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Vixen 4, They Grow Up Too Quickly

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They Grow Up Too Quickly!


A tale by Anima. Contains animate-plushies, vore, Unbirth/Genital vore, and assorted sexual elements.



     Anima sighed happily, nestled beside his two mates in bed. Somewhere in the apartment, a clock clucked softly to itself. Shadows shifted across the bed and its occupants as they fled a passing car's headlights. In the wake of the vehicle's noise, the trio's breathing suddenly seemed unnaturally loud. Anima purrrred very softly as the silence allowed him to feel Krys' heart beating against his chest. It was a typical night, shared by millions in California. But none were remotely like these folks...


      Windsor, by far the smaller of Anima's two loves, snuggled against his right side while Krys lay stretched out on the massive feline's chest. Krys made a startling contrast next to the two others, her russet fur shining brightly against the velvet black of the panther's pelt. Windsor was as black as hir mate, but had more in common with Krys than Anima as far as species went. In fact, Windsor was an exceptional creature...purrhaps one of the first hermaph-plushie-panther/fox crossbreeds. (Talk about minority!) Shi was barely two feet long excluding hir tail, and built like a plushie vixen with chubby little legs and an overall cuddly impression. Hir tail was wonderful, a luxurious brush of sable fur big and fluffy enough to lose oneself in...


      Krys was a more typical vixen, not to say there was really anything typical about her. She stood 5 foot something, not counting her large pointed ears, and despite her athletic build, the vixen's curves were all purrrfection. Anima smiled as he thought about his two dearest loves.


      The feline's ears could pick up the snores of Windsor's parents in the next room, a second vulpine couple who shared the apartment with them. Their names were Tad and Reya, a pair very much in love who had once been sexually involved with Anima and Krys. That relationship had lasted barely a day before Windsor had come along and, well, organized things into the status quo. Anima went over recent events in his mind, recalling what had happened to bring him to this lovely point in his life. Five months had passed since Anima had been 'reborn,' after Windsor had slurped him up into hir soft womb for processing. That procedure had temporarily rendered Anima a black fox like Windsor, but his shape-shifting ability let him revert to his native panther-shape at will, a lithe black cat with moody golden eyes. Tad and Reya had quickly found work on the police force that served their town, and were outstanding members of the community. Reya was pregnant now with her second child, a fact everyone in the house was pleased about...if also a little worried. Everything seemed perfect...yet something was nagging at the back of Anima's mind, not letting him sleep. Something about Windsor.


      Shi was still quite young, about a year and 2 months. Yet the little plushfox learned quickly, and was now the intellectual equal of most of the adults Anima knew. So hir mind was fine...what *was* it that was bothering him? Still troubled, Anima admitted defeat for the moment and let sleep claim him. It wasn't until the next morning that his nebulous concern was defined.


      "Anima love, I'm worried about Windsor." Krys plopped down across from her mate at the round kitchen table. The panther had taken an humanoid shape to fit the chair, and also reduced his size to better fit the room. Krys propped her elbows on the table and her head in her hands. Anima paused, looking up at her from his bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  He preferred live food when he could get it, but a couple boxes of this stuff would do in a pinch; even if he did get milk on his whiskers.

      "Shi's not growing." Krys finished, her emerald eyes brimming. At last, something clicked in the panther's head!

      "Of course! I knew there was something... Shi's gobbled me down half-a-dozen times this month alone, yet shi hasn't gained an ounce! I mean, where does shi *put* it all? We've asked the question before, but now it's a serious issue!" He looked around for his other mate, but Windsor wasn't in sight.

Normally this would've been a cause for concern... Windsor needed constant supervision to prevent...incidents.

      Krys nodded unhappily, and leaned across the table to lick the milk off her lover's whiskers. When she sat back, Anima observed a decisive look in her eyes.

      "I think we should have hir looked at." Now this was a surprise! Anima fixed Krys with a skeptical look.

      "And exactly who would know anything about the kind of creature Windsor is? Should we just wheel hir down to Children's Hospital, or would a vet be more appropriate?" Krys smiled slightly and shook her head.

      "No, I've got a college professor friend who has expressed an interest in seeing hir; more than an interest actually. He wants to examine you too, incidentally; he said you were an intriguing case." The panther glared in mock offense, which Krys duly ignored. "He's doing research on higher dimensions, and he thinks he might have some answers for us." Anima sat back, letting the spoon clatter in his empty bowl. A professor? It was something he'd never considered... True, they'd be most up to date...and open minded.

      "Might as well give it a shot. But I'll talk to hir first." He warned, pointing a thick velvet finger at her. "You know what shi's like, shi may just have decided *not* to grow. Who knows?"

Krys nodded, and gave her mate a loving lick-kiss. Anima shifted to a natural-panther form, (As natural as one larger than an automobile can be) and went prowling for his second mate.


      He found hir in their bedroom, stretched out on a pillow, flipping through a magazine with hir chubby little plush-paws. Hir black, glossy fur soaked up the sunlight streaming in the window; Anima rather envied hir the sunny spot. It was breathtakingly cute, and the cat found himself just watching hir for a moment before shi noticed him. Windsor looked up and met his eyes with hers, two little orbs the hue of tiger's eye. Shi grinned, hir little pink tongue lolling out. The panther had come to grips with the fact that though Windsor was mostly plushie, shi was very much alive, and had many of the same organs an anthro-vixen would. And of course, hir behavior wasn't consistent with the average stuffed toy either. Reading women's magazines, for one, was something only Windsor would do! Hir current choice looked like 'Mademoiselle.'

      "Heya kitty. There's a neat article in here on multiple orgasms... Have a nap today, okay? I want you energized for some experiments tonight!" Anima blushed at his mate's frankness; it was one of hir more endearing traits. Padding to the foot of the bed, Anima bunched his muscles and leaped up beside the little feli-fox. Settling down, he plucked Windsor off the pillow and cuddled hir to his belly. Windsor murrrrred happily, burrowing into hir big kitty's silky fur. That was something else about Windsor, shi possessed the plushie-magic of being an instant comfort to whomever held hir. Anima found himself relaxing, purrrrring gently and stroking Windsor with his thick, powerful paws. After a moment or two, shi looked up and mrrrred.

      "Want to get a little closer? You know I'm always hungry for ya kitty...and this time I'll let you choose which end swallows you." Windsor giggled, pawing at Anima's tummy. The panther shook his head, his muzzle curling up in a grin.

      "No, I've got a question for you dear, and I want you to answer it as best you can." Anima purrrred soothingly, snuffling along the rich length of hir tail. The vixen nodded, looking up into Anima's big glowing eyes. "Krys and I were wondering...why aren't you growing? I mean, you're more than a year old and you haven't grown an inch! And you eat more than a herd of elephants..." Windsor giggled, licking Anima on his broad nosepad. He wrinkled his nose as tickly-sensations raced from his nose, down his spine, and into his tail. Shi knew how to press all his buttons...

      "Only cuz you're so tasty love, and fabulously wriggly whenever I stuff you down into my tummy. And I know you like being in there..." Anima blushed again, not denying it. Being eaten alive excited him like little else... Before he could dwell on the subject and arouse himself, Windsor returned to the matter at paw. "But I *am* growing! On the inside. My mind... I haven't bothered with the body yet. But if you want, I can start. Y'know, like this?" Windsor leaped at him, covering his face with soft, ebony fur. Anima laughed, trying to brush the little fox away...and found he couldn't. Shi hadn't leaped at him, shi'd grown *out* against him! Shi was his size now, twenty feet long from nose to tailbase! Anima pulled back to get a better look, and fell off the bed.




      True the bed was large, but not *that* large. Windsor peeked over the edge of the mattress at him, a smirk on hir suddenly-larger muzzle. Krys scampered in to investigate the floor-shaking thud, and stopped short in the doorway.

      "Anima! You said you'd talk to hir, nothing more!" Shi growled, staring daggers at the fallen cat. He mewled pitifully and stuck his head under the bed; he hated being scolded... Windsor interceded before Krys really started in on the poor panther.

      "He didn't do it Krys, I did. He wanted me to grow, so I showed him I could." Windsor giggled, pouncing off the bed and curling up beside hir fallen mate. Shi wrapped hir four legs around the panther, murrrring to match his purrring. Anima turned over, returning the embrace, and snuggled with vigor. The floor was now a virtual mass of shifting panther and fox! Krys sighed wistfully, looking at the cozy pair, and slid in to join them. Cuddled closely together, all worries and stress seemed to melt away...there was only each other, their warmth, and their love. Anima was the one to break the comfortable silence with the fatal question.

      "Windsor, how big can you get? Is this your limit?" Windsor just smiled, and let hir tongue loll out again.

      "Nope. You wanta see how big I can get? Watch this!"



Chapter 2



      "Calling all units in the East Downtown district, report to Glenn apartments to investigate a disturbance. Over." Tad and Reya stared at each other in horror, that was their place! Tad floored the accelerator, making the cruiser growl and leap in response.

      "You don't think Windsor--did something, do you?" Reya whined, staring out the windshield. In an unconscious gesture of protection, the vixen cupped her paws against her soft tummy. Her police uniform still fit, the pregnancy wasn't more than a month or so along.


      Family life had never been exactly calm since their daughter/son had entered the world, though the biggest problem to date had been the disappearance of a number of house pets. They were all returned unharmed, after a brief stay in the little plushie's belly... When they'd demanded to know why shi'd done it, Windsor had shrugged and claimed shi liked being stuffed full of things that struggled and thrashed. To prove hir point, shi'd wolfed down Anima, and swallowed enough air to keep him alive. After seeing how obviously happy the panther's struggles made the plushfox, Tad and Reya had given it up. But through that, they'd learned digestion by the vixen wasn't inevitable after all...


      Tad shrugged off the recollection, trying to concentrate on driving. His lights and siren were on, but plenty of drivers just didn't give a crap about cops and weren't cooperating! Tad tried to disguise the stress in his voice.

     "Your guess is as good as mine, sweetheart. It's probably something simple though, like a protest or a strike. Who knows?" Reya nodded, and leaned back in her seat. Tad hoped he'd seen the tense muscles in her shoulders relax, but wasn't sure. Ten minutes later, the cruiser screeched to a halt in front of the apartment building. It seemed to be in shadow, which was inexplicable given the clear sky and noon-day sun. Reya cranked down her window and leaned out, scanning the deserted front lawn. Nothing in sight... Then they heard a giggly voice they knew only too well, but amplified a hundred times.


"See? Isn't this fun! I would've done this sooner, if you'd asked."


      The vulpine couple tumbled out of the car, and raced around the side of the building towards the caster of the shadow. Both stopped cold in their tracks when they saw what lay around the corner. Tad's eyes tracked up, and up, and up further... It was Windsor...but taller than the apartment building! The todd made some quick calculations and gasped. Windsor was about a hundred feet tall! Shi also appeared more feminine than usual, somehow. Probably because shi'd made hirself anthro, something the dear plushie didn't do very often. Breasts that normally appeared as little teats now rode proudly on hir chest; A pair of massive black-furred mounds tipped with pinkish nipples. Windsor's tail had stayed the same size proportionately, which meant it could now swallow half a city block...and almost had! Blocking the sun with a handpaw as he raised his gaze, Tad spotted Krys riding comfortably on the giantess' shoulder. After a little more searching, Reya pointed out Anima as well, nearly invisible against Windsor's fur. Before they could try and communicate with their offspring, a middle-aged woman waddled up to them in what may have been a run. For her. Panting, she grinned at them crookedly.


      "Thank God you're here! That horrible monster came out of nowhere, crushed my garden, and who knows what it'll do next! One of the other tenants is on the roof, trying to get a shot at the thing's eyes, but-" Tad yelped and jerked his head up to scan the roof. Sure enough, a man was leaning over the edge with a sinister-looking weapon in his arms. Another thing Tad didn't like about California: Everyone seemed to have a gun! Without even thinking, Tad had his revolver in his hand. A shot rang out...heads turned...and the man on the roof screamed as a slug pierced his shoulder. His gun made a distant clattering noise as it fell into the gutter ringing the roof. Windsor looked down, bemused to see her parents. Shi cocked hir head, ears pricking forward, and called down to the distinctive vulpine couple.

      "Hi Mom! Hi Dad! I've grown up!" No one paid any attention to hir words, as the gathering of apartment denizens began closing in on the Beauvilles. The lady who'd spoken to them first now had a wicked glint in her eyes.

      "You...you *creatures* are in league with each other! You're protecting it instead of us! We should've known better than to think you'd take the side of humans." The faces around the fox couple were getting uglier by the moment. Then, an instant eclipse plunged the front lawn of the apartments into darkness.

      "Mom, Dad? Are these people bothering you?" Screams broke out from the humans as Windsor lowered hirself into a sitting position, lotus style, on the grass. Hir legs made a neat corral for the would-be lynching crowd. Windsor grinned down at hir captives, poking gently among them while they screamed.

      "Oh, don't make such a fuss! I won't hurt you, as long as you leave my family alone!" Heads were now turned skyward, nodding emphatically. They wanted nothing to do with a blood feud, especially given this *particular* relative's stature... But when Windsor smiled and showed hir stalactite-sized teeth, every shred of calm dissolved. Pure panic reigned between Windsor's legs, as fifteen or so people scrabbled at the soft walls of black fur, searching for a way out and away from the giant vixen. This scrabbling, shoving, and pushing had a decidedly pleasurable effect on Windsor, and shi began to moan gently. Hir paws drifted to hir breasts and Windsor began to play with hir proud nipples.

      "Keep that up little ones, and I may just have to eat you after all...not with my mouth either." Shi murrrred, hir voice enough to make the humans redouble their efforts to win free. Anima stood partially to reach his mate's triangle-shaped ear.

      "Windsor, no! You mustn't do anything to these people, they're--ACK!" Windsor plucked Anima from his perch, and dangled him in front of her nose.


      "Sorry mate, you're distracting me. Time for a snack!" Shi tilted hir head back, and dropped the huge panther down into the moist cavern of hir mouth. Anima screamed his defiance and anger as he hit his mate's tongue. Bunching his muscles he made a leap for the world outside...but it was far too late. Anima ran head first into Windsor's closed teeth. Shi winced as shi heard the clunk, and quickly swallowed while the kitty was still stunned. At least shi wouldn't have to worry about those claws of his...


      A slimy ring of tissue squeezed firmly around Anima's hindquarters, and dragged him backwards down     Windsor's throat. Everyone with their eyes on Windsor saw hir make a face as the panther's fur rubbed backwards against hir tongue and inner cheeks. Maybe head first would've been a better choice! Anima fought dazedly, but at his best he was no match for the vixen's tongue and throat muscles. Windsor basted what remained of Anima with hir slick saliva to make his tickly fur go down a bit easier. Windsor mmmmmed, closing hir eyes and rubbing hir breasts while the panther's musky flavor trickled over hir tongue and down hir gullet. Inch by inch, foot by foot, Anima lost the battle and sank further into his mate. When his forepaws became trapped against his body, the panther gave it up and went limp. Windsor sensed this and swallowed hard! Heads turned skyward again as a tremendous GULP shocked everyone into silence. Strong ripples caressed Anima's lithe body even as they dragged him down, coaxing him to a fierce state of arousal. From there, the trip turned into a hot, slimy, roller coaster ride! Soon, Anima was only a bulge wriggling its way down into his lover's furry belly...


     From the panther's perspective, a sphincter let go of his head with a *pop* and spilled his body into the fleshy cavern. Slimy mucus squelched loudly when he hit the floor of the chamber, seeping into his beautiful coat and matting it. Hot, sultry air filled the feline's lungs, combining with the flesh and goo to continue the caress Windsor's throat had begun. Little ripples and contractions of the plushie's stomach caressed every square inch of his frame. Anima was no stranger to these surroundings, but they'd never been this roomy! Personally, he preferred the slimy walls clutching and rippling against his tightly compacted body, stroking him to mountain peaks of hot, boiling pleasure... Anima shook off his naughty thoughts and took stock of his situation. It didn't take long to decide the situation could be described in a single phrase: there goes the neighborhood.


     Outside, Anima's other foxy mate was in a panic. Krys was screaming now, beating on Windsor's fluffy cheek! Her eyes were wide and staring, almost all pupil. Anima had survived being swallowed before, but things, (As well as Windsor,) had changed quite a bit. What if he...

     "Oh, I'm sorry Krys! I should've known you two wanted some private time together..." Windsor grinned, and snatched Krys off hir shoulder as well. "Though actually I hope I'll find some company for you two...I'm starving! " Windsor painted Krys with more foxie-saliva, rubbing her all over with the huge, nimble tongue. Before Krys was half-slimed, she was moaning in pleasure and unconsciously spreading her legs. Anima had given her tongue-baths before, but this was so much *more*... But Windsor noticed none of this, and soon finished coating Krys in an inch-thick layer of warm drool. Shi made a tight 'o' with hir mouth, and slurped the vixen off the palm of hir hand. Windsor wolfed Krys down with much greater ease than Anima, given the vixen's size. A subtle bulge in the giantess' neck marked hir second snack's progress until it vanished into hir fluffy torso. Seconds later, Krys had joined Anima in his organic prison. The two didn't show at all on the massive vixen's body, though Windsor felt them as a delicious wriggling weight in hir abdomen... Hir paw moved to hir soft, plush belly and stroked it sensually.

      "Mmmm, oh yeah..." Distractions disposed of satisfactorily, Windsor turned hir attention back to the mass of humanity rubbing hir so nicely in hir favorite spots... Some of the humans had begun to notice some odd precipitation in their furry prison... Where could that be coming from?

      "Okay folks, time to play stuff-the-vixen! How many can shi hold? Only time will tell..." Tad and Reya stood by, helpless, as Windsor giggled again. The landlord was never going to forgive them for this...



Chapter 3



      Frank Carney, a former Navy SEAL, and one of the men who'd never approved of the sniper idea, was shaking in fear. This morning he'd woken up to toast and orange juice...and now... Here he was, pressed into the soft folds of a monster fox's furred scrotum, while shi playfully hinted shi was about to treat them to a fate worse than quick death. Or was it worse? He'd met Windsor two months ago when he'd gone to the Beauvilles looking for his lost pet: A great Dane. He'd watched as Windsor disgorged it from hir soft jaws, dropping the size of hir furry tummy by almost three feet. Despite being *quite* slimy and disoriented, the dog had been perfectly fine. Ever since that encounter, Mr. Carney had found himself fascinated with the little fox-creature... Frank looked up at the pubic mound looming above him, his eyes widening as he studied a gaping slit almost four feet long. The labia were big rubbery lips that had steadily filled with blood, (Or something,) for the past two minutes. Frank realized early on that he and the rest of the trapped humans were inadvertently arousing the vixen. As Frank gazed on that slit with conflicting feelings, a splash of warm, sweet fluid gushed from its depths and rained down on him! His clothes were soaked to the skin, with the liquid and the vixen's heady musk. He got a little on his tongue, and exclaimed in surprise! It was the best thing he'd ever tasted! Like a wine, rich and thick. Frank had never gone down on a woman before, but he decided if he got out of this alive, he'd certainly give it a try...


      "How about you? You're already nice and slick..." That playful, giggling voice boomed down at the group, causing Frank to look higher. Windsor was looking right at him. Frank yelped, and tried burrowing deeper beneath the vixen's balls, but Windsor caught him before he'd vanished totally from sight. Shi lifted Frank until he dangled from hir fingers some ninety feet off the earth.


      "No no, I'll let you do that some other time. Right now, I want a man in me...ALL the way in..." Windsor grinned toothily, and proceeded to strip Frank's clothes off. It was a warm day, made more so by the gentle breath of the vixen playing over his body. Still, Frank shivered as his smooth body was bared to some eighteen people. Without another word, Windsor dropped hir hand back to hir groin. Shi held him like a dildo, by his middle, and moved him with teasing slowness toward hir drooling vulva. Frank watched with increasing fear/anticipation as Windsor pushed him closer...and closer...then pressed Frank's head softly, almost gently, into hir pussy. A soft rim of slimy skin eased over his head, sliding warmly down his forehead...then over his eyes. A soft squelch cut off Frank's cries of protest, leaving the unburied portion of the man's body to wriggle helplessly in the vixen's hand. Frank cried out, throwing out his arms to try and halt his progress! His fingers scrabbled at the surface of Windsor's labia, making hir moan in delight. Surprising himself with the weird thought, Frank noted that the big netherlips had the texture of a dolphin he'd had touched once... Sumptuously smooth and firm. Windsor nearly bucked Frank out of hir when his fingertips brushed hir swollen clit! Even as a particularly savage muscular spasm squashed his head, Frank decided for his health not to touch that wet bump again... The owner of the flesh engulfing the human wiggled hir hips in delight, so much was shi enjoying the little man's attention...


      "Ooooh, yes, keep that up dear! Long as you can anyway..." Windsor giggled breathlessly, and shoved Frank in further. That soft fleshy rim began advancing again down the man's nude frame. Muscles clamped around the human's head and shoulders, tugging them in further with a moist slurp. The spectators between hir thighs, nearly choking on vixen-musk and ankle-deep in hir secreted nectar, watched in horror as Frank's kicking legs slowly sank into the vixen. Windsor released Frank, leaving the rest to hir vaginal muscles and began twisting and pinching hir double-fist sized nipples, but keeping hir eyes on the hindparts of the man slipping into hir pussy. Beads of milk formed on them, dripping down on the captives like a delicious rain.


      Frank moaned and whimpered as the slick tunnel swallowed him in, his only air a small pocket trapped when he was forced in. Every inch of his skin was being caressed by the firm but gentle 'swallowing' of Windsor's cunnie. The heat was incredible, an enveloping warmth that soaked into his body...that along with the stuff he was sliding in. Frank was almost swimming in a stream of sex-honey running along the passage, infused with a musk he found irresistible. Mentally scolding himself, the human lapped at the delicious fluid, trying to sate his burning hunger for the essence of the vixen. He breathed shallowly, shoving at the engulfing walls of the vixen's pussy. They gave a little, bulging outward under his wet palms. It was a token effort at best, Frank knew he wasn't getting out of this. He didn't even want to get out...he was enjoying it! That smooth flesh rippled all over his body, driving him and his cock wild. When Frank began thrusting into the fleshy floor of Windsor's canal, he felt the massive creature respond. Windsor threw back hir head, *yiffing* in ecstasy.

      "OH GODssssss that's good! Need, more...MORE!" Windsor reached down, picked a new victim, and stripped him as well. *splat* *slurp*


      Another human was waist-deep in Windsor's sex. He was followed by two others, another man and a woman, whose bulk forced the first two even deeper inside. Frank's body slid easily up, further and further in, the heat of the vixen's body building all the time. His thick penis dragged along the tunnel's fleshy floor, setting off explosions behind his eyes. Frank felt a sudden tightness around his sodden skull, which gave when he pushed upward against it. He figured it must be hir cervix, and was proved right when the next muscular squeeze emptied him into a soft, slimy chamber.


      Somehow there was enough light to see dimly, and Frank was shocked by what he saw of the space. It was wet, true, and very warm...but he didn't see any blood vessels or evidence of links to the rest of the female plumbing... It was almost as if this was a child's idea of a womb, or maybe an idealized one. Just a soft, warm place everyone on Earth had spent about nine months in. Through all this, the man forgot his burning lust for a moment...until the vixen's movement pitched him into the wall of the womb. His cock squashed against the deliciously smooth and slick tissue, playing his nerves like harp strings. He finished off his passion by thrusting himself against the satiny surface. The skin yielded under his thrusts, helpfully forming a shallow trough to receive his member. Frank grunted with every jerk of his hips, then cried out as his cum spurted against the wall of Windsor's womb and trickled down the pinkish surface. It proved to be a thirsty wall, as his spent seed soaked away and vanished within seconds. Shivering with the strength of the experience, he sank down against the soft wall to rest. Seconds later, three others were packed inside the womb, the last like a bullet from a gun as Windsor began cumming explosively! Maybe shi'd stop now that shi'd had some pleasure...and besides, there really wasn't any more room in here!


      "Tad, what're we going to do? Anima should be okay, this isn't the first time he's been in Windsor's stomach. But what about Krys and those four people!? They've no special protection against death, by suffocation or whatever!" Reya moaned, sagging to the grass. They'd just seen Windsor howl in joy and cum, squirting gallons of thick lubricant all over the remaining prisoners. They were now making assorted noises of fear and disgust, slogging through mud and vixen-juice. The muffled screaming they'd heard for a bit had stopped... Tad just shook his head, adjusting his uniform pants. They seemed a little tight all of a sudden...

      "Our Windsor won't hurt anyone dear. We've drilled it into hir, there must be some way shi can keep those people from dying." Tad wrapped an arm around Reya's slim shoulders and held her. Her shivering eased a little, and the vixen buried her face against Tad's chest. Tad held the back of his wife's head with one paw while he stroked her back with the other, murmuring softly. "Don't worry..."


      Windsor took a shaky breath as shi calmed down from hir intense orgasm. Hir body still thrummed with pent up energy...energy shi planned to spend most deliciously! Glancing down between hir legs, Windsor counted hir remaining toys. Hmm, ten people left? No, eleven. That might not be enough...oh well, shi'd see how far shi could get with them. Windsor, hornier than ever, giggled as several of the women stared in disbelief at hir cock. They had reason for looking unsteady, hir penis was a fleshy rod long enough to almost touch hir crossed ankles. It pulsed slowly, and gave off an intoxicating musk that blended with the subtler scent of hir female parts. The flesh was a soft pink in color, and featurelessly smooth. Shi didn't seem to have a knot, there were no visible veins, and the mushroom-head was just a swelling at the end of the cylinder of meat. Or was it even meat? Shi was still a plushie in many ways, maybe the huge penis was stuffed, or rubber. Watching them cower in fear of the huge member, Windsor got an idea...but shi wasn't big enough! Hir muzzle frowned in a pout for a few seconds. Windsor shrugged. Shi'd come this far, why not go to the extreme?


      Carefully, the huge fox dipped into that reserve of power shi'd located a while ago. Instantly, Windsor's body *doubled* in size again! Shi felt a shifting inside hir as hir six perfectly-healthy occupants fell to the bottom of their respective enclosures with a slimy thud. Grinning as shi heard the muffled complaints from inside, shi selected hir next victim. A tall, slim woman of indeterminate age had fainted, and was laid out on the grass. It was cub's play to remove her dress and underwear with hir more anthro hands. The task would've been considerably more difficult with hir natural paws. Windsor held the woman in one hand, and pushed hir cock upright with the other. Shi gauged the size of the oozing slit in hir cock, and then the width of the woman. Easy! Windsor squeezed hir eyes shut and let out a shaky moan, feeling hir body rise to the brink of orgasm just *thinking* about what shi was about to do... Without further hesitation, Windsor slipped the human's feet into that tight, drooling hole and then shoved. Hir copious pre dribbled down the smooth shaft, easing the human's passage significantly. Victim number five vanished to the waist with the first push, then to the neck on the second. Windsor whimpered happily, this felt almost as good here as it had with hir cunnie! Shi felt the mass inside hir member, heavy, and starting to slide deeper... The woman chose that moment to wake up, and was understandably disoriented. Then she saw Windsor's face above hir, and screamed shrilly! The vixen frowned, covered the terrified face with a fingertip, and pushed her the rest of the way down into hir cock. The firm tube was now swollen at the tip, a swelling that moved and twitched as the woman struggled. Groaning happily, Windsor gripped hir cock above the bulge, and slowly jacked hir hand down hir length. Windsor's body began to tremble as that fighting lump slid down hir length, down, deeper...slipping somewhere deep into hir loins. The people still cowering between hir legs heard a muffled, gooey splash, and saw bulges distend the surface of the vixen's furry balls. Shi couldn't have... Yep, shi did. One woman ran over, hugging the massive, furry sac.

      "Don't worry Anne! We'll get you out! Just hold on..." Slowly, the thrashing subsided inside Windsor's balls as either 'Anne' calmed down or fainted again. Disappointed that delicious wriggling had ceased, Windsor grabbed the woman hugging hir balls.

      "Well she IS correct in that you have nothing to worry about Anne, but *you're* in a better position to know than your friend. But not for long." Windsor grinned at hir latest toy, and shoved hir sixth victim, screaming, head-first into hir cock. Shi repeated the process, squeezing the woman down hir thick length and masturbating the subsequent bulge into hir balls. With two humans swimming in hir balls and wriggling against hir most private places, Windsor didn't last much longer. Still rubbing hir cock frantically, Windsor barked, yiffed, and then howled as a male-orgasm boiled through hir. A fountain of white arced up into the air, glistening brilliantly in the sun for a moment, before raining down on Windsor's thighs and the remaining captives. Pulsing in hir grip, the herm's cock bucked and spurted, nearly draining hir of seed.

Inside hir sac, the two women found the level of hot cream around them dropping as it was suctioned out into that massive cock. It was like someone had pulled the plug out of the bathtub!

Windsor tried to keep up hir stroking, but the orgasm had turned hir muscles to shaky jelly. Gradually, shi descended from hir plateau...hir libido not at all affected. Eight men and woman, (splattered with fox-semen,) watched with mute horror, and fear in their eyes as Windsor gazed down on them and licked hir chops.

      "Well, there's still one or two places I haven't put any of you yet..."



Chapter 4



      "Umm, Tad, Krys was telling me the other day that she'd been worried about Windsor's health. She wanted to take hir to a professor to get looked at. Do you think that guy would help us out?" Reya looked hopefully at her mate, then up at the monstrous vixen. Windsor belched, rubbed hir belly, then reached for the dwindling group of people. Tad nodded slowly, then started for the car. It wasn't as if his presence was helping anything...

      "What was his name? Where's he work?" He asked. Reya considered, then shook her head.

      "I don't know! We'd have to ask Krys, and she's...well, in there..." Reya pointed at Windsor's middle. Tad groaned, his ears folding flat against his skull. Then he brightened, and grabbed his two-way radio. He stalked up to Windsor's knee and slugged it as hard as he could. Windsor hardly felt it, but it did make hir look down.

      "Hi Daddy! What's up?" Shi leaned down to hear Tad as he shouted up at hir.

      "Daddy wants to talk with Krys, could you swallow this radio so we can ask her a question?" Tad showed his problem-child the mentioned device. Windsor delicately plucked the radio from Tad's hand, nodded, and threw it into hir mouth. Tad ran back to Reya, who was already on her own radio. Good thing these new sets were water-proof!


[*Crackle* Tad? This is Anima. This radio just hit me in the head, and-] Reya frowned, and hit the send button.

      "Anima, give the radio to Krys! We need to reach that professor friend of hers." Anima must've handed the radio over, as the next voice that came over was Krys'.

[His name is Walter Treet, and he teaches a class around this time at the university in room 304. *crackle*]      Reya thanked the swallowed vixen, then bounded back to the car. Tad tried keeping an eye on Windsor as Reya radioed the station. He watched helplessly as shi swallowed five more humans. They hardly made a bulge as they slid down her throat... Then shi pushed one more up into hirself, and began feeding another down hir cock. Thank God for small favors, Windsor neglected to 'feed' hir anus. A sound suspiciously like a human cry of joy drifted across the lawn from Windsor's crotch before the woman's head vanished.

      "Hurry Reya! Shi's running out of toys!" Tad yelled, watching the second-to-last victim squirm down into Windsor's bus-sized cock. A minute later, Reya bounced back up.

      "They're sending an officer to pick up Professor Treet right now. He'll meet us at the station. There's nothing we can do right now, and the rest of the force are evacuating the area. We can't afford to assume those people inside Windsor are still okay...or that shi'll stop 'eating' any time soon." Reya gasped for breath, hands on her knees. Tad nodded sadly, reaching down to help support his wife, and led her back to the car. Half-jokingly, he wondered to himself whether anyone manufactured really big muzzles, leashes and collars.



Chapter 5



      Windsor sighed, cupping hir belly with hir pudgy paws. There were six beings in there now, one of them weighing over a ton, and shi was STILL starving! Well, maybe there were still people in the apartments... Climbing to hir feet, Windsor stepped over to the main entrance of the apartment complex and began stomping. If the tenants thought there was an earthquake, they might run outside... Shi chuckled as hir feet gave the humans a preview of 'The Big One.' Windsor truly laughed with glee when hir theory was proved correct. A steady stream of people burst out the door and ran right into hir paws! Stuffing three and four at once into hir mouth, Windsor made a grand feast out of the two-hundred strong population of Glenn Apartments. Hir throat was almost perpetually swollen, a tight fleshy corridor to hir warm tummy. Shi'd taken the time to tongue the first five humans, but now hir primary focus was stuffing hirself as full as possible. Windsor noted happily that several of those shi wolfed down seemed to be enjoying the trip... Most however fought wildly, wrestling hir tongue, kicking hir tonsils, and clawing at the tissue of hir throat as they slid down. Slowly, hir belly grew heavy and wonderfully lumpy... All those shi'd swallowed kicked and tore ineffectually at hir soft insides, making hir moan and finger hirself. It may have been hir lewd imagination, but Windsor could've sworn shi felt some people humping in there... On a whim, the horny herm suddenly decided shi needed more people between hir legs...and humans *were* still spilling out of the building... Hmm...

Windsor sat down again, setting a gigantic leg to each side of the building. Shi spread hirself wide, squishing hir slick mound right up against the doors. With hir free hand, shi continued simulating an earthquake. A panicked human ran right into hir soft folds, shocking a delighted moan from the vixen, and was soon swallowed by hir muscular action. Crying pitifully, he was soon among the others squirming in hir womb. More poured out, and more were devoured by Windsor's insatiable cunnie. The situation was reminiscent of lemmings...perhaps the separation between man and beast was less than suspected! Another screaming woman took a headlong dive into Windsor's slimy canal. How many people were IN this building anyway?! Windsor hoped there were more...

      Now hir body was starting to show the effects of hir gorging. Two distinct areas of swelling marked hir womb and stomach, both grossly distended. After a few more tidbits, the bulges seemed to meld into one, making hir belly look like a beanbag!

      Inside Windsor, the people in hir stomach and womb were rudely tumbled into a single confining space. Anima had made himself smaller to avoid crushing anyone, and screamed along with the others as their slimy world dissolved into chaos for a time again. Windsor shook hir head and grinned, patting hir tummy with both paws. Silly humans! Hir balls sagged over the grass like some kind of furry, collapsed circus tent, still wriggling occasionally. A doctor with a stethoscope and a cherry-picker would've had a field day... Gradually, the number of people running outside ebbed, then stopped. But Windsor caught sight of another stream of escaping people from the building across the street... Wriggling like an overfed snake, the vixen squirmed across to them and stuffed handfuls of people past hir lips, (Both sets.) Not one touched a single tooth in hir head, and aside from being jostled and squished, not one came to harm as they tumbled down into Windsor's gut/womb. Shi mmmmed, cuddling an armful of squirming people to hir soft breasts.

      "Man, if only I'd thought of this sooner..." Windsor giggle/moaned, then barked as another orgasm wracked hir body. Sheesh, humans COULD be lots of fun!


      Reya cried with relief as she and Tad arrived at the police station the same time the professor did. Treet looked harried, yet strangely excited. He was a tall, gangly man with shoulder-length white hair. He couldn't have been that old, his face was quite smooth. He carried a briefcase stuffed with papers and charts.

      "Professor, has anyone told you what's going on?" Tad asked the man, hurrying inside.

      "Please, call me Walter. Yes, they told me your child has grown to an inappropriate size and is doing equally inappropriate things to the neighborhood's population." Walter smiled a wanly, pushing his way into a small office furnished with a table and a couple of chairs. In seconds, the table was awash with printouts, diagrams, and scads of print. Tad glanced curiously at a folded model of a cube, which turned out to be one of the first things the professor picked up.

      "Now, I take it you haven't a clue as to where your child learned how to manipulate hir own matter and add to it?" Reya and Tad both affirmed that statement. "Well, I can answer where that mass is coming from anyway. Here, look at this model." Walter held up the model, which looked to be a wire construct. Walter folded it once more than it already was, compacting the thing into a straight rod.

      "This is a line, one dimension. Length, but no width. Now this," the professor unfolded the model again to make it a square, "is two dimensions. We now have length and width. Three dimensions is a cube." Now he unfolded the model fully, introducing the dimension of height. Tad scratched his chin nervously, then leaned over to kiss Reya. She was shaking like a leaf... Walter looked up at them, and smiled gently in sympathy.

     "Don't worry, I AM going somewhere with this. Now, suppose we took this to the next logical progression and introduced a fourth dimension? Not time, I'm discounting that for now." Tad shook his head and grimaced.

      "I can't even imagine that Walter! And what does that have to do with Windsor?" Walter dropped the cube, and pulled a chart from the stack of material on the table.

      "Well, say you were a square, living on a two-dimensional plane. If you wanted to hide something from the other squares on the plane, wouldn't it be great if you could stuff things into the third dimension? No one but you would know it was there. In a way, that's what Windsor has been doing. Shi takes on mass, converts it to energy somehow, and stores that energy in the fourth dimension we can't see. Shi can get at it anytime shi wants, sucking or storing power. In this case, shi's probably used all the energy stores to achieve hir current size. Now, do you have any idea where shi got the ability to convert energy to matter and back again?" Now this was something the Beauville's could answer. They explained how Anima had come into their lives and influenced Windsor's development. Walter listened with wide eyes, jotting hasty notes in a notebook that appeared from nowhere. When they'd finished, Walter was nodding slowly.

      "Well, shi inherited it then from Anima. Whether they do it consciously or not, they both store energy in the fourth dimension. Or maybe an even higher one. There's no way to know without asking them..." Tad looked quickly at Reya, then made the decision. He grabbed Walter by the arm and started out the door.

      "Come on Walter, we're going for a ride."


      Windsor lay on hir back, legs spread obscenely wide, moaning softly. Shi'd never been this full, not even with Anima! Hir belly pillowed out over hir thighs, wobbling with the constant motion of the beings inside. Windsor's stomach bulged subtly here and there as a few people still struggled to escape. The grass beneath hir had turned mostly to churned mud with the combination of the amorous vixen's copious secretions and hir spasms of joy. While no longer in the throes of intense orgasm every few minutes, Windsor felt as if shi was afloat on a sea of satisfaction... Shi didn't even notice when Tad and Reya pulled up in the cruiser, and jumped out with a white-haired man.


      Walter stared, his eyes fastened on the massive, glistening slit of Windsor's cunnie, almost hypnotized by the picture of sexuality on such a massive scale. The pink lips were only too obvious against the backdrop of Windsor's ebony fur, swollen and glistening in the setting sun's rays. Tad shook him, bringing the poor man to his senses.

      "Goodness, they weren't kidding about hir wanton activities. The building is empty, and no one escaped. That one across the street looks deserted too... Hand me that radio, would you Tad?" Walter took the radio, and addressed Anima.

      "Anima? This is Professor Treet, Krys' friend. I need to ask you a few questions." There was silence. For a moment, all three feared the worst, that Anima had been digested and was now a black soup sloshing through Windsor's guts... But the radio crackled to life and spat out the deep voice of the panther.


[Here doctor. What do you need to know? We're all fine in here by the way, just cramped and annoyed. Well, most of us. A few seem to be having a grand old time...like that couple over there rubbing their-] Walter interrupted hurriedly, a blush creeping over his smooth face.

      "Enough, I'm having a hard enough time as it is staring at a vagina big enough to swallow a Buick! Now, Tad and Reya have told me you can change size and shape at will. What do you do with any mass you're not using at any given time?" Anima responded a second or two later.


[Well, I kind of, tuck it away. I don't really know where it goes, I always assumed it followed me around as some kind of cloud of power. Do you think Windsor's doing the same thing?] Walter grinned, stabbing the send button with fierce joy.

      "Yep, exactly the same thing. Was there ever a time when you couldn't get at that energy?" The pause this time was longer. When Anima finally responded, he sounded weary.


[Yes... When I'm extremely exhausted, or...excited, I have problems concentrating enough to get at my power.] Walter hmmed, and turned to the Beauvilles.

      "Well, Windsor looks pretty exhausted right now...but that will just keep hir from getting bigger. How can we get hir to shrink? Maybe if we...oh. My." Tad startled, tail frizzing out. Reya moaned as she braced herself for more bad news. Walter groaned and spread his hands in entreaty.

      "I'm sorry, I should've thought of this sooner. We need to get those people out of Windsor before we shrink hir, or they'll all be crushed, or destroy the vixen's body as it shrinks." Walter sighed and threw himself down on the grass. Tad ran and fetched a bullhorn from the cruiser, than sprinted to Reya's head. His daughter-son was torpid, drowsy, and didn't respond quickly when he addressed hir.

      "Windsor dear? It's your father. Would you please let all those people inside you out?" He put an undercurrent of what he hoped was command in his request. Windsor looked at him with an eye bigger than a manhole cover, and laughed. The blast of breath knocked Tad on his rump.

      "I think not! It feels soooooo good to be packed full like this. I'm gonna regret it nine months from now when they're gone..." Tad almost passed out.

      "Y, you mean, all those people, will be...?" Windsor grinned at him, then licked hir dad with a tongue bigger than him.

      "Foxies! Black ones. Lots and lots of black foxies..." Tad sighed, shrugged, and ran back to the other two. Windsor's voice had carried well, and they were already aware of the news. Walter was trying not to laugh, and Reya looked worried.

      "Well, shi's not going to let them go, and there really isn't anything we can do about it. They'll just have to wait nine months... Hope none of them will mind being furs." Tad tried to sound cheerful, for his mate's sake. Reya brightened a little.

      "It won't be that bad, will it? I mean, the conversion process cures all diseases and even makes the 'victim' thin and trim. So what if they're half fox?" Walter stroked his chin, gazing on Windsor's pussy. A steady stream of fluid, about the quantity you'd expect of a garden hose turned on low, flowed into the mess beneath the vixen. Tad tapped him on the shoulder. Walter turned to him with a strange look.

      "Would you two mind very much if I joined those other folks in there? I think I'd like being a fox..." Reya sighed and threw up her hands. What else did she expect of a man? Tad just nodded, and whispered something in Walter's ear. The man nodded, laughed nervously, and stripped. When his wiry frame was bare, he took off at a run for Windsor's crotch. Reya and Tad put their arms around each other's shoulders and watched as Walter literally dived into the glistening slit. Windsor cried out as shi felt something hit hir pussy with a loud *SQUELCH* and squirm inside hir. Walter's kicking legs disappeared as Windsor's muscles claimed him, sucking him into the already-overstuffed womb. Hir belly twitched and wobbled, gurgles and groans filling the air. Windsor screamed and tore up huge chunks of the lawn as shi came again, hir body bucking in the giant mud bath shi'd created! For a moment the two foxes worried the spasms would force Walter back out...but hir womb must've been quite adamant about keeping down its human meal. Hir belly rolled and sloshed like shi'd swallowed a water bed, and shoved hir through yet another wave of ecstasy. Reya nuzzled hir cheek against Tad's, and chuckled.

      "So, guess we've got the house to ourselves for awhile..."

Tad nodded, looking up as his child calmed down. Hir pants ruffled the trees a few dozen yards away.

      "Never in my wildest dreams did I think my little plushie-cub would be too big to play fox-jockey before shi was two years old. What're we going to do when shi's a teenager?" Reya shuddered, and tightened hir grip on Tad's shoulders.

      "DO NOT mention 'teenager' again in my presence! We have to deal with the terrible two's first. You know, I think we should write Doctor Spock and demand he write a new book." Tad shook his head, rising to his feet and escorting Reya inside with him.

      "Nope, we'll write it ourselves. What should we call it?"

      "How about, 'The Beauville's Guide to Raising the Perfect Bitch?'" Tad winced and groaned, his voice echoing in the empty apartment building. Outside the vixen had fallen into an exhausted sleep, and hir snores sent little tremors through the structure. Tad and Reya walked slowly through the halls to their place, nuzzling and talking quietly with each other. Life could never be normal per se, but who wants a normal life anyway? As soon as the two set paw in their apartment, (Which just happened to overlook the fluffy black dome of Majestic Mount Windsor,) the phone rang. Tad picked it up, *Eeeeped* and held the phone a few inches away from his ear while it squawked. It was the landlord.






{Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed the story. I can't claim full credit for it, it was inspired by Morphy. :K) Rest assured, the Beauvilles will have other grand, yiffy adventures. As always, suggestions, comments, etc. are welcome.




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