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Yes Master

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Yes, Master...

(Another vore/weight gain tale spun by Anima)



      A typical example of such places, the holding cell was a torture in itself. The stench of close quartered living was a palpable, living being in the confining room, a creature that took up residence in the nose and lungs. Some beings had it harder than others, the hunting species in particular. Quiet sounds of hunger, pain, and general distress circulated among the thirty or so creatures penned in the dank space. Those cries abruptly faded as a hatch hissed open in a wall of the pen, admitting a flood of dusty light. Three hulking, nine-foot tall aliens entered the cell, brandishing blades and guns. A smaller creature stepped past them, into plain sight of the slaves. Those who recognized him directed murderous glares at his form as he stood cockily in the doorway. Elegantly dressed as well as wearing a self-satisfied grin on his mushy little face, Dorwahoo was one of the most hated sentients in the galaxy. Slave trader to the rich. A personal army ensured his 'services' were unimpeded, and aided in the acquisition of merchandise. Now, he delivered a quick speech to the audience of assorted aliens.

     "Well, your day has arrived. You will march out of this room and across the platform, pausing when told and following every order to the letter. Any escape attempt will result in the termination of the entire slave group. Understood? Good. Behave, and you may find a master that will not treat you too badly. The unlucky ones will wish they could remain with me and my luxurious holding facilities." He smiled sardonically, waving a stubby-fingered hand at the stinking cell.

      "It is to your benefit to be sold, those who aren't gone at the end of the day will be ground up for pet food. Now to your feet and march!" Those who could stand obeyed, those who couldn't found new motivation in the torture appliances wielded by the enforcer aliens. A long, straggling chain of slaves shambled down a corridor that opened into a larger space. This space proved to be a kind of stage, a raised slab of construction material ringed on all sides with seats. Every chair was filled with the elite who made it to the auction, while a few with no hope of affording a purchase lingered on the outer fringes of the gathering. The chain of miserable people halted at the edge of the platform, while Dorwahoo made another little speech, this time to his customers. The eyes of the waiting buyers glittered in anticipation, shifting from the dealer to his goods and back again. One by one, the living wares were marched up on stage and exhibited in every way. An obsidian skinned creature with bright silver eyes was snapped up by a towering reptilian client, whose jaws were already dribbling saliva as he called out his bid. And so it was with a tentacled being, an energy life form, a mass of heaving slime, and several other delightful oddities. Dorwahoo frowned surreptitiously as the next slave padded up on to the stage. It walked on four limbs, and possessed a humanoid torso that stood vertically away from the lithe quadruped body. A fierce feline countenance challenged the prospective buyers to purchase her, hands trapped in heavy steel gloves a silent promise of the destruction she could wreak unbound.

      "This, fellow sentients, is the first felineoid I have ever acquisitioned, 'taur configuration. It is a female, type 8-4d, an acceptable fit for types 24a-58c." This produced a stir in the crowd, a range like *that* was sure to interest many beings here.

      "Note her fur, exquisite lines, and, um, intact spirit. A real challenge! What am I bid?" Several limbs were raised, digital information conveyed via biological implants. The felineoid stood stock-still and stared at the creatures jostling to have the privilege of owning her. Apparently some here looked beyond the surface, for at that moment her fur was matted and stained. Her tail had suffered a rather nasty, if only partial, impromptu amputation. One of her eyes was swollen, and the signs of broken ribs showed with her stance. But the bids continued to come in, rising steadily. Dorwahoo chuckled and rubbed his hands together, looking over the screen set in his podium. Then his eyes widened at a new bid, prompting him to look up. A tall, slim creature had pushed his way to the front of the stage, robes swirling around his legs. Deep blue eyes met Dor's only briefly, before returning to linger on his new slave.


      If she had been uncomfortable in the prison cell, the felineoid was doubly so in the presence of this spindly alien. He held the end of her force-leash, leading her through an endless maze of blank metal corridors. Telepathic, her new master's mind's presence registered on her awareness like a looming mountain. Aware now that escape was impossible, she hung her head in despair. The odd pair was ignored by others they passed in the halls, a sight only too common in the space station. After a long enough walk to give the slave leg cramps, master and slave arrived at a docking bay.

      "This is my ship. I expect you to respect my wishes. You will ride with me in my compartment." The towering alien said, indicating a sleek spaceship moored in a line of others. It had the appearance of a slim silver fish, the impression doubled with its bulky neighbors. A small lift transported them from the deck of the bay into the belly of the ship. Inside, the cattaur marveled at the elegance of the design. The ship's interior was nearly all one compartment, different areas of function linked with a series of catwalks, ladders, and chutes. Engines, navigation computers, sanitary facilities and sleeping quarters were all in the same gigantic chamber. A tug on her leash reminded slave that master found her gawking non-compliant with his wishes. He led her across a catwalk to a sort of lounge adjacent to the sleeping quarters, and indicated she should make herself comfortable. The leash dissolved into shards of glittering light, sinking into the lush gray carpet and vanishing.

      "What is your name?" He asked, folding his absurd frame into a chair.

      "Among those that worked with my people, I was known as Roqual. My true name is pronounceable by very few." Though Roqual guessed her master would very likely be among those few, he did not demand that name as well.

      "Roqual. Very good. I am Tamanthis. You have been ill treated, a practice which shall not continue while you are in my service. Here, you no longer require those..." Roqual flinched as the gloves trapping her hands fell free, their triple-strength molecular bonds broken by a mere thought. "Use the wash room, and when you are finished there, I will have my robotic medical unit attend to you." A strip of light appeared on the carpet, guiding the servant to the wash room. She nodded shortly, and padded as quickly as her injuries allowed along the glowing stripe. The facilities were extraordinarily luxurious, but after what Roqual had endured on the station, a bucket of icy water would've been enough. As it was, she had a top of the line bath available to her. A cylindrical chamber slid an inviting door open at her approach, and the cattaur stepped gingerly inside. A warm cloud of steam swallowed her form before the water came, eight thick streams of comfortably warm water sluicing down on her from a number of jets. Soap soon followed, then shampoos mixed to balance the oils in her skin and fur. Roqual was purrring in bliss as grease, blood and other filth were blasted off her body. Finally a drying cycle cut in, blowing her fur about and producing a rather fluffy felineoid. When she emerged, a small robotic servant rushed up to brush her coat. This she allowed, relishing the feel of her deep red fur finally lying the way it was meant to. When the little automaton had vanished, another glowing strip appeared on the floor to guide her. Padding carefully along another catwalk and down a ramp, Roqual soon found her master. The alien was punching several commands into a computer console, which appeared to operate the RoboMed unit. Flinching inwardly, the injured 'taur eyed the unit with distrust. It looked like some kind of horrible farm implement! However, her master demanded it.

      "Please step between these poles here. That's fine. Relax, this will only make you feel better." Tamanthis reminded her, and started the procedure. Roqual grudgingly agreed Tamanthis was right as the robot injected her with nanites, and surgical lasers cauterized her open wounds. New energy coursed through her body as her hurts were tended, and her mind cleared up. When the horrible looking robot withdrew its appendages, Roqual summoned up the will to smile at her master.

      "Thanks Tamanthis. You have no idea how good it feels to be in one piece again. Or, perhaps you do." She shrugged, coaxing a small snort of amusement from the other being. He bowed slightly, and led the way to the sleeping compartment.

      "It is only the kind thing to do. You would have done the same for me if you were able." He stated it as a fact, and though Roqual thought of arguing the point, wasn't he likely to know better than her? The sleeping quarters were comfortable, if rather spare. An acceleration couch lay against the curved inner hull, festooned with buckles and straps. Two cots took up the rest of the room, low to the floor and quite large. Each was covered in soft, comfortable sheets and blankets.

      'Now I find out exactly what he expects of me as a slave...' Roqual thought to herself, as Tam moved to a cot and threw back the top layer of bedclothes.

      "I will sleep in this one, you take the other. Fear no advances from me, I have a lifemate. It is not your purpose to be a lovetoy." His words lifted a burden from the 'taur's shoulders, and she slumped with relief.

      'Even if my kind treats sex lightly, I want to choose my partners.' Tam smiled ever so slightly as he picked up the thought, and nodded.

      "What is then, to be my purpose? Laborer? Bodyguard?" The question went unanswered for a moment, as Roqual settled carefully onto her cot. Tamanthis finished prepping his bed and turned to her, blue eyes glittering.

      "It is too difficult to explain right now. You will be comfortable, and well treated. Before we sleep, I think you would like some food... Hmm, I'm afraid you will have to subsist on rations until we reach my home." Tam made an apologetic gesture, which surprised his new servant.

      'Apologizing? To me, a slave? Just because he can't give me the food I like?' This situation was growing beyond her. Another robotic servant arrived, and dispensed a tray of hot food to each of them. Roq lapped up the food eagerly, longing to fill the belly that had seen nothing bigger than a crust of vitamin cracker in weeks. Tam watched her eat, picking at his own rations. The felineoid's tray was spotless by the time Tamanthis had finished the first compartment of his tray. Chuckling softly in a way that made his tongue click, Tam had the robot bring more food for the hungry kitty.

      "Eat as much as you like, I'll be getting some sleep." He murmured, and slipped beneath the sheets. Tam's eyes remained open while he slept, something that unnerved Roqual more than a little. But, there was all this food to get through...no time to worry about her master's behavior.


Chapter II


      Tamanthis awoke to the sight of his chef-robot rolling around in circles and beeping frantically. Shining clean trays littered the floor around Roqual's cot, which contained the sleeping alien. Her back was turned on the gangly being, so he slid off the bed to see what had happened to the 'taur's belly. His steps faltered as he caught sight of the heaving dome of flesh her stomach had become, and concluded that she had emptied the ship of its entire ration stocks.

      "Incredible..." He breathed, ignoring the chef butting into his leg. Tam longed to stroke the heaving mass, but knew it would be better to get permission first. So he simply sat on the edge of the cot and watched Roqual sleep. An hour or so later, the felineoid stretched luxuriously and awoke. Feeling her feet touch something, she looked up to the surprising sight of her master watching her carefully from the foot of her bed.

      "I, I'm sorry I ate all your food..." She ventured, folding her four 'taur paws over her belly protectively. Tamanthis chuckled, his mind projecting waves of amusement rippling through her.

      "Don't be sorry my dear. When you get settled in, you can eat more than this every day, of live food." His words sent electrical thrills up and down the cattaur's spine, lighting up her eyes as well.

      "Oh! I've always wanted...how did you know...oh thank you!" She felt like hugging her master, but couldn't seem to move very well. Tam smiled broadly and gently patted her flank.

      "Don't try to move, just lie there and digest. I'm going to check our progress and will return shortly."


      Tam hardly needed to tell Roqual that they had already reached his planet, as a vibration rattled through the sleek vessel. Still in high humor, Tam procured a floating luggage cart to transport his new servant to a waiting vehicle. Roq watched the strange city flash by the windows of the hover transport, drinking in the sights of her new home. There were very few large buildings, most seemed less than three stories tall. Vegetation abounded, and was the primary reason she didn't see their destination until the front gate rolled open to admit them. Tam's estate wasn't exactly modest, but not ridiculously posh like some she'd already glimpsed. An avenue lined with stately trees led up to the mansion, a white and black brick affair trimmed with elaborate woodwork.

      "Here we are. I think the cart will fit..." He murmured, mentally calculating the width of his front door.

      "No need, I can walk." Roqual smiled, and wobbled to her paws on the warm stone driveway. Tamanthis nodded, pleased, and led her inside. Another of Tam's species greeted them in the receiving area, and was introduced as Tam's wife: Trocalle. She seemed a pleasant enough person, if a little distant. Trocalle studied this being her husband had returned with.

      Roqual was a sturdy specimen of her kind, standing six feet and seven inches tall at the head. Her limbs were thick and well-muscled, their strength revealed in the ripples as the cattaur moved. Her pelt was a deep red color, like wine, banded at the paws with threads of violet. She had pointed ears set on top of her head, a short muzzle, and a large moist nosepad. An odd structure gleamed on Roq's forehead. Trocalle probed lightly, discovering it to be a body-heat sense organ. A long, slender tail arched behind the 'taur, terminating in a soft oval of fur. Well, Tamanthis could certainly pick them!

      "Welcome to our house. Tam's been looking for someone like you since we moved into this place, I'm glad he discovered you. Come, I'll show you to your room." Trocalle took one of Roqual's pawhands in a cool, loose grip and set off down the hall. Tamanthis reassured her he'd be along in a moment as the pair of females turned a corner and lost him. It took a couple minutes to find Roq's room, a softly decorated apartment filled with cushions.

      "I'm afraid its colors don't suit you, but that can be readily changed. Has Tam informed you of your position here?" Roqual shook her head, still puzzled on that point.

      "Well, as you may have noticed, my mate likes...obese beings. The bigger the better. I have no special attraction for them, but he's the master of the house. You're here for his enjoyment, a friend and centerpiece rolled into one. Physical contact won't go beyond lying together closely, he's quite monogamous." She turned and smiled lovingly at her mate. "As for your needs, three servants will be at your command every minute of the day." Trocalle spoke softly, taking care to use phrases that wouldn't frighten or upset the felineoid. Roqual nodded, and padded softly around the sleeping room.

      "That sounds like an ideal life for me... I'm overjoyed now that your husband chose me. Certainly if any of the other buyers present at the auction had gotten me--" She broke off and shuddered, gaining the sympathy of the house's mistress.

      "I know, it must've been awful. But you're safe with us, our compound is quite secure. Now, would you happen to be hungry?" Roqual grinned and licked her lips.

      "You need never ask that question again, mistress." She purrred, earning a laugh from Trocalle. Soon an assortment of live creatures, all encased in various containers were arrayed around the cattaur. Tam arrived just as she began eating, and settled down nearby to watch. Roqual chose a foot-long gray thing for her first course, an animal with big hindlegs and a sleekly furred body. Sluggish with weeks of inactivity, the critter merely stared stupidly at the predator as she lifted it to her lips. With a quiet mmmm, Roq stretched open her jaws and pushed the animal's head past her lips. Now it began squirming, as its chin glided easily over a slick tongue and into an elastic opening. Swallowing action caught the prey's head and tugged it insistently down into sultry darkness, while its torso followed it seconds after. Roqual had the thing by its huge haunches, stuffing its length into her maw. Boy could it kick! She snapped her jaws shut as soon as the powerful feet slipped past her gums, receiving a jarring kick from within soon after. But that move only served to propel the soft little thing faster towards Roq's belly, a tight tunnel of warm pulsing tissue squeezing it down through Roq's torso and into her 'taur portion. A ring of flesh gulped it down, letting the warm wriggling body plop down into Roqual's eager belly. Roqual moaned and held her sides as the meal kicked inside her, eyes shut in bliss. Tamanthis chuckled, wrapping a thin bony arm around his mate's shoulders.

      "Excellent Roqual, did it taste alright?" The cattaur looked up and nodded, a warm smile spread across her muzzle.

      "One of the best meals I've ever had...and it was only the first course! Yes, I think I'll enjoy serving you Tam." Her master nodded, chuckling, and indicated another waiting creature.

      "Why don't you try that avian there? My race loves them cooked, and since they put up quite a fight when hunted..." Roq took the mentioned box, and nodded at Tam, her smile growing wider.

      "Yes, Master."


Chapter III


      As she did nearly every day now, Roqual had one of her 'staff' calculate her weight. It seemed to please Tam when she reported how much she'd gained, and it gave her an idea of how well she was eating. Ioc, an orange-skinned octaped that assisted her with two other aliens, scanned her with a small device mounted on its back.

      "1200 units, about 800 pounds the way you measure things. That's nearly a hundred more units than yesterday." Roqual nodded, and stroked her plumping flank with a satisfied smile.

      "Much better than when I came here last week, half-starved. I should reach the weight I want in about three months I think." Ioc shook its head, deactivating the scanner.

      "Um, Tam asked us to give you more food per meal. He thinks it would make both of you happier." Roqual giggled quietly, and nodded at Ioc.

      "You may be right. Alright, time for breakfast!" Ioc nodded quickly, and set about producing the half dozen encapsulated animals that fed the felineoid. She made quick work of them, and sat back afterwards enjoying their struggles inside her, moaning a little and stroking her flanks. Ioc watched, intrigued as always by this. Small distinct bulges showed from within Roq's furred skin, and Ioc made a game of picking out which bulge was which creature. It was getting harder to tell every day, as the felineoid put on more flesh. But now, Roqual needed another hunger of hers sated.

      "Ohhhh, Ioc, call Minut in here please. I need him..." Without needing to be asked, a being in a flowing robe of green glided into Roqual's chambers.

      "I thought you might be needing me this morning, milady." Minutiquelle stood nearly seven feet tall, and opposed to his gangly masters, he was quite solid. Ioc closed the doors to the chamber on his way out, just catching a glimpse of the tall alien dropping his robe.

      Roq had managed to settle into her new pattern of life quite easily, accepting Ioc as her body servant, Minut as her body servant in, *ahem,* another fashion, and Talia as a simple companion. Tam visited every day at least once without fail, never wanting anything more than some cuddling and soothing conversation. Trocalle approved of Roqual and what she did, once confiding in the cattaur that since her arrival, Tamanthis' stress level had dropped substantially. This day proved to be quite normal. After breakfast and the accompanying exercise, Roq rose and padded outside into the estate gardens. Unlike many similar places she had heard of, Tam's garden was subdued and quiet. No riots of color and scent had been created here, this was more like a little world Roq's master had created to help beings relax. Slender pathways of warmed stone snaked through displays of cool green plants, weaving in and out of the brush. Pale pastel flowers were sprinkled here and there, glistening this time of day with dew. Roq sighed in delight as she moved through the gardens, searching for Talia. She found her companion seated in a small nook beside a miniature waterfall, reading a book. Talia looked up at the taur's approach, huge black eyes glistening softly in the subdued light. It was a frail creature, swathed in a thick shawl that Roq had never seen it without.

      "Morning Roqual. Sleep well?" It queried in a low, resonating voice. Roq nodded and smiled, lowering her body to the thick carpet of grass in the nook.

      "Very well indeed. How's that book turning out? Oh, better not tell me. You said I could read it when you finish." As the two suns of the planet inched up into the sky, the two friends chatted. Tam had been wise choosing the servants for his felineoid. One met her mundane physical needs, another satisfied her amorous ones, and Talia simply provided an equal to relate to. The two creatures talked quietly until lunch, when Tam usually joined her. Slightly larger than breakfast, the midday meal consisted of eight capsules. One, two, three...Roqual licked her soft lips and stroked her paw down her front to feel the passage of the struggling food. Four, five, six...the cattaur's belly became comfortably full and warm, its occupants jostling and squirming within the fleshy chamber. Seven and eight...Roq was filled to capacity and loving the solid mass of her gut. Her flank twirled and twitched for a minute or so before the meal succumbed to its fate. Roqual sighed in satiation, and flopped onto her side. Tamanthis smiled, and stretched out beside his felineoid.

      "Are you enjoying the increase in feed?" He queried, sliding a long slim finger around the bulging circumference of the taur's stomach. She nodded sleepily, gathering the tall alien to her silky crimson underbelly. Tamanthis mmmed, smiling, and relaxed into the embrace.

      "Yes, I'm enjoying it very much... Thanks Tam." Roqual purrred, gazing fondly on her master. Talia opened her book again and resumed reading as the two cuddled, happy to see her employer so pleased. Ioc stood by the door, waiting for instructions, and Minut was most likely resting up. Being the full-time mate of a felineoid is no easy task, and demands a substantial amount of stamina after all. He could use all the sleep he could get! An hour or so later, Tamanthis took his leave of the four and returned to his work. This was the siesta period, the time when nearly everyone set aside their work and turned in for a nap. Roqual was already breathing deeply in her nest of pillows, soon joined by the three servants. Roq had made it clear early on that she wished her companions to be near her, her social nature demanding it. None of the three servants objected, and indeed enjoyed having such a wonderfully resilient pillow. Soon, the four creatures were a pile of fur and dreams.


      "Wake up dear, it'll be time for dinner soon and I'd like to get a game in." Talia's whisper tickled Roqual's ear, making the soft pointed organ twitch. She roused herself and rolled onto her belly, dislodging two complaining aliens. The felineoid grinned, and tousled the two sleepyheads.

      "Alright Tal. Where were we?" The smaller creature shrugged, and called up the computer directory into midair.

      "Ummm, here it is." A filename glowed briefly, then expanded to fill a five by five meter cube. A complex array of game pieces scattered the playing field, and several discarded icons floated nearby.

      "You've just taken the gold level, while I still hold the point marker. My move." Talia crowed, and went on to execute a move Roqual suspected it had been thinking about since last night. Sighing in resignation, Roq began planning her own move. It seemed like only a moment before Ioc opened the kitchen door and rolled out a dozen capsules. Roqual's eyes bulged, and her mouth dropped open a tad.

      "Twelve!? I couldn't!" Her stomach begged to differ, growling and churning loudly. "Well, I guess I could try..." The first three went down easy, having no legs or other limbs. They were just one long piece of wriggly flesh, that slid like silk over her tongue and down her throat. Roqual licked her chops, imagining the animals coiling and writhing in panic within her belly. Some sort of noisy avian followed the first three, its streamlined beak allowing it passage down the felineoid's throat quite nicely. The four giggled as they realized the thing was still shrieking, tucked away inside Roqual. Then three more different animals. These were water dwellers, slippery tentacled things with violet eyes. Roqual hefted one in her paw, trying to guess their weight.

      "Twenty pounds apiece Roq. Eat up!" Ioc chuckled, getting the second squid-thing ready. Roqual fitted the tapered body of the thing between her lips, and shoved. She purrred as the cool flesh slid past her fangs and down into her gullet, and began moaning a little as the body continued stretching her jaws. Soon she reached her limit, but so had the squid. Its tentacles thrashed outside her mouth until the main mass of its body slipped down the taur's throat. Roqual slurped up the wriggling appendages and smiled in ecstasy as the thing hit her stomach and renewed its fighting.

      "Mmmm, and two more of these? This is going to be some night..." She glanced over at Minut, who had wisely decided to grab a few more minutes sleep. Gulp, slurp, the squid-things were gone. The last five courses of her meal were conventional pest-type creatures, fairly small. But they could sure wriggle! Talia and Ioc watched Roqual's belly jump and quiver for awhile, fascinated.

      "I've never heard of a species that ate like this exclusively...you're amazing Roq." Talia breathed, stroking the felineoid's jiggling gut. Minut yawned and sat up, then looked around.

      "Ready for me yet dear?" He murmured, crawling over to nuzzle his lover. Roqual nodded, licking Minut's face eagerly.

      "Ohhh yes, I'm ready." Politely, the two not directly involved in the approaching union cleared out.

      "Do you like her too Ioc?" Talia whispered to the orange alien, as he closed the door behind them. He nodded, scuffling his eight clawed feet, a pair at a time.

      "Yeh. She's beautiful...and treats me like a person. Like you do. And Tam." Talia nodded, smiling.

      "She's a good person. She seems happy here...do you think she'd rather go back to her own world?" Ioc stood silent for a moment, then slowly shook his reptilian head.

      "Don't know. I hope not. I like her." Talia patted Ioc on the head fondly, then produced her book again.

      "Come sit here on the bed beside me friend, I'll read to you." Ioc nodded, and hopped up onto the big soft bed.

      "Angelo stood at the rim of the canyon, thriddle in hand. 'Maybe we should've taken the bridge when we had the chance.' Angelo said to the air, frowning miserably."


      "That was great dear...you just get better every time..." Roqual purred deeply, nuzzling Minutiquelle. She held him snugged close to her belly, the two bodies warming each other. Minut raised a bluish tinged, four fingered hand and stroked the 'taur's cheek.

      "Thanks Roq. I really enjoy being your love slave..." He chuckled, and gave his hips a little jerk against her. After a little gasp, Roqual punished her slave by treating him to a thorough tongue bath. Though who considered it a punishment. neither knew...


Chapter IV


      "Someone to see you milady." Ioc announced from just outside the doors to Roqual's quarters.

      "Hmm? This early? And why are you standing outside Ioc? Come in." Roq's voice was sleepy, but not annoyed as Ioc had thought she may've been.

      "Alright." He stepped lightly into the room, then sat back on his haunches. this left four of his legs for gesticulation. "Well, a creature calling herself Nuria is at the door. She claims to know you, and that she wanted to catch up." Roqual thought hard for a moment, but couldn't place the name. Sighing, she rolled to a slightly more dignifed position. Minut took a cue and kissed Roq farewell, before retiring to the aft sleeping chamber.

      "Thanks Ioc, please bring her in here. But have one of the security personnel watching this room on the monitors." Ioc nodded quickly, and sprang up to fulfill his mistress' wishes. Soon, he returned and opened the double doors fully to admit a large being. Nuria was furred like Roqual, but possessed a longer and slinkier body. Her pelt was a deep blue randomly crisscrossed with thin bars of gold. She wasn't a 'taur species, Nuria walked on four paws and her head was slung forward. Her great crystal-white eyes lent an eerie look to the creature. She padded in, and made a funny sort of bow by bending her legs outward all at once and dipping her long frame. A short stubby knob of a tail blossomed like a flower, emitting a pleasant scent before shutting again.

      "Thank you for seeing me Roqual. I know you must be wondering who I am, and what business I have with you. I'm a friend. Your employer, Tamanthis /Belgourd\, is a maniac. He's responsible for the deaths of thousands of creatures and is even now plotting to destroy more." Roqual was struck speechless, and just stared at Nuria. Unbidden, the visitor continued.

      "I need you to trust me and believe what I tell you, so find out for yourself. Ask to see some of his work. He's not playing with a balanced quasi-board, he'll tell you everything and not even give it a second thought. I can do no more until you agree with me, so I'll be leaving. Please cooperate with me on this." With that, Nuria left. Ioc hurried to escort her out while Roqual and Talia gathered their senses.

      "What was THAT all about?" Talia cried, bouncing to its feet and pacing back and forth. Roqual shook her head, perplexed.

      "No idea. And I wonder why Nuria chose me to speak to? Do you think I should ask Tam about this? I'm sure the security people will tell him about Nuria, and he may be expecting me to question him." Ioc chose that moment to return, closing the doors behind him and settling down on the rug.

      "That was odd. Tam is in his office right now if you'd like to speak with him Roq..." The orange-skinned creature shrugged. With a fluid movement defying her considerable mass, Roqual rose to her paws and started towards the hall.

      "I won't be able to relax until this is sorted out. Come on Talia, I'd like you there with me. Minut and Ioc, please wait here." Three heads bobbed in acknowledgment, and Talia scurried after Roqual. The pair navigated the maze of hallways and stairs with the help of the house AI, eventually reaching Tam's place of work. As always, the massive door stood ajar, inviting interruptions. Roqual boldly pushed through into the cavernous office, shadowed timidly by Talia. Tamanthis, seated behind a massive metallic-topped desk, smiled in obvious pleasure at their presence.

      "Welcome my dears. Would this be about your conversation with Nuria?" Roqual settled back on her haunches comfortably, and nodded.

      "Yes. She told me you were responsible for killing many beings. Is that true?" Roq's eyes were troubled, and the corners of her mouth were turned down unhappily. Tam shook his head gravely, and leaned back in his chair.

      "No, I didn't kill them. They're alive. You see, I invented what we call the 'interface' on this world. I've studied different versions of the concept on many worlds, but I believe mine is the best by far. The interface allows a creature to project their minds into a machine. Normally, its used to allow someone to immerse themselves in the WorldNet, the computer network spread across the globe. Many opted to remain in the Net once they entered, allowing their bodies to dwindle and die. They still exist today, as roving intelligences in the WorldNet." Tamanthis folded his slim hands together, and shrugged his bony shoulders. "Some claim these people are dead, Nuria being one of the more vocal members of the faction." Roqual blinked, amazed.

      "Incredible. Do these minds ever feel like getting out of the Net?" Talia nodded meekly, wondering the same thing.

      "No, actually. There have been some isolated cases in which special allowances were made. The majority of those who live on the Net now were in humble circumstances in the physical world, and are now entitled to all the pleasures they could ever want. Some of the minds live in virtual bodies in virtual houses, eating and drinking virtually, et cetera. Most don't bother, they just rove around learning and interacting with others. They've achieved immortality in a way. The only way they could 'die' is if the Net and all its disconnected backups were destroyed." Tamanthis sounded confident, and Roqual was inclined to believe him.

      "If it's so great, why aren't you and your wife in the Net?" The 'taur's question was a good one, and brought an appreciative smile to her master's lips.

      "I'd love to immerse myself, but there's too much work to be done here. Things I can't do without a physical presence. And besides, if I was no longer here to defend my position, the opposition to the interface might grow out of control."

      "Oh. Well, that's it for now. Will you visit me upstairs later tonight? Before dinner?" Tam rose and bowed, still smiling gently.

      "Of course Roqual. Enjoy yourself until then you two." Talia and Roq nodded, then left for their apartment.

      "Well, we have no reason to doubt him. We can always access the WorldNet and find out for ourselves anyway, right?" Roqual turned to look down at Talia as they walked. The smaller being nodded happily, big eyes shining happily.

      "Yep, I'll show you how to get online. But for now, can we read for a while? I need to finish that book so you can read it..." This seemed a good thought, and the four settled down to catch up on their reading. But soon enough, it was time for dinner.


Chapter V


      "My my Roqual, that must've been some dinner! I'm sorry I missed it..." Roq grinned as Tam stepped towards her with an awed look on his face. The twitching outline of a huge animal was clearly visible through Roqual's thick fur.

      "Ioc called it a Mud Runner, and it tastes much better than it sounds! Mmm, and it has been struggling for almost half an hour now..." Tam nodded, eyes locked on the felineoid's shifting belly. He stretched his thin frame out beside Roq, hugging her distended 'taur barrel.

      "Mmm, I REALLY wish I'd been here to see you gulp this thing down. I'll be certain not to miss the next time Ioc serves this." Roqual chuckled and nodded, hugging Tam to her with all four legs. The pair must've dozed off, for Tam's wife came in and shook them both awake. The balcony window was dark.

      "Oh, sorry dear. Goodnight Roq." Tam took his mate's hand and led her to their suite while Roqual tried to get back to sleep. Finally she gave up trying, and looked up. Ioc was dozing, the only one in the room.

      "Ioc? Is Minut awake?" She whispered, trying not to wake Talia. The orange alien shook his head sleepily.

      "I don't know, this is his night out for the cycle." Roq sighed, she'd forgotten.

      "Of course it would be tonight that I'd get lonely." Shrugging in defeat, the felineoid curled in on herself and chased sleep. A moment later she felt a gentle nosing at her handpaw.

      "If you like, I'd be glad to keep you company Roq." Ioc's yellow eyes gleamed dully in the nightlight's dim glow, his gaze looked...hopeful. Roqual smiled and welcomed him into her blanket-nest. Ioc curled up warmly against the soft 'taur's belly and was soon thrumming with deep content.

      "Much much better." Roq yawned, and had no further trouble sleeping.


      With morning came breakfast, Minut, and a package. from Nuria. With her first meal of the day packed into her nearly-bottomless belly so tight it could hardly struggle, Roq slit open the package with a claw and spilled its contents. A memory chip, and a note comprised the enclosed items. Talia slotted the chip into the room's computer while Roqual read the note.


      'Dearest friends, I'm sure Tamanthis has explained his work by now. No doubt he has told you all the minds imprisoned on the 'Net are satisfied with their lot. The enclosed chip will guide you to a few nodes I've discovered that will serve to convince you otherwise. Do not be deceived.


      "I'm getting tired of this." The felineoid complained, as the computer chewed up the data on the chip and digested it. Soon the WorldNet browser activated, and guided Talia to a list of sites. The first was labeled 'Fatilla35, inactive.' Despite the name, Talia selected it by touching the screen. Words appeared on the screen.

[Yes? Who is this?]

      Talia didn't delay a second, but began typing. [We're employees of Tamanthis /Belgourd\ looking for information. A being named Nuria gave us this Net location.] A moment later, a response appeared.

[I see. I am Fatilla, one of the first minds to be immersed in the Net. I wish to leave. I experienced terrible pain in the transition to this electronic hell, but by now, I don't care if the pain I receive getting out is ten times worse.]

      Talia winced, and Roqual whistled. Someone wasn't telling the whole truth then. [You blame Tamanthis then? Didn't you volunteer?]

[I did volunteer. I begged the techs to stop the immersion when the first wave of pain hit me, but they ignored my pleas. By the time my mind had left my body, a heart failure had made return impossible. The government tried to appease me with a robot body I could control, but I would still be in this wretched chain of machines. I'm sorry, I cannot talk on this any longer lest my emotional feedback short out my local power grid. It wouldn't be the first time. Farewell.]

      "Try the others then." Roqual said, leaning closer to the screen. The list was long, nearly three hundred names. Talia checked twenty of them randomly, and those that were willing to talk told stories similar to Fatilla's. They were unhappy, desperately so, and wished to leave or die. Talia switched off the computer with a perplexed look on her face.

      "I'm sending the transcript to Tam's system. He'll see it, and then we'll talk with him again." Roq nodded, then winced as her stomach growled loudly. Ioc got up quickly, and ran to fetch her evening meal.


      "Roqual! Ioc! Talia! Come quickly!" Minut's shout roused them all from sleep, and in moments, the group was stumbling drowsily after the distressed being. Soon the group rounded a corner, and came upon a corridor. Minut led them to a door at the end of the hall, shooed them inside, and closed the door behind them. Roqual shook her head, her head still cobwebbed with sleep.

      "What in blazes is going on!" She cried, flopping weakly onto a soft couch in the room. Minut looked grave.

      "Tam has been taken captive. I managed to round you three up and get you in here, the security chamber. NOTHING is getting in here unless we wish it." Talia gasped, and stared with her huge eyes.

      "Who? Who would want to harm Tamanthis?" Minut shook his head, not knowing.

      "But there are security cameras all over the house, we can spy on the terrorists." Ioc spoke up, touching a computer's controls. A bank of screens lit, displaying views of every room in the mansion and many areas outside on the estate. All eyes went first to Tam's office, a hive of activity. Tam was there, bound to his chair, surrounded by four or five heavily armed creatures. Talia reached over and flipped on the sound pickups.

      "--know you're lying you green-skinned bastard! You doomed those people! And you knew this would happen!" Roqual sighed, as did the others when they recognized the voice. It belonged to Nuria. The lithe creature paced in front of their bound master/employer, her voice rising in pitch and volume with every accusation. Tamanthis said nothing, he simply gazed on Nuria with sad eyes. Nuria reached out and struck Tam, her short claws raking roughly through the previously flawless skin. White liquid dribbled from the deep cuts, and the listening group heard his sharp intake of breath.

      "If you don't release them within one hour, I will kill you, your wife, and every other living thing I find on this estate. For now they're merely restricted to their rooms. Their deaths would begin to repay the life-debt you owe." Nuria snarled, her crystalline eyes glinting malevolently.

      "That's it, I can't watch this!" Roqual growled, her fur bristling. Talia patted her friend on the shoulder, frightened herself but trying to calm the 'taur.

      "What could you, or any of us do? We're not warriors." Roqual looked down at Talia, then smiled.

      "No...no we're not. But I'm a hunter...and I am rather hungry right now..." Looks of horror spread across the three other faces in the room. Minut stepped forward, his eyes bugging out comically.

      "You don't mean...you're going to consume sentients?" Roq just smiled and made for the door.

      "Talia, tell me where all the terrorists are on this floor." The small creature nodded weakly, and scanned the monitors. She spoke up after a moment.

      "There're two on this floor, at either end of the hall crossing this one. If you cut through this room here,"    Talia pointed at a view of another room, "you can come up right behind one of them." Roqual nodded, thanked Talia, then slipped out the door without another word. Ioc followed, but Talia and Minut remained to watch the screen. They could see the felineoid stalking down the hallway, tailed by Ioc ten feet or so behind. She silently stole across an empty room, then eased the door at the far end of the chamber open. Talia squeaked as she saw the back of the first terrorist. He was about five feet tall, and firmly muscled. Body armor covered him neck to toe, and a visored helmet protected his head. He carried a weapon in each clawed hand, and several more at his belt and on his back. Roqual ignored the arsenal, and just grabbed the male. The door slid shut again before the creature recovered. Holding him firmly, Roq stripped off his armor a piece at a time, revealing a wizened reptilian alien. Paying no heed to the frightened and angry babble of the terrorist, Roq jammed her lips over his head. Talia turned away, tears in her eyes. Minut continued to watch, fascinated. Roqual's jaws stretched over the snout of her prey, sinking down over his neck. Surely she wouldn't be able to manage the shoulders! But Roq snagged her lower jaw on one shoulder and tugged...streeeetching her mouth to an incredible diameter. Then a wet sucking sound accompanied the disappearance of the merc's shoulders. His flailing arms were easily pinned and absorbed, and the upper torso was vanishing inch by inch when Roqual shifted her position. She grasped the rear or the mercenary and lifted him into the air, jerking her head upwards again and again. Gravity helped shove the wriggling meal down her throat, swelling the tube of her neck to the size of her shoulders. Ioc trembled as he saw Roqual's prey slide inside his friend. Her tongue washed over the being's stomach-scales, leaving a layer of slick drool that made the flesh gleam. Then the belly was gone, a mere memory and a bulge in the 'taur's throat. The waist went soon after, and the process sped up. Ioc guessed the merc's head was in Roqual's soft stomach by now, and oxygen was growing scarce. With more weight inside her than out, the legs slipped down Roq's gullet easily. A talon caught her lip on the way in and sliced it, but not seriously. The swelling of her neck disappeared as her lips closed, and with a moan of satisfaction, Roqual fell back onto her side. The creature inside her writhed and shouted and kicked, making the felineoid's considerable flesh jiggle and roll. The struggles grew quieter and weaker, until the only movement was Roqual's deep breathing. Ioc stepped forward and stroked the distended gut, feeling out the form of the engulfed terrorist.

      "How was it?" He asked hesitantly, fear in his eyes as he stroked her. Roq looked up, seeing the fear, and smiled soothingly.

      "That was the most wonderful meal I've ever had...I want another sooo badly... But don't worry. I'm not about to include my friends on the menu." Ioc nodded, and looked up at the ceiling where the camera should be.

      "Where's the other one?" He asked, hoping Minut and Talia were still watching. A light blinked on near the room's computer, and a tinny voice emerged from an invisible speaker.

      "Down the hall. Use the door across the hall from the door you entered that room in, use the same trick. He didn't hear anything from his partner, but I think he's going to check in with him in a moment." Roqual nodded, and struggled to her paws. Her belly sloshed and gurgled, nearly overbalancing her as it swayed beneath her. Ioc helped steady her, then led the hungrily mewling cattaur to her next prey. The process was repeated with this alien, who was a near perfect copy of his partner. A few terrified screams, desperate struggles, and slurping gulps later, Roqual's belly was nearly twice the size it had been a moment ago. With that massive gut and the blood oozing from her lip, the felineoid made for a terrifying sight! If she stood and walked, Ioc was certain her gut would brush the floor.

      "The rest are on the first floor, stationed within sight of each other. We'll have to work together from now on." Talia informed them through the speaker system, and laid out a plan.


      Gorak snorted with contempt as his com unit buzzed for the third time in his big hand. Why weren't those two answering!? Probably playing their dice game again... He growled to the lizard-creature standing a few yards away, telling him what was going on, and that he planned to go upstairs and smack the lazy slackers around. The reptile-morph nodded, cracking a scaly grin. Gorak stomped off for the lift, snarling curses that would've peeled the shells off a nest of these worthless creatures!


      Talia squealed and punched the intercom in the elevator. A huge, smooth-skinned merc was waiting for the lift! But the doors slid open even as it reached for the button. Too late!


      Ioc nearly fell over when the elevator doors slid open to reveal the seven-foot tall bulk of another mercenary. It stared at them with shock, then opened its mouth to shout. Roqual shook off her surprise, and yanked the thing inside the elevator. Ioc punched the 'Door Close' button, then crouched in the corner as the two others fought it out.

      Roqual was pleased, this creature had far more fight in him than those two lizards! And he had so much more *meat* on him... The cattaur grappled with the merc, her disproportionate strength a nasty surprise to him. She held his arms, preventing him from grabbing any of the nasty looking devices clipped to his utility belt. Ioc overcame his timidity long enough to start snatching those weapons off the alien. After the third one came off though, the struggling terrorist caught on and sent Ioc flying with a savage kick. Snarling in rage, Roqual released her opponent's left arm long enough to catch him full in the face with a blow from her thick paw.


      Gorak stumbled into the wall of the lift, reeling with pain and barely-contained rage. HOW DARE this f, FEMALE strike HIM?! Gorak dropped into a crouch, preparing to launch himself in all-out attack...but, where was the female? He could only see the stupid orange thing in the corner, knocked out cold and sitting on his weapons. He had enough time to feel the pain, but not enough time to scream as a stunner beam caught him in the back.


      Roqual grinned, twirling the appropriated pistol on her pawtoe like a gunslinger. She hurried over to Ioc, and shook him awake.

      "W, what happened Roq? He's down?" He mumbled, staring at the fallen hulk. Roqual nodded, eyes glinting.

      "Thanks to you. I grabbed this gun you unclipped after the brute sent you flying. He's soooo slow, it was easy to get behind him and shoot! Lucky this was only a stun-gun though, I hate eating dead stuff." Ioc goggled, and fainted again when he realized what his mistress planned. Giggling, Roqual padded back to her fallen foe. He was a species she hadn't seen before, perhaps some kind of aquatic creature. His hide was silky smooth and kept moist by...hmm, probably nanites. Awesome muscles bulged beneath his smooth skin, big enough for tremendous power but not so large as to slow him down. He wore only his utility belt, probably too proud to wear armor. His genitals, (if any,) were concealed in a slit on his belly. Roqual took the thing's stubby, webbed feet and slid them into her mouth.


      "No, she couldn't!" Talia cried, staring through the eyes of the elevator's camera. Minut chuckled weakly, but was as horrified as the other being was.

      "Yeah, she could. And she is. Whoa...guess that smooth skin makes it easier to swallow. He's already in up to his waist!" Talia nodded, watching, now quiet. The picture was clear and showed the scene all too well. They could see every ripple of the muscles in Roqual's throat, every shoving push and pull she exerted on her still-unconscious prey. His black/white body sank deeper and deeper into the felineoid with every gulp. Minut shakily pointed out the tremendous bulge distending Roqual's body between her forelegs as the mercenary's bulk slid from her upright torso into her 'tauric one. Talia was pretty sure it imagined hearing the wet, slithering sound as the terrorist's body was swallowed by Roqual's stomach sphincter. A few minutes later, Roqual's plump lips closed over the alien's head. A last, powerful swallow let the body slide the last foot or two into her crowded tummy.

      "Yep, she did it. Bye bye now." Talia hmmed? looking over its shoulder. Minut stumbled into the washroom. It shrugged, and turned back to the monitor.


      Roqual felt great...her stomach was so stretched she suspected it would never recover! Nor would she want it to! Her paws played sensuously over her flank, squeezing and stroking the spherical mass of her belly. Ioc recovered from his little 'nap,' and crawled over to help his friend caress herself.

      "Ohhhh Ioc, it feels soo gooood...you have no idea how sexy it is to have some*one* inside you. ALL the way inside..." Roqual giggled, then wrapped her arms around her friend and cuddled him to her softness. Ioc squirmed a bit before remembering Roq's promise not to eat her friends. His limber body relaxed, and he pillowed his head against his mistress' breasts.

      A quiet beeping startled the two out of their cozy moment. Ioc looked around, but couldn't seem to find the source of the sound. Talia's voice suddenly squeaked from the intercom.

      "Uh, Roqual, I think you swallowed the mercenary's com unit. You really should make sure your food is naked before eating it..." Roqual moaned, looking at her tummy. And unfortunately, her most recent meal chose that moment to wake up.


      Gorak woke up to absolute darkness, and a sensation of slimy tightness entrapping his big frame. He realized where he was, and what that sound was coming from his belt. Why the HELL would he wear his com unit while pleasuring his mate!? It wasn't even every *month* he got the chance to let his lovely wife grasp him to her loins, moaning as her body awakened and slurped him up into the soft warmth of her sex... Gorak shivered with pleasure, then grabbed the wretched thing off his belt.

      "You are NEVER to call me again at this hour!" He said dangerously, then carefully clipped it back onto his belt. It wouldn't do to leave it behind in here... Gorak then rolled until his belly-slit pointed...well, it *felt* like up anyway, and groaned with ecstatic anticipation. His slit blossomed around the shining shaft sliding from its depths, sending the fleshy pole up until it bumped the soft wall of his love's womb. Gorak began humping away, snarling words of love and possession to his doubtless-orgasmic mate.


      Ioc watched curiously as Roqual's belly rocked and sloshed from some movement inside. The cattaur was clutching her gut with as many limbs as she could, moaning and twitching in unabashed arousal. Her sheath lay on the cool floor of the elevator, engorged and trickling musky nectar everywhere. She mewled, and looked beseechingly at the eight-limbed creature studying her.

      "Ioc, please...could you...?" She begged him, tail curling down to brush her sex organ. Ioc stared at her in surprise, tension quivering in every line of his body.

      "Me? You'd...with me? Ohhhh..." Roqual caught him as he collapsed, her stomach cushioning his fall.

      "No! Don't faint on me again! I need you awake!" She cried, then tried washing his face with her long tongue. He came to, giggling a little.

      "Sorry. You kinda like doing things to make me faint, love." He said, then nuzzled the cattaur softly. "I don't think you noticed, but I really like you Roqual. If, if Minut hadn't been there to, to help you after a meal, I would've loved to help..." Roq gazed on her friend in surprise, then squeezed him to her fiercely.

      "Oh Ioc... I'm sorry I didn't notice sooner..." That was all she got out before she felt something against her stomach. One of Ioc's legs? She counted them...and came up with nine. That couldn't be right...unless... Ioc saw her look, and giggled again.

      "When my kind is aroused, others say we turn into nine-legged creatures. Hope you're a little stretchy Roq..." Roqual stiffened as her new lover impaled her on a truly mammoth member, then moaned shakily and squeezed him against her still-wriggling belly. Ioc began to thrust, trying to remember if he'd ever been this happy...


      Talia wanted to turn off the camera and give Roq and Ioc their privacy, but told itself they needed its 'eye in the sky.' So it watched, fascinated, learning how these two unusual species made love.


      It was a very satisfied cattaur that wobbled out of the elevator, followed by an adoring Ioc. With Gorak in her stomach, Roqual's belly *did* drag on the floor. Ioc didn't notice, but Roq was a little embarrassed. The couple waited for Talia's instructions, scanning the hall that stretched away on their left.

      "Okay, I'm going to distract the guard past the nearest one to you. He'll go investigate. That's when you get his partner. I'll repeat that until they're gone..." Roq waved at the camera to signal she understood. Ioc crept quietly to the point where the hall turned a corner, and watched until the further mercenary startled. He looked around, then walked into the room behind him. Ioc waved wildly at Roqual. The felineoid managed a nice pounce despite her cumbersome gut, and muffled the merc's cries in her flesh until Ioc could use the stun-gun on him. Five minutes later, Roqual's stomach had another tenant.

      "Wait, why don't we just stun the guards from a distance? I won't have to pounce them then. Can you shoot that well Ioc?" She asked, turning to her lover. He nodded, pleased with himself.

      "I used to play lots of electronic combat games. I'm good with guns." Roqual nodded, then motioned him to draw a bead on the doorway the mercenary had entered a few minutes ago. Hoping Talia had already distracted the next guard, Roqual gave Ioc the go ahead when the lizard-creature stepped into sight. A quiet buzz vibrated the gun in Ioc's hand, and the creature dropped to the ground. When no cry of alarm came from the next corridor, Roqual hastened forward as best she could and swallowed up this one as well. An intercom speaker in the room behind them crackled out Talia's voice.

      "Great job! Just keep on going, I've got the timing down now." Roqual nodded, and with Ioc, repeated their tactic. Her massive furred tummy swelled larger and larger with feebly struggling terrorists, until they had all been 'contained.' Roqual was a sight, her paws hardly touching the ground any longer because of her gargantuan girth! Ioc had to push from behind to help her move down the hallway. Suddenly, the loudspeaker spoke up again.

      "Okay, that next door is Tam's office. Nuria and three guards are inside. Minut is coming down to help. Ioc, give him one of the merc's stun-guns. And Roq, you've got to..."


      Nuria couldn't believe her eyes when the office door burst inward under the weight of Roqual. The felineoid stared at the terrorist with wild eyes, and began babbling.

      "Nuria! I believe you now! Tam is an awful murderer! But the police are here, they just burst in the main hallway! Most of your guards are already captured, but my friends and I will help protect you." The terrorist leader stared back at the cattaur, then nodded decisively. Nuria imperiously waved her guards to accept these folks, and directed a winning smile at Roqual.

      "You've made the right choice my dear. You...my my, *you've* been eating well. What..." Nuria's voice trailed off. As Roqual padded/oozed inside as quickly as she could manage, Nuria could see the distinct outline of one of her Triovikan men pressed against the inside of the felineoid's belly. By the time she began snapping orders to her followers, it was too late. They went down under the stun-rays of the two aliens following Roqual. The orange one ran up to Tam, and yanked the restraints off his hands, ankles and head. Nuria suddenly froze in place, her long, low body's muscles locking. She couldn't even move her eyes! She realized with a mental groan that the orange alien had removed Tam's mental-block restraint, freeing him to use all his telekinetic powers! Tamanthis stepped in front of her, eyes burning with anger.

      "You sad, sad creature. I won't hurt you, but you and your three friends there are going to the police's holding cells. I've already called them. You're finished." Then he turned to Roqual.

     "I don't know how you did it dear, but I and my household thank you! I suppose I know where most of the mercenaries ended up..." He glanced significantly at Roqual's flanks. "But I'm afraid these remaining four must remain alive for justice's sake." Roqual nodded, though she gazed wistfully at Nuria...almost hungrily...

      "We just did what we had to master." She replied, tearing her eyes away from the delicious-looking Nuria. Tamanthis stepped slowly over to the cattaur, and wrapped his arms around her. Surprised, she did the same, settling her head on her master's shoulder.

      "You don't need to call me master any longer my dear. You're free to come or go as you please. And I know it's selfish, but I wish you'd stay here with me..." Tamanthis sounded quite sincere, and the expression on his face was one of sadness. He didn't expect her to want to stay... Roqual nodded, and stepped back from her former master.

      "I'd love to stay Tamanthis. But...this experience has been so lovely... I have a favor to ask." Ioc and Minut looked quizzically at their friend. "Being the great social figure that you are, I ask you to propose a new method of capital punishment. Have them fed to *me*!" Tamanthis took a step back, then broke into laughter.

      "Now THAT is a good idea! I'd be glad to propagate that notion. Some of the council members have odd senses of humor and justice, they may like that idea." Roqual nodded, then settled with a groan onto the floor. The movements inside her had finally all stopped, and now digestive fluids gurgled and sloshed beneath her stretched flesh.

      "That's all I can ask." She purrred, content with the world.






      Nuria stared defiantly at her lawyer. The Organization had sent him to her, claiming he was the best to be had. But not even the best lawyer in the universe could defend against overwhelming evidence and more than ten eye-witnesses. Mmm, nowhere in the universe but Earth, anyways.

      "Well?" She demanded, baring her teeth. The gangly lawyer cleared his throat, and glanced at her through the energy-bars of her cell.

      "Your sentence has been changed, due to the implementation of a new execution program. You're to be the first in this experiment." Nuria sighed, collapsing to the floor of her cell. It had been worth it, her actions had brought attention to the matter of the poor souls trapped on the 'net.

      "What's this program called?" She asked, morbidly curious. The lawyer cleared his throat again.

      "Death by Consumption."




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