gained a lot of weight in her time here...new rolls of silky flab appeared every day. I found that none of it detracted from her wild beauty. I rather doubted anything *could*. When she stood before me, I looked up from my book and tried to smile. Troy waved a paw at my desk.

     "I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of messing around with your music programs. Lucky for me your computers are still so simple, I'm no good at all with the ones on the ship. Anyway, I managed to program a Trill into your computer. Would you like to hear it?" I nodded, picking up a bottle of coke and sipping listlessly. Troy padded over to the computer, and tic-tacced on the keyboard with her claws. A moment later, the speakers warmed up and began pouring forth music...the most beautiful music I'd ever heard. Mozart seemed to pale beside the exquisite score that sounded in my ears. Buried in the main stream of the sound, I could detect subtle variances and scales...things the average person would never have heard. I realized then that the cattaur's music *would* be like that, playing to senses far outreaching those of humans. And as I listened to the wind instruments moaning, and the drums beating out a mournful rhythm, the ice shell around my heart broke. Or perhaps it melted, and geysered up into my head to exit my eyes...that's what if felt like. Troy caught me, and cradled me in her arms as I poured out my heart with my tears. That beautiful, painful music rising and falling like a river coursing through mountains forced me to pour out everything... Troy's black fur grew damp as I spent my sorrow upon it, and she held me tighter when I let my hate and grief pour forth as well. She'd murdered the only human I'd ever loved... Had it really been protective instincts on her part? Or just plain jealousy? Had she simply eliminated the competition?

     "Sorry James...I'm so sorry! Instead of making things easier, I've made them worse." The alien's melodic voice shook while she crushed me to her warm chest. "But I won't leave. I don't care if you want to kill me, I *love* you! You'll never get rid of me." Troy nodded as if reaffirming this fact with herself. Desperately, I reached up and cupped her wet cheek in my dark, trembling hand. My skin and her fur blended so well...It was as if I melded with her.

     "No, Troy, don't say that...I don't want you dead! Please, stay with me--" My choked little speech was cut short as the alien quickly engaged me in a deep, lingering kiss. Troy's lithe slick tongue darted within my mouth, caressing my own tongue and dancing up and down my molars. We wrapped our arms around each other at the same moment, using all our strength to hold on to one another. Troy's awesome muscles compressed the air from my lungs and into her's as we kissed, and only eased her embrace when both us heard/felt my ribs begin to creak. Utterly exhausted from our mutual outpouring of emotion, we lay awake together listening to each other's breathing and heartbeat. Night found us like that, nestled almost uncomfortably close, in a pool of tears.


Chapter 6


     We spent the rest of the week getting to know each other better, and learning about one another's culture. There were few similarities, but after all was said and done, neither of us could definitely say whose society was better. Troy continued swallowing fish by the dozen, their rich flesh adding to her own. It seemed that every night, there was a new roll of silky flesh to cuddle up to! It was glorious... She worked with me on my music, making suggestions and providing a sounding board for new ideas. With her help, I managed to send out four new songs I'd been working on for a private contractor. They'd stalled out when Rob left me...I just hadn't had the heart to work. The contractor called me on Saturday.

     "James, I must say I'm *extremely* impressed with your work. What you've done is perfect for the play! You simply *must* come and see it, the cast is eager to meet you. And bring a friend, would you? We'll have dinner at my house after the opening preformance. It's tonight, you did know that didn't you?" I replied that I had not. "Well, I'm sure a bright and handsome youth like yourself will have little problem securing a guest. Be at the hall at 6:00! The curtain goes up at 7:00." Before I could argue, the line was dead. I turned around in my swivel chair to face Troy. She was lounging on the rug, shafts of sunlight from the window bathing her in a soft glow. I sighed, watching her, thinking to myself how incredibly lucky a man I was... How many people ever got the chance to love someone like this? She sensed my gaze after a couple of minutes and lifted her head to return it. I smiled into her golden orbs and cocked my head.

     "Feel like going out tonight?"


     The performing arts hall was modest in size, and packed to the rafters by the time the lights went down. Everyone raved about my girlfriend, thinking her an exotic woman in costume! We just smiled, not debating the point. Troy lay in the center aisle with her arm around my shoulder as we watched the play unfold. It was a modern tale about romance, with a little fantasy and magic thrown in to spice things up. It went along the lines of, 'Boy meets girl, girl falls madly in love with boy, girl attacked by gnomes, eventually rescued by boy and a couple of elves.' Lots of fun, and the music really did lend the performance a set-apart feeling, like we were peering into another world we could reach if we only tried... The applause went on for nearly five minutes after the curtain fell, Troy and I contributing heavily. After the crowds had dispersed, my contractor met me backstage with the cast.

     "I told you they'd love it! People, this is James Moore, the one who wrote the music." Before they could begin spouting congratulations, I introduced Troy.

     "And this is my dear friend Troy, who was instrumental in the completion of my work." Troy smiled and bowed a little as heads turned her way. I had divided the credit for authorship between us on all my drafts, despite her protests. But now, as adoring fans gushed about how gifted we were, Troy took to the praise and didn't seem to mind as much...

Dinner went smoothly, Troy ate a bit more--well, maybe a lot more than was polite, but our hosts were merely flattered. After the plates had been cleared, we sat around and chatted.

     "I've got a new play in the works James, think you can have something for me by the end of this month?" I nodded happily, I could certainly use the money! At this rate, I'd be able to start buying Troy some serious food...and a nicer home down the road... When we returned home that night, I shared my thoughts with her. I watched her eyes suddenly blaze with hunger and excitement.

     "Ohhh, I'd love that! I want you to feed and feed me... I want to double, no, triple my size! Won't it be wonderful? You can snuggle against my side, hugging my soft flesh to you... I could be your blanket, even your bed eventually!" Troy's words swirled around in my skull, heating my nerves. Now I wanted this as much as she did...

     "Yes, I would love that dear!" I cried, wrapping her torso in my arms. She purrrRRRRRed loudly, snuggling her head between my neck and shoulder.

     "Let's go get some sleep though James. Tomorrow, we can start on the new songs." I nodded, yawned, and led the 'taur to my bed. She flopped down on it limply, then resumed her rumbles of pleasure as I cuddled up to her belly. Her paws entrapped me against her warmth as both night and sleep settled into bed with us.

     "Morning love. I've got a special breakfast prepared!" I hailed a bleary Troy as she stumbled out of the bedroom. She nodded, whiskers quivering.

     "I know, I smelled it..." I waited until she'd settled next to the table, then set down a platter before her. Crepes Suzette, with assorted honeys, jams, and sugars within. She eyed the golden rolls of pastry suspiciously.

     "They won't bite, unlike most of your food. And don't worry, I've got something wriggly for your tummy too." She smiled then, kissed my forehead, and started in on the crepes. Through the noises of her little lipsmacks and exclamations of delight, I ran down the schedule for the day.

     "First, we'll go for a walk on the beach. I've found that it can be very inspiring. When we get back, around 10:00, we'll work for a couple hours. Then," Troy interrupted me, after licking the platter clean with her smooth pink tongue.

     "Yeah, we can take it as we go. Now, I want that wriggly thing!" I couldn't resist the smile that tugged at the corners of my mouth. Talk about a one-track mind...but *I* wasn't about to argue or complain! I took her hand gently and led her out behind the house. A little pen now stood against the rear of the house, hastily constructed out of chicken wire and scrap timber. Snuffling along the ground inside was a sizable pig. Troy's eyes widened, and her jaw dropped open in a surprised smile of delight.

     "Ohhh, James! Wow...I'm really going to enjoy this." As she reached into the pen and grabbed the pig around its middle, I couldn't help shuddering. But I remembered the bacon I'd had yesterday, and the fact that digestion by a cattaur was supposed to be painless, if not quick. So I stayed and watched. Before tasting her prize, Troy hosed it down under the faucet to wash off the mud and grime. That done, she stretched her mouth wide and wiggled the pig's hindquarters inside. Her jaw dislocated with a muffled snap, letting the mass of flesh past her lips and into her elastic throat. Her tongue swarmed over the pig, coating it thoroughly in drool. I imagined the scents of brown sugar and raspberry jam wafting over the panicked animal...and shuddered again, this time for different reasons. Troy finished lubing the living porkchop, tilted her head totally vertical, and gulped. Squealing madly and thrashing about, the pig sank inch by inch down into Troy's gullet. Her neck stretched to the girth of the pig and larger, soft sable rippling as she continued to swallow. I could see a blood vessel pulsing wildly in her neck, pressed tight as it was to the surface of her skin. Troy shut her eyes, tail whipping almost too fast to see! The pig was half gone, and Troy was moaning softly around it, absently touching her breasts. Watching the spectacle, I felt my legs start to buckle. Settling down on the sand, I relaxed and enjoyed the show. *Gulp* *Slurp* *GLUMPH*


     My eyes glazed as the pig's snout vanished inside Troy's, and her lips sealed behind it. I sprang forward and caressed the massive bulk as it slowly eased deeper into my love's body. Her neck gradually returned to normal size, while her torso rippled and swayed with the weight shifting inside it. With much effort, the mass visibly negotiated the s-curve into Troy's 'taur portion. Finally, with an almost audible *plunk* the pig hit Troy's stomach. She cried out and came explosively, thick lubricant spurting onto the sand from the sheath I hadn't even noticed swelling... The musky smell got to me, arousing powerful feelings of lust.

     "Goddesssss James, that was good... Y, you know, If you d, don't mind me saying so, maybe it's time to um, consummate our-" She didn't get any farther as I grabbed her paw and yanked her back into the house. Hot surges of passion blanked out everything from my mind but my desire for Troy, while we both practically ran for the bedroom. I went down first, letting her heavy 'taur body plop across mine. The swollen mass of her belly rubbed my own stomach as she settled, then began removing my clothes. Her paws ran over my body, lustful little moans and mewlings escaping her throat. I could still feel the pig's waning struggles in my lover's gut...

     "Ohhhh, I need you! Please, please...!" She whispered breathlessly, as I struggled to escape my shorts. Soon my bare flesh was wrapped in the embrace of Troy's silky black body, her paws trapping me deliciously against her belly. As I reached up to stroke two of her breasts, I felt a questing warmth touch my thigh. Troy's sheath slid over my legs, leaving a trail of warm lube as it searched for its next meal. My member was ragingly erect, the dark flesh again blending so well with the cattaur's pelt it amazed me. Then the sheath's flexible rim closed over the tip of my cock, coaxing a violent spasm from me.

     "Yeeesss, you've found it, kitten! Take me! Fill yourself with me!" I cried, unable to thrust myself under the wonderful burden of Troy's huge body. Troy nodded, smiling around a powerful groan, and let her sheath creep down over my penis. I couldn't stop my cries of joy as an incredible slick warmth sank down over my most sensitive parts. The alien's heartbeat pulsed around me, the heat incredible within her sheath. Thick nectar steadily pumped from her sex, coating me in her sweetness. Powerful muscles in the slick tube squeezed and clenched my organ, rippling up and down the length of it. I thrashed under Troy's soft body, stomach humped around her swollen tummy. I'd never felt anything like this! Blood pounded in my ears, my vision blurred, and my love for the cattaur seemed to explode! Still not thrusting, Troy just let the muscles in her sheath massage my cock, coaxing it further and further up the ladder to orgasm... A powerful shudder wracked Troy as she came, her nipples hard as rocks under my fingers and her sheath swollen tight around my cock, despite its initally-greater width...

     "GOODDDSSsssss..." She cried, claws tearing into my bed as pleasure fogged her mind and took her over. Her sheath jerked forward and up, swallowing my balls into her warmth as well. My orgasm followed hers a second after, warm semen exploding deep within her body. We remained coupled for hours, as Troy managed to contort her mouth within reach of mine. We snuggled, kissed, and stroked each other for what seemed like days, the intimate contact of our bodies enough to keep our lust sated. For now.


     Eventually though, the phone rang and life resumed as normal. As I hung up on one of my old friends, I heard the shower start. Smiling, I crept into the bathroom and joined Troy in cleansing. Her thick fluids rolled off my body under the jets of warm water, while Troy's space-black pelt took the water and shed it easily. No wet-cat look here! When we were both as clean as we were likely to get, a soggy embrace seemed natural. We rocked back and forth in each other's arms until the hot water ran out, and a cold spray sent us both yelping back out of the tub! I used all the towels in the house getting us dry, and even then we had to go lie out in the sun to finish the job. We held hands and watched the sunset, just like in those cheap romance novels. But it was so wonderful, the brillant colors in the sky, and the love of my life there to share them with me. I hadn't truly been able to enjoy a sunset for months...

     "We don't see such colors on my world..." Troy breathed, eyes wide as she watched the horizon become stacked with rainbow shades. "Force fields keep the air too clear for the sunlight to do that to it. I almost think it may be worth the pollution just to see that..." I nodded, settling a little closer into her warmth. It was turning a bit chilly. I must've fallen asleep, for I woke in my bed curled against Troy's softly heaving belly. I could still hear the gulls in my ears, and smell the salt in my nostrils...a dream I'd had faded beyond my reach, and I let it go. My life was a dream already, anything more could only detract from it.


Chapter 7


     Troy and I made quick work of the next contract, turning out anew series of pieces that again left our employer speechless with delight. I began getting other calls, from those who had heard me and my mate's work. Amazingly, I found myself turning more than half the offers down. I wanted the time to spend with my lover...and I got it. Troy was insatiable, every chance she got, she wanted my seed. Practically every soft surface in the house carried our scent, and most of my bedclothes needed washing three times a week! But I wouldn't have wanted things any other way. Eventually though, homesickness set in.

     "James? I miss my people..." She purrred softly to me while we watched television one night. I switched off the TV and turned to her, concentrating to discern her form in the near-darkness of the room. "No one has come for me. Do you suppose we could go to the base in Wisconsin?" I nodded reluctantly, and kissed her.

     "Of course. You know I'd do anything for you Troy." So we wrapped up things at home, and took a plane for the alien's base. From the airport, we rented a jeep. We *did* get some funny looks from the locals as we sped along, Troy standing up in the backseat with her front paws over the front seat. I had to laugh as I looked at her, so much like a joyful dog out for a car ride! We passed through a few small towns, which gradually gave way to farm land, or maybe ranch land. There were certainly plenty of cows around! Laughingly, I spoke to Troy over my shoulder.

     "Maybe when we get to your base, I'll buy you a cow for dinner." Troy giggled, and nodded enthusiastically. I don't think she thought I was kidding... But then a cry from her turned my attention back to the road. A guard, tall and imposing, stood in the road next to a shack. I stopped the jeep, as the man circled around to my window.

     "Name?" He asked, looking from me to Troy.

     "James Moore, and that's Troy. She's been missing for some time." I replied. The guard brightened, and nodded to my mate.

     "Well, I'm glad you're back. The office informed the guards to watch out for you. Go on through folks." I thanked the man and drove on. Well out of sight of the guard shack, the alien's compound came into view. It looked more like a summer camp than a secret installation, composed of a scad of little cottages sprinkled with larger buildings. We checked in at the office, where we learned search parties had been looking for Troy for the past four weeks. After Troy got everything straightened out in that department, Troy took me to the mess hall. Inside, the place was packed with felineoids and a few other strange creatures. But there were plenty of humans too, mostly men but women were not absent. Troy looked around, but didn't see anyone she knew.

     "All right, time to eat! The menu's over there on that computer terminal. Punch me up something nice and wriggly James!" She purrred, winking at me as she settled down at a small table. The menu was one of those touch-screen deals, and it didn't take me long to order a brace of rabbits and an obese snake. Beside the menu, a door opened and a cart rolled out. Atop it rested three plastic capsules on a tray. The rabbits had both been asleep it seemed, and still weren't fully alert yet. The snake lay curled in its ball, sunk deep in torpor. Staggering a little under the weight of the tray, I carried it to Troy. She showed me how to open the capsules, and scooped one of the bunnies out. Holding it by the scruff of its neck, she opened wide...

     "Troy! You're back!" A delighted shout made Troy wince, and reluctantly return the rabbit to its ball. A cattaur with bright orange fur barred with white came scampering up to us. Smaller than most of the 'taurs I'd seen, I wondered if this was a juvenile. Troy smiled patiently, and hugged her friend.

     "James, this is Tootsie. She picked the name herself, so feel free to laugh." Tootsie grinned, nodding, and didn't hesitate to greet James with a hug too.

     "Finally, you got a mate! Whenyagonna eathim?" It took me a moment for the import of Tootsie's words to sink in. With a look of horror and confusion, I stared at Troy. She saw my look, and groaned.

     "I knew I should've told you sooner love. It's not what it sounds like, gimme a chance to think a minute." Troy settled back, trying to collect her thoughts, and launched into an explanation. Tootsie took a seat and listened with a cute grin.

     "To start off, we as felineoids can't interbreed. Well, we could, but it wouldn't increase our numbers. You see, we don't reproduce sexually. We reproduce through assmilation and reconstruction. There's a specific term for the process, but it escapes me at the moment. Anyways, what it means is that when we find someone we love and who loves us back, we eat them." My mouth dropped open and I began edging away... "No, let me explain! I'll use you as an example. If I ate you, you wouldn't die." I snorted skeptically.

     "And why would I be different from the rest of the wriggling beasts that you enveloped?" Troy glared at me.

     "Let me finish. My body would provide you with oxygen, and my stomach's acid production would shut down. After a week or so, my body would force me into a catatonic state. Clear so far?" I shrugged, my eyes wide. Troy chuckled weakly, and chucked me under my chin. "You don't have to worry! I won't take you until you're ready. And I think we'll both enjoy that experience very much, its a very special moment... But back to the reproduction process. Inside me, your body is disassembled and dispersed. But your mind takes up residence within mine, thus remaining intact. It turns out that most sentient creatures have a lot of room to spare in their skulls." I grinned and pressed my forehead to Troy's.

     "I wouldn't mind being a houseguest for awhile." She giggled and lapped at me moistly before resuming her speech.

     "The material I absorbed from you, bolstered by some of my own extra flesh, then moves into my womb. Yes, we do have one! There, your new body is knitted together. A cattaur body. Our genetic structure is dominant you see, so there are no true...crossbreeds. A few months down the line, I wake up and give birth to you...letting your mind slip from mine into the new body." I had stayed close to Troy during her explanation, and now curled warmly up against her.

     "Wow... That's the most unique way of furthering the species I've ever heard of. And why us, humans? Wouldn't you want something smaller and easier to stretch yourself over?" Troy stroked my short hair and played with my braid, purrrring soothingly.

     "No, there are other mate-species smaller than you, but they lack something. Of all the species we've discovered and taken as mates, only two have ever survived the assimilation process with their memories intact. You, and Altarians. The others lose their memories, and thus their love for us once we've gobbled them up." I nodded slowly, absorbing this new information. "The reason you're so popular as mates all of a sudden is simple. Altarians taste like motor oil, and are unfortunately lousy lovers as well." Troy stuck out her tongue. Tootsie was immediately lost in giggles, and I couldn't help joining her. I turned to the orange cattaur.

     "So, are you mated? What were you born of?" She stifled her giggles somewhat and managed to answer.

     "I was a, a, um, it doesn't translate well. The name sounds like Bedroll, but I don't think that's right. Anyway, my 'Mom' ate me about four years ago and gave birth to me. I don't remember her as anything but Mom, since my previous life's memories weren't transferred. She's gotten a new mate though, a human. Or he was. Now they're a happily mated cattaur couple! I'm really happy for them both. And no, I'm not mated yet. The guy I was seeing fell in love with another 'taur before I could really get my hooks in him." I was about to tell her I was sorry to hear that, but both females were grinning. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing. It was then that I looked back at the capsules...which were now empty. No wonder Troy hadn't contributed to that last conversation...

     "That snake was great! Like ice cream kinda, nice and cool. And it went down so easy..." Troy licked her lips. I made a mental note to get her another snake soon.

     "Didja get a cabin yet?" Tootsie asked, licking her paw then brushing it along her cheek to smooth/wash the fur. I nodded, the office staff had given us a key.

     "It's on the water, we're heading there when we leave here. James, why don't you get yourself something to eat? They serve dead stuff here too." I wrinkled my nose at that awful description of human-type food, but walked over to the menu again. I looked back to see the two friends deep in conversation, looking at me from time to time. Hmmph, girl talk transcends species! Returning a minute later with a basket of chicken-strips, I caught the tail-end of their chat.

     "...love to see that. Did he--oh, James." They both clammed up immediately as I joined them, and from there, all the conversation was trivial. Tootsie helped guide us to our cabin, while pointing out facilites that we would use in the future.

     "I'll tell the rest of your group you're alright, they've been worried sick! We'll probably end up putting a big bash together for ya. Later!" She nuzzled us both shamelessly, then pounced off. Troy and I grinned at each other.

     "Quite a bit of energy in that one! She'll be certain to keep her mate busy..." Troy agreed hardily as I unlocked the door to our cottage. It turned out to be a nice little place, fully equipped with a kitchen and bath. A big, soft cot in the main living chamber belied exactly what these aliens were interested in...and I was only too glad to oblige my mate in christening the bed. Snuggled in each other's arms, we solemnly promised to sleep in unfashionably late.


Chapter 8


     "Troy? Troy! Answer the comm will you?!" The noise and blaring from a screen on the cabin wall woke us both. I let Troy up so she could answer her call.

     "Shandeu, what is it?" She mumbled blearily, smoothing her head and cheek-fur.

     "There's a tornado watch out today, we need everyone's help to batten down the compound. Bring your mate, we could use another pair of hands." Without waiting for grumbling, the cattaur at the other end of the line hung up. Troy glared at the screen, then turned to me with an apologetic look. Rolling out of bed, I crawled across the soft carpet and lay at my lover's paws.

     "I am your humble slave mistress, do with me what you will. Your wish, is my command." Troy couldn't help herself, and broke down laughing. My Islaamic-servant impression was quite popular among my friends, but this was the first time I'd tried it on Troy. She bent down and crushed my head to her breasts, growwwlling appreciatively. In this position, I certainly felt like doing the same! Those soft globes of her's had gotten cushier with every meal, and were each nearly the size of my head. Even her nipples had grown, reaching a length of *not-quite* two inches when she got really excited. I shook out of my contemplation of Troy's breasts to receive my marching orders.

     "I wish for you to don some grubby clothes and help me board up windows!" She managed after a few more chuckles. Well, so much for sleeping in early...


     It looked like the entire compound turned out to help 'batten down the hatches,' humans, cattaurs, and other species all working together to prepare for the storms. Thick pieces of plywood were fused somehow over windows; doors were reinforced, and the beings housed in flimsier structures were moved temporarily into stronger ones. Even as we worked, I watched the sky darken. The undersides of the grumpy clouds seemed bumpy, almost like a recording studio's walls. Thunder rumbled far off, and rain began pattering down on the work crews' heads almost as soon as the final building was prepared. Everyone took cover in one of the six weather-proof buildings, Troy and I opting for the cafeteria. Hot meals were being served as well as transported to the other shelters. Troy helped herself to a hapless woodchuck, one small pig, and almost twenty pounds of fish. She tried coming up with an excuse for eating so much when she read the skeptical look on my face.

     "Well, if the roof gets taken off, I can throw myself on top of you! No way I'm gonna let you get sucked away!" She laughed.

     "I love to see you get rounder and softer love," I assured her, stroking the half-spherical bulge of her belly. She purrrred, eyes closing to slits, and curled up with me quietly in our corner. A radio was going somewhere in the room to keep us updated, and one of the aliens had dragged in some kind of weather radar as well. Me and my super-soft 'pillow' tried to ignore the two distractions, but an unusual amount of fuss was being made...

     "The radio says tornados touched down in a town near here! But the weather radar shows that they're actually razing the surrounding countryside. There're are a lot of isolated farms out there..." One 'taur said to her mate. He nodded, concern creasing his brow.

     "If they need help, it'll be forever in coming. People could die... Same for the town really. The nearest hospital is over seventy miles away." I began paying closer attention to the weather-radar. It was hooked up to a projector and screen, so the whole room could watch. Someone punched up a map overlay, so we could see where the tornadoes stood in relation to the town. A collective cry went up as a new funnel took shape...right in the heart of the town.

     "Umm, love? Do you think we could send some people to help? I'm sure you have medical facilities here..." I asked my lover, knowing to an extent what natural disasters can do when they really get going. Troy nodded, fright in her eyes.

     "I'm scared for those people James. I'll make a call to the main office." I helped her up, then guided her to the nearest vidphone. She punched in a number, and was soon connected with the base's supervisor.

     "Sir? I want to request an emergency team be dispatched to the disaster sites. People here tell me the next-closest help may be too late to save those wounded by the storm..." My heart raced as the conversation between the two beings grew heated, and gave a little leap for joy when the supervisor reluctantly agreed.

     "Alright, we'll send the team. But they're to be cloaked holographically, and you must lead one of the squads." Troy nodded, and terminated the call. She grabbed and hauled me after her out the doors into a driving rain. Vehicles that resembled plastic APCs rumbled up to each shelter, taking personnel and equipment. Troy and I boarded one, glad to be out of the soaking rain. A technician attached a device to Troy's neck, and a soft glow surrounded her. I blinked, and Troy was gone! In her place stood a tall African woman in a kind of loose dress, which contrasted oddly with the hiking boots she wore. Hiking boots?! I realized then that the program tried to keep the user's dimensions true. No one would step on Troy's toes, for they now appeared as boots.

     The team sat in silence as the carrier drove on through the rain, wheels churning through mud and crumbled roadway. A shout drifted back from the cockpit, sending us all scrambling for the door. As my shoes hit the damp earth, a bolt of lightning illuminated the scene. It was a farmhouse--or had been before the storm. One of the techs used a body heat sensor to locate the family of survivors, who were huddled in a crude storm shelter. The father had broken his leg in the rush to the shelter, and two small children had concussions from a tree branch that had been driven in through the shelter door like a spear. They gratefully accepted the help of the medics, tears of relief in their eyes as their children were carefully drawn from the hole and taken to a hastily-erected tent. I watched, mystified, as a 'taur, (who was disguised as an Italian man in a poncho,) attached a headband to the children's foreheads. Twelve seconds later, both were awake up and crying. The father's leg was splinted with true efficency. When all that could be done was done, we packed up and ran back for the personnel carrier. As I shut the door, I could see the family waving to us from the flap of the tent we'd left them. Well satisfied, I shut the door and we raced on to the next damaged house.

     Exhausted, Troy stumbled into the cabin with me supporting her as best I could. She collapsed onto the cot as soon as she reached it, and I ran for towels. Soon I was scrubbing her pelt dry while she talked.

     "Final report says we probably saved over two hundred humans...and at least thirty housepets." We both grinned. I'd gone after a German shepherd stranded in a rain-swollen river, and had been lucky to survive his displays of intense gratefulness. "But I don't understand why the people in the town looked so shocked to see us! Some were even frightened! We used a lot of sedatives tonight..." Troy sighed, puzzled, and shook her head slowly. That's when I noticed the metallic device around her neck.

     "Troy, when did you turn your hologram off?" I hadn't noticed, myself, when she had changed from the woman back into a cattaur. She looked at me, seeming not to comprehend.

     "What do you mean? I didn't turn it off...oh my. Ohhhhhh my..." The vidphone suddenly blared to life with the image of the supervisor on the screen. He did NOT look pleased.

     "I hope you're happy Troy! The hologram units had been tested in plain rain, in the presence of electrical discharges, and periods of extended use. Apparently, no one had thought to to combine those conditions. Somewhere along the line, every single one of the cloaking devices shorted out! Hundreds of people saw us, and know exactly where we came from. We've made Official Contact, YEARS sooner than planned!" The supe got himself more worked up over every word, while I stood by and watched, wide-eyed. Troy stood up woozily, and faced down her superior.

     "Yes, and we also saved many lives! What better way to introduce ourselves to the world? Could we have made a better impression than that?" Speechless, the supervisor just stared. At last, it cleared its translucent throat and scowled.

     "We're meeting tomorrow with the mayor, and the day after that with the President of the United States. Since it was mostly your idea to help out the humans, you've been appointed one of our ambassadors. You and your human are to smooth out relations between us and explain--" Troy switched off the screen. She stood for a moment facing away from me, head bowed. I stepped over and in front of her, concerned for my love.

     "Do you want that dear?" She whispered, eyes moist. "It's something I feel called to do, a position I hadn't even dreamed of holding...I can do a lot of good there. But you're more important than any job. If you don't want to..." Shaking my head, and wrapped my arms around her neck.

     "I think you're the purrrfect girl for the job. And besides, you're my mistress! Your wish is my command." She frowned a little when I brought my Islamm voice into play.

     "Be serious James." She growled. I just grinned, and touched my nose to hers.

     "I've never been more serious in my life. Come on dear, let's bring two worlds together." Troy looked into my eyes for a time, perhaps trying to read deeper into my soul, and then abruptly slurped my face. Giggling, I backed off and lay on the bed. Troy followed, smiling.

     "I just realized dear that I don’t want you by my side." I cocked my head, as she flipped off the lights and padded silently closer. "I want you *in* my side." I blanched as light from the window reflected off my love’s glistening fangs.

     "Troy! Are you sure you want to do this now?! I mean, don’t I get special classes or something, or you get an acid-reducer? Troy?!" She didn’t even seem to hear me, as she drew closer and closer. Her mouth remained open, and as I watched, drool begin oozing out onto her chin. I understood then that *nothing* would prevent her from installing me in her stomach tonight. So I gave in. Rising to my knees on the cot, I offered Troy my hands. She snuffled them, licked them, and then took me into her jaws. Despite the burning hunger I saw in her eyes, she was so gentle, not even scraping my hands with her teeth. I felt my wrists slide across her tongue. I pushed my arms forward and felt my fingers slip into a tighter space. Troy let loose with one of her bone-buzzing purrrs, and swallowed. The muscular strength was incredible, and I cried out in surprise as my hands quickly slipped down into her gullet, followed by my arms up to the elbow. Getting excited now, Troy swallowed again, and I bowed my head as my arms were tugged down into that slick warmth. Unable to see anything but Troy’s beautiful breasts below me, I counted on my other senses to tell me what was happening. I heard Troy snuffling again as she touched her nose to my hair, then began saturating it with her thick saliva. It was warm, and carried her unique scent. I had to laugh a little as a trickle of it ran off my hair and down my nose. Then I heard Troy’s jaws creak and dislocate. My nose hit the cattaur’s tongue, more saliva coating my face. Troy gulped at me again, pressing my head tight against the opening to her throat...but it wouldn’t go in. She swallowed again and again, and the pressure built, but my skull remained unenveloped. I sighed, realizing it wouldn’t work. My head must be too large. Maybe we could do stretching exercises together...my thoughts were interrupted by Troy’s hands on my rump. I smiled, guessing she was going to try and make the best of a bad deal, until she shoved. Those powerful handpaws gripped my smooth buttocks and pushed them up and towards her, jamming my skull even tighter into her gullet! And with one final, sucking gulp, my head shot into her throat. Soft, warm tissue swathed my face and pressed tightly against it. Troy’s heartbeat pulsed against and all around me. Sensation from the rest of me became dim, as if my body now belonged to someone else. I only vaugely felt Troy stretching her mouth over my shoulders, but it must have happened, as I then continued my slide down to her belly. I noted that my lover’s pulse was racing as she fed herself, shoving me from behind down into her throat. After a few more swallows, my hands penetrated the sphincter-gate to her stomach. It was even warmer in that fleshy chamber, and I found myself eager to get all the way inside! It didn’t take long for that to happen, at the rate Troy was consuming me. My navel glided past her lips, getting a cursory teasing by her tongue. She must’ve felt me giggling inside her, and stroked me through the seperating wall of her body. Soon that ring of flesh was rippling over my head, plunging me into pure blackness. I had thought there had been no light before, but this was so much darker, something must’ve been getting through to me before. Gravity now helped suck me into my ravenous lover, for my descent accelerated. When my body began passing the junction from her upright torso to her horizontal one, I was forced to contort uncomfortably...but the intense feelings of pleasure being swallowed excited in me more than compensated. As the rest of my body pushed me down, my hands slid across the inner surface of Troy’s stomach. A thick layer of mucus squelched up between my fingers, concealing the silken flesh of the actual organ. Bracing myself to avoid getting a slime-facial, I worked my shoulders through that elastic ring of flesh to join the rest of me. With the largest part of me consumed, the rest was even quicker to follow. I was forced to curl up into a fetal position as Troy swallowed my legs to the knees. My cock was swollen and rubbing at the tissues of Troy’s throat, a climax approaching quicker than I’d ever felt before! Being eaten alive by my love was turning me on intensely! Then I thought of the way Troy’s body had reacted to swallowing that pig, and realized she was probably just as turned on. Soon my waist entered the stretching stomach, and I felt Troy’s tongue licking along my calves, then my ankles, then my feet. All of a sudden, I felt Troy close her jaws after me and swallow one last time. My legs were shoved down to join me in my new home, or perhaps prison, as that sphincter sealed tightly after my toes passed it. As soon as her throat was clear, Troy screamed and came explosively, her body rocking as waves of pleasure pounded her brain. I responded, thrusting my aching member into the slimy, soft walls of flesh around me. I cried out as I came, the muffled sound drawing Troy’s paws to her flank to stroke me.

     ‘Can you hear me love?’ Troy’s voice echoed in my mind, a sultry, loving thing just like her. I reached out to caress the mind now linked with mine.

     ‘Yes dearest. Are you happy with your new bulge?’ I grinned, mentally and physically as she sent all kinds of positive feelings to me. I woahed! As my world shifted, realizing Troy must be moving. With a bit of experimenting, I discovered I could see the world through Troy’s eyes. It was amazing, everything looked so much sharper through her eyes...the eyes of a predator. The slick concrete of the front porch glistened in the light from inside the cabin before Troy shut the door behind her. The rain had stopped, and the clouds had drifted apart just enough to reveal the full-belly of the moon. Stars sparkled around it, clearer, as if the rain had washed off the dusty windshield of the atmosphere.

     ‘We’ll be bringing a lot more than two worlds together you know, dearest love.’ She purrred in my head, stroking me through her side with a sigh. I knew inside me though, the number didn't matter. We could do anything we set our minds to, as long as we did it together. And for a number of months, looked like I wouldn’t have much choice in that respect! I told her so, and we giggled together for a long time.

     ‘You know, the supe’s not going to be happy with you dear. With your approaching coma, you’ll only be able to negotiate for a week or so!’ Troy shushed me.

     ‘Nothing he can do about it. Besides, this’ll be educational for your race. Be sure and wave when your doctors demand to ultrasound me!’ The giggling resumed. No, there was no way we’d ever be apart again. I felt Troy's paw sliding over the curve of her flank, and thus me, and could imagine her sated smile. Settling into the soft, squishing embrace of her tummy, I said my goodnights.





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