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Other-orifice vore

Page history last edited by Anima 8 years, 10 months ago

This is a catch-all term that includes (but is not limited to by any means) nipple vore, bellybutton/navel vore, tail vore, trunk (as in elephants) vore, and more.


Nipple vore is quite obvious, and is also called breast vore.  The engulfed prey is either turned into milk or used to increase the predator's bust size, and symmetry doesn't seem to be a factor in that increase.  In other words, though only one breast may be engorged with the engulfed prey, the benefit from consuming the prey will spread to both breasts.  This is almost exclusively practiced by females or herms.  Udder vore is obviously the same act with the same results.  Less common, cleavage vore is a form of absorption with no real orifice involved, prey sinking directly into the predator's body while stuffed between the predator's breasts.


Bellybutton/navel vore often crosses over with the fat fur genre.  The fatter the character, the deeper and broader their navel is going to be, and the more tempting for prey to explore as well as more convenient for preds to stuff the prey into.  This form of vore may not involve the stomach at all, but sometimes involves the prey turning directly to fat once inside the predator.  There's sometimes a crossover with slob furs here as well, and the navel may be smelly and slimy as well as deep and hungry.


Tail vore involves the wholesale fabrication of an orifice, sometimes even a mouth complete with teeth and tongue, in the tip of the predator's tail.  Prey is swallowed through the tail and deposited somewhere inside the predator, or sometimes simply held within the tail.  It's an excellent orifice of choice for predators who enjoy ambushing prey.  Some of these hungry tails are treated as appendages with a literal mind of their own by their owners, and will devour prey without the predator they're attached to noticing until it's too late.  This dips into an affection for bestial predators, because the willful tails are driven by instinct, really just hungry animals growing out of their owners.


Trunk vore is actually nasal vore, which is really just convoluted oral vore with no further elaboration needed.  Those who enjoy constriction enjoy a crossover of interests here.




[There are as of yet no authoritative publications from academics on the subject of vore as we know it, only on the loosely-related subject of cannibalism, so I rely on my identity as a vore fetishist for over a decade, author of many erotic vore stories, and frequent vore-scene roleplayer to lend authority to my definitions.]

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