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Vixen 1, The Perfect Gift

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The Perfect Gift


(For a plushie-phile genitalvore/rebirth anthropormorphic animal enthusiast.)

by Anima, dedicated to Krys. :K)



      Tad had always known his uncle Drew was somewhat odd. This opinion became something of an understatement, given what Drew gave Tad for his 17th birthday.

      "Um, wow Uncle Drew... It sure is something. Thanks a lot..." Tad held the stuffed animal awkwardly, looking to his parents for help. They just shrugged, Drew was Drew. At least it wasn't socks...

      "That's a very unique plush toy, Tad m'boy! I picked it up on one of my long vacations in a very remote spot. Quite valuable. And notice how fine the craftsmanship is. It could almost be a real stuffed vixen. But cuddlier than those awful taxidermy things."

      Tad nodded agreeably, looking the fox plushie over carefully. It *was* put together well. He could spot no seams anywhere, the eyes were startlingly lifelike, the fur was incredibly soft, and whatever it was stuffed with made the fox huggably plush. Tad gave it a practice hug, and found he was oddly comforted by the toy. He looked back up at his uncle, smiling.  "Thanks a lot Uncle Drew. I'll give her a good home."

      Drew nodded, winked, then left to chat with his brother.

      "Well little lady, I'll show you to your room." Tad chuckled, carrying the vixen and the rest of his gift loot back to his bedroom. It was a pleasant room that the teen was proud of. The walls were painted a very subtle shade of violet, one that made the room seem to glow. Posters and tasteful art prints hung on the walls, capturing the idle gaze. A desk, bookcase, bed, and dresser accounted for the furnishings. Tad flopped down on his messy bed, turned on his back, and let the fox rest on his chest. Laughing at himself for doing so, he decided to name his new plushie.

     "Hmm, what shall I call you foxie? Wellll...fox in French is Reynard, so I could call you Reya? Can't think of anything else suitably vulpine. Reya. That's nice." Tad rubbed noses with Reya, and hugged her tight. Tad's head fell to one side, his gaze lighting on his desk. With a groan, Tad rolled off the bed and stalked to where his geometry book sat. But as he sat down in what might as well have been an electric chair, Tad noticed a wet spot on his shirt.

      "Hmm, spilled a drink?" He lifted the shirt and took a whiff. The scent was nice, but nothing the young man had ever smelled before. Shrugging again, Tad turned to his studies.


     Later that night as Tad lay in bed, Reya tucked in the crook of his arm, he felt something tickling his face. Whiskers.

      "Odd, I don't remember you having whiskers dear." He murmured, fingering them carefully. Light from a passing car, shining in through the window, made Reya's eyes glow gold. Then the fox's head moved, her gaze meeting Tad's.

      "Neither do I. Isn't that funny?" Now, this is something that would disturb most people. A stuffed animal suddenly coming to life and speaking up. Tad did what most of us would do; He Panicked.

      "AHHHHHH!" He yowled, and backpedaled on the bed. There was nowhere to go though, his skull just smacked into the headboard. Tad tried rolling but picked the wrong direction, and found himself wedged in the crack between the bed and the wall. Reya crept to the edge of the mattress, and grinned toothily down at him.

      "Awww, don't do that. You were so nice and warm! Come back up here. It's not like I'm gonna hurt you..." Reya licked her chops, and smiled again. Tad trembled, his brown hair obscuring his eyes like a discarded mop, feeling like he was trapped in some kind of cheap horror flick. Suddenly the lights snapped on, and Tad's parents rushed in.

      "What's wrong? Nightmare?" Mom asked, hands on her hips. Dad was rubbing his eyes, obviously displeased by this bedside visit. Tad waved a hand from his uncomfortable hidey-hole to let his parents know where he was.

      "Yeah...could someone help me out of this crack?" Dad did, and the two snuffed the light and returned to bed.


     Reya had remained silent during Tad's parent's stay. He scooped up the fox again, and looked her squarely in the face.

     "Well, that was fun. You sure you're not going to chew off my ear during the night?" Reya giggled, and swished her silky, bushy tail.

     "No way. I don't need to eat, otherwise I might find you *quite* tasty!" She licked Tad's nose, making him giggle too. He settled back into the bed, thoughtfully snuggling his plushie.

      "Any idea why you're alive? Talking? Stuff only humans normally do?" Reya shook her head, ears pricked forward cutely.

      "Nope. I just sort of, 'came to' when your uncle handed me to you. Like we were destined or something romantic like that." She shrugged, and buried her soft head under Tad's chin. She thrummed happily against his throat. Tad gave up thinking, and stroked her silky little body. Reya shifted a little, tail swishing actively across his bare chest.

     "Oh yeah, romance is a thing I wanted to talk with you about. I'm sure you're like other adolescents in that hormones are oozing out your every orifice." Tad blushed, scritching Reya softly. The little plushie arched her back and mmmmed at the scritchies.

      "How do you know anything about adolescents?" He asked dubiously, and was rewarded with a smug look from the vixen. Ever seen a smug look on a fox? They excel at being smug.

      "I'm a fox. Foxes know everything. Anyway, being an adolescent, maybe you can help me out with something." Tad shrugged, raising his dark eyebrows.

      "I'll try." Reya nodded, circled around on Tad's chest, and lifted her luxurious tail. Nestled between her chubby plushie-fox legs was a gorgeous, swollen, dripping vulva. The sensitive skin was the shade of roses, the outer petals spread just enough to give the teen a tantalizing glimpse of darker and more secret recesses. Tad inhaled sharply, catching a bit of her scent in the process. It was the same smell as that wet spot on his shirt....and it provoked his hormones like nothing else.

      "As well as knowing everything and being horribly cute, I'm also a randy little thing." Reya murrred, wriggling her hips sensuously. Drops of her sex cream flew off and spattered Tad's face with the movement. Tad swallowed, and managed a few words.

      "I'd be delighted to help..." His young cock was fully erect, straining at the fly of his underwear. Reya nodded, smiling happily, and pushed her muzzle under the waistband of Tad's shorts. He yelped as her cold nose touched his skin, and hurried to take off the boxers himself. Reya oooohed when Tad's member sprang free of the constraining material, six inches of wonderful, pulsing meat.

      "Mmmm, I want to eat you all up!" She murrrred, and pounced on the cock. The vixen turned back to face Tad's face, then sat on his meaty staff. Tad gasped, then moaned loudly as a slick tunnel of warm silky flesh swallowed his privates whole. He couldn't imagine how a this piece of human female anatomy had ended up on this fox, but at this very moment, he decided he didn't care! Reya was making little barks and yerfs of pleasure as a cock half her length filled her belly. She began sliding her hungry cunt off and over Tad's penis, rocketing them both to new heights of pleasure. Their orgasms coincided, Reya's inner muscles (She's got muscles?) rippled with amazing strength around Tad's bucking cock. Thick cream spilled into Reya's pussy, which was all too happy to receive it. When both had descended from their peaks, Reya returned to Tad's arms for a snuggle. They fell asleep that way, new and very satisfied lovers.


      Tad made love three times a day to his vixen, more to fulfill Reya's needs than his own. He would've been overjoyed just to loose his load once or twice a day, but Reya was indeed a 'randy little thing.' She craved his seed, wanted him to pump her so full of it she'd leak through her rich fur... But Tad had limits, and Reya learned that. Or she seemed to. About two weeks passed, during which Tad and Reya became great friends. The fox even helped the boy with some of his homework, mostly just as an excuse to show off her foxy cunning. When she mentioned that, Tad got a new idea.

      "Mmm, this may save some of my strength, and will still drench you in ecstasy...c'mere my lovely vixen. Ever heard of cunnilingus?" Tad threw himself on the bed, and spread his arms for her. Reya leaped onto her human's chest, murring? expectantly. Tad seized her hips, waited for her foxy tail to flag, then buried his face in her drooling sex. Reya arched her back, gasped, then yerfed in delight as Tad filled her musky passage with his warm tongue. Smooth flesh met smooth flesh, letting the tongue glide easily between Reya's distended labia. Soon she was bucking and squirting hot nectar down Tad's throat.

      "Ohhh YEAH!" *yiff* "Wish we'd--" *yiff* "tried this sooner!" Tad located the fox's clit and sucked on it, while spearing her with his tongue. Reya's soft little body stiffened, and she came in his mouth The hot wine of her pleasure poured thickly over his tongue. Delicious... Tad smiled and pulled his face away from Reya's sodden behind. Or *tried* to pull away. His tongue was stuck, held fast by Reya's quivering muscles. Had she seized up?

      "Eya? Et ee oo. Ah caht ooov." Tad managed, Reya's thick aroma clogging his nostrils and intoxicating him.

      "Let you go? No... I figured out how to get more of you inside me. Relax, you're going to LOVE this." Reya moaned again as she lifted her tail higher, and squeezed with her vagina. Tad's face was pulled up to squish snugly against Reya's warm slit. Another squeeze, and Tad's nose and chin vanished past the hungry netherlips. Somehow Reya was stretching wide enough to accept his face, then head. Well, being plush, Tad realized she was quite elastic. But surely she couldn't manage his shoulders, could she? Best not to take any chances. Tad screamed, but the sound was very effectively muffled by wet flesh and soft fur. With a sucking *SHLUP* Tad's head was tugged completely inside Reya's hot little body. Spasm after spasm rippled through Reya's cunt, pulling Tad deeper and deeper into her. Apparently the vixen was a lot bigger on the inside than the outside...Tad thought of Snoopy's doghouse. Soon his torso was wrapped in slimy flesh, slipping ever deeper into hot darkness. He whimpered, expecting to suffocate in his lover's honeyed depths... Reya leaned back into the delicious intrusion, pressing Tad's legs against the bed, forcing them deeper into her little plushie body. The vixen trembled with the glorious sensation of her body filling to bursting with her lover, and the continuing feeling of flesh sliding up through her pussy. And not coming back out. Tad's smooth legs jerked a few times inside Reya as her cunnie swallowed his knees, then his calves. When only his feet remained, she paused to look down at her belly. Much to her satisfaction, her soft tummy hadn't grown much at all... Riding on that thought, she launched into another glorious orgasm. With a final slurp, Tad was gone. Tucked safely away inside Reya. Embarrassingly, the fox's pussy let out a little burp! Rolling onto her side, Reya relaxed. A careful observer would see that the plushie's belly was about two inches larger than it had been. She stroked herself with a paw, her russet tail flopping about on the wet sheets. Slowly, the gaping lips of her sex drifted closed once more.

      "Mmmm, to steal a quote, 'I can't believe I ate the whoooole thing.'" Reya giggled, and immediately dropped off to sleep. Inside, Tad was curled into a tight fetal position, sticky womb walls pressing against him on all sides. Only three of his senses seemed to work here, touch, taste and hearing. Smell was canceled out by the omnipresent musk of the vixen. Touch nearly overloaded his nerves, as a constant pressure of sodden flesh slid and pulsed against him. Hearing was limited to the sound of Reya's heartbeat and breathing, sounds that relaxed him in a way Tad had never experienced. (Or if he had, he couldn't recall.) He found that when he closed his eyes and thought about where he was, he got so excited, his cock spasmed and painted the inside of his prison with seed. Every time his cream touched the insides of his lover, she would cry out and cum forcefully! Hmm, here was a way he could get back at Reya for this little trick... He could breathe fine, every breath laden with the scent of his vulpine lover.

      "Oh well...things could be worse." He mumbled, nuzzling the velvety wet tissue next to his cheek.


      When Tad woke up the next morning, he felt cramped...and damp. Surely that dream couldn't of... His eyes flew open to greet darkness. Tad reached out, his fingers squishing against a wall of slick tissue.

"Oh man..." He moaned, trying to sit up. Reya woke with a start when Tad began moving, and rubbed her belly briskly.

      "Morning lover! Cozy? I hope so, you'll be in there for a while!" She murred, and giggled softly to herself. Tad shook his head, and hoped that wouldn't be *too* long. What about school? What about his parents? With a sigh, he let it go. No use worrying about something he could do nothing about. Might as well enjoy this...unique situation while it lasted. Tad shifted his hips, then began bucking against the inner wall of Reya's womb. Again somehow, Reya timed her orgasm to match his perfectly! They howled in unison, both squirting one liquid or another. That was fun for awhile, but when Tad's stamina ran out, there really wasn't anything to do. Reya couldn't hear him speak, so conversations were one-sided at best. All that was left was sleep...


      Several sleep periods later, (Tad didn't know what was day or night any longer,) the trapped human began to notice something different about himself. His skin was beginning to tingle and itch in a disconcerting way...and his face seemed different somehow. His fingernails were growing too quickly, as well as his body hair. What was going on?! Consciousness faded the day Tad felt an excruciating pain at the apex of his buttocks... A darkness and peace enfolded him, a shroud he had no choice but to accept. Adrift on a sea of sex and slick heat, Tad sank into sleep.




      Tad's parents assumed he had run away, and tried everything to get him back. But none of his friends had seen him, so where would he have gone? The police eventually ruled it an unsolved mystery. In a show of sentiment, they left Tad's room exactly as it was. Reya was still lounging about on the bed nine months after Tad had disappeared, but she'd grown quite a bit in the interim. Exactly nine months after 'inception,' Reya stroked her swollen belly and felt a stirring deep inside.

      "It's time love... Time to return to the cold cruel world." Reya laughed, and massaged her abdomen. Her soft paws cupped and squeezed at her mammoth, fluffy belly, feeling the quickening life within her. The vixen's contractions got stronger and stronger over the course of a few hours, and she dilated. Spreading around the descending bulk, Reya's vulva bulged and blossomed like some exotic flower... Red fur coated in birthing fluids appeared, followed by a muzzle and a pair of eyes. Inch by inch a body was forced from Reya's safe loins, vagina spasming and squirming to rid itself of the *huge* blockage. Reya lifted herself off the bed in the overloading sensations, crying out as her belly deflated. That warm mass that had weighed her down so deliciously for months was now oozing out onto the sheets... Moaning in pleasure, not in pain, Reya slowly gave birth to a five foot, six inch, anthro fox.

     Tad lay in a puddle of thick fluids, fur matted, dazed beyond belief. Reya was curled around him affectionately, cuddling. She seemed bigger. Abruptly, the world snapped into sharp relief.

      "I'm back...but, you've grown Reya. Big as me...and you look...more human!" Indeed, Reya was now almost six feet tall and built like a voluptuous human female, but sheathed in soft crimson and white fur. She still had a muzzle and pointed ears, as well as her wonderful tail. Her six teats had turned into a pair of glorious breasts, their nipples peeking shyly from the thick fur. Her body felt solid, warm and alive, not like the plushie toy she had been before her 'pregnancy'. She nodded, and touched Tad's nose.

      "I'm not the only one who changed my love." Tad looked down at himself, and discovered he was a male replica of Reya. Black 'gloves' and 'boots' of fur, pads on his hands and feet, and a soft sheath over his penis... Tad explored his soft red pelt with his thick fingers, taking in the creamy white of his chest, inner arms, and thighs.

      "How?" Was all he could say, staring into her blue eyes. Reya shrugged, wrapping her arms around Tad.

      "Some of your humanity leaked into me, and some of my foxishness leaked into you. I guess. That's the only thing I can think of. I really wasn't thinking about this when I, um, unbirthed you, but I must say I'm very pleased with the results..."

      Tad hmmed, nodding.  "My my my... This is going to take a little getting used to." He mumbled, stroking the back of one his paw-hands.

     "Know how we can start? I think you're supposed to begin with something familiar, so..." The vixen grinned and spread her legs; the white fur of her crotch and inner thighs like a lighted runway. Juice dribbled down through the fur, soaking it liberally. Tad smiled, feeling his new equipment respond to the sight and scent.

      "But what about my parents?" Tad sighed as reality came crowding back. "I can't hide you any longer, being that big, and there's no way I can conceal what's happened to me!!" Reya nuzzled him, lifting a finger to his lips.

      "Shush, I'll handle it. I'm the cunning one, remember? Now come here..."



To Be Continued...




[Liked the story? Comment! Never use my stories for evil. :K) Thanks.

Love to all,




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